All About Me! - Scuola Secondaria di I grado "A. Balzico"

All About Me!
Ludovica Cotogno.
My name is Ludovica, I’m 13 years old and I live in Cava De’ Tirreni. I’m fairly
tall, I’ve got long brown hair, brown eyes, a small nose and a small mouth. My
favourite colour is violet. My favourite singer is Emma Marrone. I am very
gluttonous. Dance is my passion, I love dancing and when I do it I am happy!
I’m a good student and I like studying. I go to Balzico School in Cava. In this
booklet I’m going to write about me, my family, my friends, my town and
about my dreams.
My family…
My family is composed of my parents, my grand-parents, my aunt and my
uncle with my cousins. My mum is called Teresa, she is 36 years old and she is
very friendly, very beautiful and very important for me because she listens to
me, she helps me and I love her. My dad is called Mario, he is 48 years old and
he is very funny…he makes me laugh. My sister Chiara is 9 years old. She is
very pretty and very nice. After them there are my grand-parents: my
grandma Antonietta and my grandad Antonio. I love them so much because
they have brought up me and because they are so generous!!! Then, there
are my uncle Christian and my aunt Giuliana with my two cousins who are
very special for me. The first is Benedetta (5 years old), the second is
Alessandra (1 year old), the most beautiful baby in the world! With my family
I talk, I play and I know that I can rely on them. I love my family so much!!!
Me with my sister, my cousins and my grand-parents.
My mum and my dad.
My aunt, my uncle and my
two cousins.
Me, my sister,my mum and
my dad.
My friends…
I am friendly and I have a lot of friends. I like them because they make me laugh
and with them I have a lot of fun, I joke and we do many things together!
My best friends are Leda, Sara, Maria, Amalia and Elena. Leda, Sara and Maria are
my school friends and they are special for me. Amalia lives in my same block of
flats and she is very important because she is helpful and TRUE. Elena is a special
friend…she is like a sister for me. She is 16 years old and she has known me since I
was born. ‘’Third E’’ is my class .My classmates are cheerful and pleasant. I like my
friends so much !!!
Third E (boys and girls) 
My hobbies..
My hobbies are three. The first is dance. It is one of the most important
things in my life. The second is ‘’Facebook’’ because in this social-network I
can chat with my friends and I can share thoughts and ideas but I use
facebook only in my free time. The third is Art…I like drawing and infact art is
one of my favourite subjects after Maths and English.
My favourite singer…
My favourite singer is Emma Marrone. She went to Amici in 2010 and she
won! She is fantastic and she has a very good voice. Besides her there are
‘’One Direction’’. They are a British-Irish boy band and they are so great. My
friends love them too!
My favourite film…
My favourite film is Titanic, a love story which talks about the sinking of the
Titanic. I discovered this film on TV last year and I loved it…It has been my
favourite film since that day.
My favourite actors…
My favourite actors are Leonardo Di Caprio, Massimo Boldi,Christian De Sica
and Gabriel Garco. They are very good actors and they work so well.
My town…
My town is Cava De’Tirreni. Cava is an Italian town in the province of Salerno
in Campania. It isn’t big but it’s interesting! There are many shops, many
churches, monuments and small or big parks where the children can play. I
like living here.
This is the coat
of arms of my
This is the center of the square. On the bottom you can
see the church of St. Francis and in the center there is
a fountain.
My room…
My room is is all pink. There are two beds (one is mine and one is of my
sister),a cupboard, a tv and a small desk, on it there is a computer and my books. I
like my room, here I read, I play, I listen to music, I study and I sleep. (:
My dreams and future…
The most distant future that I can see now is the upper school next year .For the far
future I would like to have a house and a good job only. I would like to be a doctor and
another of my dreams is to become a famous dancer, but I don’t know if it is possible!
I think that my life is great! I like me, my family,
my friends.
I think that these years are the best of my life.