The Outsiders Final Project

Z for Zachariah Final Project
100 points
You must choose a project from the following list to complete and share with the class on the due date. You will
be graded on creativity, effort, proper use of English grammar and mechanics, and knowledge of the novel.
1. Create a book jacket! Design a “Special Edition” copy of Z for Zachariah.
Don’t just make the jacket out of notebook, printer or construction paper. Use crafting materials.
A. Front Cover Directions: Create cover art for the jacket. Think about specific parts in the novel that
are important to the plot, and use those ideas for inspiration. The cover MUST be relevant to the book,
and may not be random or unrelated artwork. Make the cover as colorful and attractive as possible.
B. Inside Front Fold Directions: Describe an exciting scene from the book to try and entice students to
read the book. Leave it as a cliffhanger! Why would a person want to read this book? (100 word
C. Spine Directions: The title of the novel (Z for Zachariah) and the author (Robert C. O’Brien).
D. Back Cover Directions: At the top, write a summary of the novel in your own words (200 words).
Underneath the plot synopsis, include three reviews of the novel. This should be written in your own
words. You may create reviews by fictitious or famous people.
E. Inside Back Fold Directions: Your choice! Tell us about the author, add more “reviews,” or
F. Final draft—You will present your work in class.
2. Create the soundtrack for Z for Zachariah: The Movie. Select five important scenes from the novel and
choose a song that you would include in the movie version for each scene. For each, describe the scene, the
characters involved and why this song or artist is appropriate.
A. Pre-write – Brainstorm notes / mental map
B. Burn a CD with the songs you’ve selected for your soundtrack (
C. Final draft – Describe each scene and why the song or artist is appropriate. (100 words per song,
double spaced). You will share your soundtrack with the class and choose part of one song to play or 20
second excerpts from all of the songs.
D. To go above and beyond, design the CD or album cover for the soundtrack.
3. Write a prequel or sequel to the novel. 500-700 words, typed and double spaced. Here are some ideas:
Write about what happened to Ann’s family and the others who left the valley.
Write about what Faro did up until he came back to the valley from Faro’s perspective.
Write about Mr. Loomis before he killed Edward.
Write about what happens to Ann when she leaves the valley.
Write about what happens to Mr. Loomis when he’s alone in the valley.
A. Pre-write—Create an outline of your prequel/sequel.
B. Rough draft—Write and revise your prequel/sequel
C. Final draft—You will share your writing in class.
4. After the war, radio stations continue to run. Write a commentary that may have played on the radio at
that time. Then, record your voice using audacity, OneNote, or another program as if you are the radio
A. Pre-write—Be sure to reread the section of the novel where Ann discusses listening to the radio
B. Rough draft—Write the commentary – 500 word minimum
C. Final draft—We will listen to your recording in class.
5. Create a small scrapbook of important characters, objects, or events from the book. The scrapbook
must include at least twenty pages. Content on each page should be straight from the book. Each picture should
have a caption telling about the picture (at least 25 words per caption). Be creative!
A. Pre-write—Create a list of at least 20 images you would like to use.
B. Rough draft—Gather your supplies and images.
C. Final draft—You will present your scrapbook to the class.
6. With a group (2-3 people), create a movie trailer for a movie version of Z for Zachariah. Use music,
quotes from the book, and original images (still or video) to draw people in to see your movie.
A. Pre-write—Create a storyboard/outline to plan your trailer.
B. Rough draft—Write a script (500 word minimum).
C. Final draft—We will watch your trailer in class.
7. Create an illustrated plotline using PowerPoint or sequencing ten major events from Z for
Zachariah. Label each part (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution). The detailed
illustrations must be original work done by you.
A. Pre-write—Create a rough outline or sketch of your plotline.
B. Rough draft—Use art materials or a program like InkArt to complete the illustrations. Upload
the illustrations to PowerPoint or Prezi.
C. Final draft—You will share your plotline in class.
8. Do you have another idea that you would like to do for your project?