Historically, Egypt would flood yearly.
1. Why do you think that flooding made the land fertile?
2. Why did flooding promote cooperation among the people that
3. Why do you think that lower
Egypt is North of Upper Egypt?
This is a SHARDUF.
4. What is the wall constructed of?
5. What is the wall’s purpose?
6. Do you think that the Egyptians
imported or exported grain?
7. How could Egypt’s surplus of
grain and location foster Egyptian
learning/innovation? (1st period
MASTABA - An ancient Egyptian
tomb with a rectangular base,
sloping sides, and a flat roof.
8. How is the STEP PYRAMID of
Pharaoh Djoser/Zoser built by
Imhotep similar to a mastaba?
(Third Period)(4th Period)(5th)(6th)
The Bent Pyramid
Slope of Lower Part: 55o
Slope of Upper Part 43o
Length of Causeway: 704m
(5th Period)
Read more:
9. How is the Bent Pyramid different from the Step Pyramid?
The Great Pyramid of Khufu at the Giza Plateau
Director of the Giza Plateau Mapping Project, Mark Lehner, in a work entitled,
The Complete Pyramids: Solving the Ancient Mysteries (Thames and Hudson, 1997). Let us
examine the measurements offered in this scholarly work in the light of the numbers of the
ancient reckoning system that we have been studying in the Earth/matriX: Science in Ancient
Artwork series.
The base length of the Great Pyramid is calculated as 230.33 meters or 756 feet, according to
professor Lehner, and its height once rose to 146.59 meters or 481 feet (Ibid., page 108). The
angle of
inclination or slope of its faces is 51° 50' 40
10. Why do you think that the great pyramid’s slope was
about 51 and a half degrees?
Mesopotamia (land between rivers)
1. What are the two rivers that form the borders of
2. What was cuneiform writing?
Cuneiform Writing
The only thing sure in life is death and taxes.
3. Why did the Sumerian Civilization disappear?
What you tube film Mesopotamia 50 minutes long.
Intro 12.15 (Wheat, Plow, Sharduf)
20.50 (Art, Ziggurat/River)
29.50 (Wheat, Sharduf, Buildings still exist on 5000 year
old Pictures/engravings)
34.00 (Iraq Tar)
41-42 (Gilgamesh)
46.22 (Wheat, Production decreases, Salt ruins soil)