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2014 New Hire Benefits
December, 2013
Total Compensation and Benefits
• Compensation
Base Salary
Variable Cash Incentive Program (VCIP)
Long-term Incentive (LTI)
Special Recognition Award (SRA)
• Benefits
Health & Welfare
Phillips 66 Savings Plan
Phillips 66 Retirement Plan
Time-off & others
Health – Medical, Dental & Vision Plans
• Medical Plan
– Coverage options assist with health care needs from prevention to
catastrophic events
– Options include:
• Consumer Plan with or without a Health Savings Account (HSA)
• PPO Plan
• HMO – in certain locations
– If you enrolled in the Consumer Plan with HSA, Phillips 66 will contribute
$500 (you only) or $750 (all other coverage levels) to your Chase HSA
– Prescription drug coverage through Express Scripts (Medco) includes retail
and home delivery options (for Consumer and PPO plans)
– Estimated 80 / 20 premium cost sharing between Phillips 66 & employees
(Phillips 66 contribution to HMOs capped at PPO contribution)
Health – Medical, Dental & Vision Plans
• Medical Plan
– Coordinated health improvement programs (Health Coaching, 24 hour
Nurseline) to enhance medical outcomes
– Modeling tools available to help employees decide which options are right
for their personal situation
– Coverage through either Aetna or BCBS depending on location
• Dental Plan
– Through MetLife with projected 80 / 20 cost sharing between Phillips 66
and employees
• Vision Plan
– 2 plans
• Basic Plan – company paid
• Comprehensive Plan – employee paid
– Through VSP
Medical Plan Highlights (Network)
Plan Highlights
Consumer Plan
Annual Deductible
$1,400 EE / $2,800 Other
$600 EE / $1,200 Other
Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum
$4,000 EE / $8,000 Other
$4,000 EE / $8,000 Other
Company HSA Contribution
$500 EE / $750 Other
Not applicable
Total HSA Contribution Limit
$3,300 EE / $6,550 Other
Not applicable
Not applicable
Office Visit, Primary Care / Specialist
20% after deductible
$25 copay / $50 copay
Inpatient Hospitalization
20% after deductible
20% after deductible
Outpatient Surgery
20% after deductible
20% after deductible
Network Preventive Care Coverage
Non-Network Coinsurance
Monthly Costs
Health Care FSA Contribution Limit
Prescription Drug Highlights
Plan Highlights
Consumer Plan
Preventive Prescription Drugs
No deductible
No cost up to $1,500 / person / year;
thereafter 20% coinsurance up to the
annual out-of-pocket maximum
No special benefits for preventive
prescription drugs.
Non-Preventive Prescription Drugs
• Pay the negotiated / discounted full
cost until you meet the deductible
(combined with medical expenses)
($1,400 / $2,800)
• After deductible, you pay 20%
coinsurance until you meet the outof-pocket costs maximum
(combined with medical expenses)
• Thereafter, 100% paid by Company
for prescription drugs and medical
Network Retail – up to 30 day supply:
• Generic: $10 copay
• Brand Preferred: 40% coinsurance
($30 minimum and $125 maximum)
• Brand Non-Preferred: 50%
coinsurance ($60 minimum and
$250 maximum)
Home Delivery (Medco Pharmacy) –
up to a 90 day supply:
• Generic: $20 copay
• Brand Preferred: 40% coinsurance
($60 minimum and $250 maximum)
• Brand Non-Preferred: 50%
coinsurance ($120 minimum and
$500 maximum)
Dental Highlights
Plan Highlights
Annual Maximum
$50 individual / $150 family
100% covered
20% after
Basic Services
20% after
50% after
Major Services
50% after
50% after
50% before deductible; $2,000
lifetime limit per person
65% of U.S. dentists
Vision Highlights
Plan Highlights
Basic Plan
Comprehensive Plan (optional)
Covered in full
Covered under Basic Plan
Frames or Contact Lenses
Discount available
$150 allowance; every 12 months
Contact Lens Fitting
Discount available
Covered in full
Lenses – Single Vision, Bifocal, Trifocal,
Lenticular, Polycarbonate (under 19)
Discount available
Covered in full; every 12 months
Lens Options – Progressive, AnitReflective
Discount available
VSP preferred pricing
Company paid
Employee paid
Monthly Premiums
Wellness Incentive Program
2015 Wellness Incentive Credit
Up to $75 monthly premium credit
• Depending on points earned in 2014
• 0 – 100 points: $0
• 101 – 200 points: $25
• 201 – 300 points: $50
• 301+: $75
• Complete the health assessment and
biometric screening in 2014
• Enroll in the Consumer Plan or PPO
Plan for 2015
Instant Rewards
$25 gift cards at 100 point milestones
• $100 maximum in gift cards
• Available for employees eligible for the
medical plan
Points earned January 1 through November 30, 2014
Wellness Incentive Program
Biometric outcomes: healthy range or
5% improvement
50 each
(200 max)
Tobacco free or tobacco coaching
BMI: less than 30, or 5% improvement in weight
Cholesterol: 200 or less, or 5% improvement
Glucose: 100 or less, or 5% improvement
Blood pressure: less than 140/90, or 5%
Tobacco free reported on the Health Assessment or
WebMD reports completion of the tobacco cessation
Fitness Challenges
25 each
(50 max)
Two challenges annually through WebMD (e.g. a
walking challenge)
Company initiatives
10 each
(50 max)
Participation in events such as health fairs, blood
drives, cooking classes, etc.
Preventive care
20 each
(60 max)
Dental and vision checkups; preventive medical (e.g.,
annual physical, mammogram, flu shot)
Online activities and fitness
5 each
(60 max)
Use the Digital Health Assistant (DHA) to:
• Input activity into an exercise tracker
• Complete a goal
• Create a weekly plan
What Phillips 66 is doing…
• WebMD manages the wellness incentive program
• WebMD is there to help on your journey by providing:
Tobacco cessation program
Condition monitoring tools
Virtual health advisor
Symptom checker
Available to employees, spouses/partners and
dependent children over 18.
Fitness Reimbursement Program
Fitness Reimbursement Program:
• 50% of annual membership cost
• Up to $300 in reimbursement
per person per year
• Employees eligible for medical
• Dependents enrolled in medical
• Fitness memberships only
• Managed by WageWorks
We are always on the lookout for Wellness Ambassadors
Welfare – Life Insurance
• Life Insurance
– Basic - One times annual pay; Company paid
– Supplemental - Up to eight times annual pay; employee paid
– Dependent – Spouse: $40,000 / $75,000; Child: $15,000 / $25,000;
employee paid
• Occupational Accidental Death (OAD)
– Benefit of $500,000; company paid
• Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)
– Coverage of $20,000 to $1 million; employee paid
– Family coverage available; employee paid
Welfare – Disability
• Short-Term Disability (STD)
– 52 weeks; Maximum benefit available with 10 years of service:
• First 26 weeks at 100 percent pay
• Next 26 weeks at 60 percent pay
– Company paid
• Long-Term Disability (LTD)
– Basic benefit – 50 percent of pay; nontaxable
– Enhanced benefit –60 percent of pay; nontaxable
– Employee paid
Wealth Accumulation: Phillips 66
Savings Plan (P66SP)
• The P66SP is one of the best and most convenient resources you
have for accumulating wealth and securing a comfortable retirement
• The P66SP consists of two parts:
– Thrift Feature
– Success Share
Generally, you are immediately eligible if you are an employee on the
direct U.S. dollar payroll of a Phillips 66 company that has adopted
the plan
Eligible to participate immediately upon employment
100% vested immediately, including Company contributions
Loans and withdrawals available
Vanguard is the record keeper
You are immediately vested in all amounts contributed to your
Wealth Accumulation: Phillips 66
Savings Plan (P66SP)
Thrift Feature
• Employee may contribute up to 75% of eligible pay
Eligible pay includes base salary and overtime
Before-tax, after-tax, Roth 401(k) or a combination
“Catch-Up” before-tax contributions allowed if age 50 or older
Withdrawals, exchanges and loans allowed
• Company matches $1 for $1 up to 5.0% of eligible pay
• You have a choice of funds to choose from for investing your contributions
– Company matching contributions follow the employee’s contribution investment
• New hires are automatically enrolled with a 3% before-tax contribution
• Annual increase in your election of 1% until your contribution reaches 5%
• You can increase, decrease or stop your deferral, annual increase election or
investments at any time
Wealth Accumulation: Phillips 66
Savings Plan (P66SP)
Success Share
• As the name implies, it reflects your potential to share in the
Company’s success
• Discretionary profit sharing contribution of 0% to 6% of eligible pay
• Semi-annual cast contributions invested according to your Thrift
contribution investment elections
• You must have participated in the Thrift Feature for all or part of the
measurement period in order to receive a Success Share contribution
• The contribution will be based only on your eligible pay for the time
period in which you actually made contributions to Thrift
Wealth Accumulation: Phillips 66
Savings Plan (P66SP)
Contact Vanguard to enroll or make changes
• www.vanguard.com (Plan # 099066)
• Call Vanguard at 800-523-1188
• Access Vanguard through HR Express
Wealth Accumulation: Phillips 66
Retirement Plan (P66RP)
Phillips 66 Cash Balance Account
• Pay credits recognize both age and service (one “point” per year of
service plus age equals total points)
– Under 44 points: 6%
– 44 through 65 points: 7%
– 66 or more points: 9%
• Bonus (VCIP) is part of eligible compensation used to calculate cash
balance pay credit
• Interest credits based on 30 year Treasury rate
• Cash Balance Account vests in 3 years
• Company paid
• Eligible month following hire date
Variable Cash Incentive Program (VCIP)
• The Variable Cash Incentive Program (VCIP) is a worldwide program
covering most of the company’s workforce in hourly-paid jobs and in
all salary grades. If the various business units and the company as a
whole perform as expected or better, employees could receive cash
payouts generally in February.
• VICP award determinations and payments are performance-based
and subject to executive approval. This applies to total company,
business unit, sub-unit and individual performance. The company
may change or discontinue the program at any time.
• For complete details visit Connect66
Time Off Policies – Vacation
Years of Service
Eligible Days of Vacation
Maximum Vacation Limit
10 - 19
20 - 29
30 +
Additional Time Off Policies
Serious Illness in Family
Death in Family
Personal Leave/Sabbaticals
Flexible core working hours
19/30 work schedule
Part-time regular work schedules
Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)
Disability Leave
Military Leave
Community Service Leave
Excused Leave with Pay and Hardship Assistance
NOTE: Some policies may not be applicable to sites under a collective bargaining unit Agreement (CBA). Such sites
should consult their HRBP or CBA.
Other Benefits and Programs
• Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
– Health Care Account (maximum of $2,500)
– Dependent Care Account (maximum of $5,000)
• Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) – ValueOptions
– 5 face-to-face visits per family member / problem / year -- Company paid
• Matching Gift Program for contributions to charitable organizations or schools
– Employees are matched $1 for $1 up to $15,000 annually
– Eligible recipients include 501(c)(3) charitable organizations
• Educational Assistance / Tuition Refund
– Assists in furthering higher education in fields of mutual interest to the employee and Company
– Pays 90% of tuition and mandatory enrollment fees up to annual maximums of $8,500 for
advanced degrees and $4,000 for all other formal education (subject to applicable approvals)
• Phillips 66 Severance Pay Plan
– Up to 60 weeks of pay based on years of service, if eligible
– Education reimbursement up to $2,000
Additional Support
For questions about plans, policies and programs:
• Call Phillips 66 Benefits Center
– 800-965-4421 or 646-254-3467 (international callers)
– 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Central time, Monday through Friday
• Visit Your Benefits Resources (YBR) website through HR Express or
at: http://resources.hewitt.com/phillips66
• Call Vanguard at 800-523-1188 or access through HR Express
• Visit Phillips 66 public HR website at http://hr.phillips66.com
• HR Connections
– 855-480-6634 or 918-977-7905
– 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Central time, Monday through Friday
HR Express – Accessing Benefits Enrollment
HR Express – Accessing Payroll
HR Express – Checklist Reminders
Policy Information
• Phillips 66 intranet, Connect66, has various benefit information you will need to know
about as a new employee. Please take time to familiarize yourself with all the policies
and benefits that are available to you. If you need additional explanation or
assistance, please contact your Supervisor or HR Representative.
• You will find the path to the following required reading in this New Hire Presentation
that was provided to you in your folder during orientation. These policies are to be
read within the first 10 days of hire by all employees. Additional Employment Policies
will be automatically sent to you via Learning Express within your first 30 days of hire.
HSE-Policies, Standards & Procedures (Read HSE Policy only)
Violence in the Workplace
Search Property & Belongings
Contraband & Inspection
Smoke-Free Workplace
Required New Hire Training
HR Express – Access Required Training
To Access Required Training Log Onto HR Express
Learning Express – Search Courses
Learning Express – Search Courses
You would choose employee or Supv
depending on your status
•Once chosen you may “Enroll” which will cause the module
to be added to your current list located in the “What to Do” tab
•Or you may “Enroll and Launch”