business plan - life savior



Executive Summary

‘Life Savior’ is an integrated platform specifically designed for saving human lives from accidents, climate changes, epidemics and natural disasters. Hospitals usually have blood banks but the blood storage capacity is usually not up to the mark in these blood banks especially in case of natural disasters or accidents. ‘Life Savior’ will provide an instant solution in case of such disasters, where any hospital can get the blood related information of all the people in their surroundings via simple message exchange through mobiles. ‘Life

Savior’ will not only use this gathered information but will also send an automatic message to the donors with required blood groups. These messages will automatically be send with the ID of corresponding hospitals and thus can save many persons from dying due to lack of blood. This is just an application of ‘Life Savior’. ‘Life Savior’ will also provide the customized solutions for many applications. In case of natural disasters and climate changes, the hospitals can also disseminate important information for prevention and cure of epidemics and other health issues. The persons having smart phones can send a SOS call via a click of a button, while other mobile users with simple handsets would also be able to send a distress signal via an empty text to their corresponding hospital. ‘Life Savior’ upon receiving these SOS calls will generate an emergency response in form of announcements, ambulance route management and instructions to the corresponding medical staff.

The Initiative – Social Purpose and Marketing

‘Life Savior’ provides an entirely innovative solution to the emergency responses in case of drastic climate changes and natural disasters. This will not only save lives but will also provide an early warning system. ‘Life Savior’ has the built-in innovation in it as the scope of its solution can be enhanced to accommodate new problems at hand. Integration of C# modules with android applications will also provide a user friendly and easily configurable platform to almost all types of the users. The use of telecommunication infrastructure will provide an easy access to all users. In case of damage to telecommunication infrastructure, a WIFI or paging based system can also be deployed to provide the same solution. Thus, this solution is a novel one in many aspects as it can be easily enhanced to perform many applications. This integrated platform will also be protected in many ways as the source code of the software will not be available to customers at any stage. This platform will also be linked with a unique identifier like MAC address of a workstation and thus it will be implemented only on the specific workstations. The customers cannot share the software on any other PCs, there will also be a trial period associated with the ‘Life Savior’ after which it will get expired, if not purchased properly. Our team has already developed such projects previously and thus quite experienced in software rights protection.

Project team of ‘Life Savior’ does not only comprised of experienced and skilled individuals from Pakistan but also have strong connections from all around the world. Our team has

executed a number of international projects along with national ones. We have software developers, designers, marketing people, engineers and financial managers. Pakistan government and ICT R&D departments are also looking for initiatives like that. C.E.O was also a government employee for a long time to have connections in government and private bodies which will jump up to support the initiative. After this year’s flood, government is seeking help from civil society to reduce the losses of human and natural resources in future. Arfa Technology Park along with government’s program of supporting technopreneurial startups are the big motivations for entrepreneurs like us. Obviously, We have also in mind the other action plans for our business growth as its applications and market is very diverse.

World is currently facing an imminent threat in form of drastic climate changes which will bring more calamity to this world. We have to be prepared for that and the ‘Life Savior’ is a one big leap towards that. Since 2003, there are more than 10,000 causalities, uncountable injured & homeless people, thousands of completely destroyed villages, millions of acres of inundated land and ruined corps in Pakistan due to floods. ‘Life Savior’ can not only reduce these massive losses but can also bring a change in the whole society. ‘Life Savior’ will not only reach to rich but also to the poor people. This application is accessible to all; it is conceived as a platform which can be used on android or much simpler sets with the help of simple text messages. This will make the difference in societies as currently only in Pakistan there are 125 million mobile phone users with teledensity reaching to 70%. This application will reach to them, not only educate them but also save their lives. ‘Life Savior’ due to its applications will be of a great impact within a year of its launch as Pakistan suffers from flood and natural disasters every year.

Unique Selling Point (USP) for this product is ofcourse the “Saving Lives” or a “Virtual

Rescuer” if you think of a social peg to be associated with it. Actually nobody is selling such solution in market of Pakistan. Currently, alternate solutions or current mode of operations for rescue and prevention are either of low quality or of very high price. There are many methodologies which are usually applied in prevention from impacts of climate changes.

One is to create the awareness via print or electronic media; however this is very expensive and cannot reach each individual of society. There are so many villages where the people cannot read good quality newspaper or do not have the television sets. What ‘Life Savior’ can do is that it can be installed on the workstations or any android sets of the medical staff of a nursery in these villages, which will be connected with the cheap handsets of villagers via simple messages in native language.

Success of ‘Life Savior’ is pretty eminent as it will benefit the most important corporate like telecommunication companies, hospitals and other NGOs. The most likely barriers would be in the right marketing and getting finances at the right time. There are no technical difficulties due to a large success rate of the ‘Life Savior’ team with their technical skills. For marketing, we are following the direct approach and it has been a reasonable success.

Hospitals have acknowledged the need of ‘Life Savior’ and also government institutes are interested as well. However, ‘Life Savior does need help from telecom companies and that help has started to come after the rigorous campaign of ‘Life Savior’ team. Momentum is in upward direction and sky is the limit. ‘Life Savior’ is so feasible that a person with simple

laptop and an android phone set can implement it, though they might need help of suitable minds.

Implementation Plan

‘Life Savior’ is in the stage of rapid development. This basics of this integrated platform has already been laid out, a general design has also been formulated with a number of modules that can easily be extended to perform other functionalities easily. The concept of ‘Life

Savior’ has already been accepted by big hospitals of Pakistan. A prototype of ‘Life Savior’ is about to be launched, however the link with telecommunication companies is missing. The next milestone will be in establishing a strong connection with telecommunication companies and getting important information from them in order to launch ‘Life Savior’ in its entirety. Hospitals which will use ‘Life Savior’ are also proposing to establish connections with telecommunication companies in their own and thus save the cost of implementing ‘Life

Savior’. As the C.E.O itself had worked in Pakistan Telecommunication Ltd, thus ‘Life Savior’ has already been customized to adapt with telecommunication setups in Pakistan. C.E.O also has the strong ties with these companies. However, in order to purchase SMS gateways or APIs, finances are needed. There are some cheap SMS gateway providers but the quality of service along with efficient coding is not good and the APIs should be purchased from telecom companies. In short, implementation plan can be divided into following activities,


First thing first, which is to find the seed funding for my idea, it might come from ITU

YI competition.


Secondly, utilizing the seed funding in finalizing the integrated platform of ‘Life

Savior’. More will be the funding, more will be the functionalities integrated into ‘Life



Once the platform is completed and enough media coverage will also be there, the idea will be commercialized properly. Proper social and electronic media campaign with constant interaction with experts from all around the world will led this idea to grow into a developed business.


Multinational industries will pop up and support this idea as its main application lies


for almost all countries whether an underdeveloped or developed. ‘Life Savior’ has the life saving applications so it should be developed at a much fast rate.

‘Life Savior’ will collaborate with many hospitals, telecom companies and many other


NGOs, thus there will always be an escape plan in form of mergers and acquisitions.

Natural disasters are happening at a much higher rate and thus counter measures have to be developed at a faster rate too. ‘Life Savior’ being cheap could be a great choice for governments for implementation in their respective countries.

04 Ps (Product, Price, Promotion and Place)

Depending on the amount of funding available, the typical 04 Ps can be described by the following cost table,




Activity / Description Estimated Cost




Developing a basic and integrated platform of ‘Life


Direct Marketing i.e.

Presentations to Hospitals and

Telecom Companies.

Media (Print and Electronic) and Social Campaign.

USD $800 - USD $3800

(It has been estimated by considering markets of USA,

Japan, Pakistan and China.)

Note: It will vary depending on different applications and due to taxes/freight charges.


USD $400 - USD $800

Depending on funding and worldwide recognition due to funding sources .)


USD $800 - USD $1500

Depending on funding and worldwide recognition due to funding sources .)



Meetings with Different

Industrial experts and

Government Representatives for Commercialization of Idea.

Future Development / Selling


USD $3000 - USD $8000

(Depending on travelling and funding for this purpose)

(Depends on Funding)

Total (Range)

USD $5000 - USD $15000

(Minimum and maximum ranges can be altered depending on different applications and amount of funding.)

As you can see the full scale complete product can cost upto USD $5000 depending upon the application. Price of ‘Life savior’ after covering indirect costs can be set initially to 20% higher than its manufacturing cost and thus it could be sold at USD

$1200 - USD $1400. Promotional cost in actual will be a lot less when seeded by ITU as it will already have got the best promotion on social and electronic media. Initial place for selling would be Pakistan and actually via internet it will have global selling points. As the business grows, franchises can be opened in other countries as well.

Entrepreneur Skills in Light of Previous


A better business can only be run by better people. As a C.E.O, I will be narrating here my skills to execute the business plan with highlights of my international achievements so far.

We have what it takes to deliver the product, commitment, talent, skills, technical knowledge and R&D aptitude. . After getting Silver Medal in Electronics Engineering, I am pursuing my Masters in Electrical Engineering from National University of Engineering &

Technology (NUST) Pakistan. Few of my achievements are listed below,

Authorship of Books

Author of the six books published internationally from USA and Germany which includes “PID Controller: Comparative Analysis and Design of Diverse

Realizations” This is the First Book from any Pakistani Author taken by

Mathworks in their Book Support Program for Promotion and Database Indexing.

This book is published by Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP), Germany.

Author of the book with Title “Unconventional Loan Structures” published by Lambert

Academic Publishing (LAP), Germany.

 Author of the book with Title “Fact-ions for Life” published by Just-Fiction Edition (JFE),


Author of two anthologies “A Pinch of Love, Peace and Humanity” and “Ripples of

Love” published from USA.

Au th orship of Research Papers

 Author of 06 research papers published in international journals including International

Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering (IJCEE), vol. 4, no. 6, pp. 908-911, 2012 with title as,

Comparative Analysis and Design of Two Diverse Realizations for FPGA Based Digital

PID Using Xilinx SysGen ® .

Author of research paper accepted in 2013 International Conference on Soft Computing and Software Engineering (SCSE 2013), San Francisco, California, USA with the title,

Location Optimization of Battery Switching Stations for the Linux, Wireless-Networked

Mobile Robotic Workers in Industrial Units.

Author of research paper published in U.K based International Journal of Research in

Wireless Systems (IJRWS 2012), vol. 1, issue 2, 1-5, December (2012) with title,

Analysis and Modeling of H-K (H shaped-K ports) Controller for Signal’s Power Division within Satellites and SHF Networks having Variable Power Requirement using Ansoft


Reviewer and Member of Technical Program Committees of

International Conferences

Reviewer and Technical Program Committee member of more than 95 international conferences and journals worldwide including USA, UK, Europe, Malaysia, China, Spain,

Turkey and many other countries.

Project execution, communication skills, technical and innovative skills are pretty eminent from achievements listed so far. It can also be been seen that how much international exposure, contacts and recognition we already have. It does make sense that I can achieve my goals and can execute my plans for ‘Life Savior’ successfully. We have what it takes to be a successful technopreneur.

Professional Experience

Now I will let you know my professional experience that will further promise my success of realizing my idea into a growing business,

As Assistant Manager (Electronics) in Marine Systems (Pvt) Ltd.

(MSL), Islamabad, Pakistan from 21


January 2013-Present

 Supervising the experiments and analyzing results of these with the help of LabView and National Instruments DAQ Cards based SCADA system.

 Indigenous development of robust, fault tolerant and high performance power supplies like DC-DC and rectifier modules.

 Designing, fabrication, stuffing and environmental testing of multi-layered PCBs for indigenously developed systems.

 Indigenous development of Interface Gateway Modules (IGM) to interface newly commissioned equipments/systems with existing equipments/sensors onboard

 marine vessels on the basis of thorough analysis of handshaking signals and interface protocol specifications.

Indigenous development of customized Test Benches to verify/check different types of PCBs.

 Preparation of Feasibility Studies, Project Management Plans and Project Definition

Documents (PDD) for the replacement, up-gradation, modification and development of various tactical and training systems onboard marine vessels and shore platforms.

As Instrumentation and Control Engineer in DESCON Integrated Projects Ltd.

(DIPL), Lahore, Pakistan from 7


December 2012-11


January 2013

a) Prepared Instrumentation and Control design drawings for the Natural Gas project

BARZAN of JGC, Ras Gas and DIPL at Ras Raffan, Qatar. b) Accomplished Project designing with the help of softwares Project Designing System

(PDS), Smart Plant Instrumentation (SPI) etc.

Prepared and managed project documents including bid evaluation, instrument data c) sheets, quotations and technical drawings with the help of real time software INDRA. d) Risk assessment and mitigation of clients has also been performed which includes the

Energy, Business, Operational and Environmental Risks etc.

As Relationship Manager (Commercial) in Allied Bank Ltd (ABL),

Bahawalpur, Pakistan from 28


Feburary 2011-30


July 2012

e) Prepared feasibility reports of the industries in commercial/local corporate sectors to be financed by ABL by valuating plants/machinery for assessing the constraints like remaining useful life/production and then put forth it for recommendation from f)

Regional Head, Divisional Head, CRO, CEO and Senior/Executive management, while potential clients including textile, ginning, fertilizers (Distributors) and power sectors etc. are also appropriately financed by ABL based on these feasibility reports..

Risk assessment and mitigation of clients from bank’s perspective has also been performed which includes the Energy, Business, Operational and Environmental Risks etc.

g) Managed portfolio of around Rs. 1.50 Billion (PKR) comprising of top notch commercial and local corporate clients of Bahawalpur Region in ABL using latest web based softwares like LOS and Temenos T24. h) Used Oracle E-Business Suite for budget management and planning of the Bahawalpur i) region.

Provided services of MIS from 28 branches in Bahawalpur region to Regional Head

Quarter, Group Head Offices and Corporate office of ABL. j) Portfolio management in 28 branches throughout the region for rendering best services to Commercial and Corporate clients also includes following tasks,

 Judging genuine business and technical requirements of clients to be financed.

Collecting market feedback and complete information of clients to be financed by the bank.

 Proposal raising and document preparation in compliance with ABL and SBP policies.

Financial Statement’s analysis, scrutinizing customer risk profile based on account performance, Industry outlook, Buyer/ Supplier relationship,

Management Analysis.

It is pretty eminent that I have a strong and diversified experience in financial management, marketing, technical experience and also experience of working in R&D sector. Such diversification is also unique as well. You can see that we are quite capable of achieving our goal in realizing this idea to be a successful business. That’s all what we have for you, hopefully that would be enough for letting you believe in us and giving us a chance to do something for this world.

Thanks and Regards,

Hammad Khan.

‘Life Savior’