Working within the European Organization for Technical Approvals

What does CE
marking mean to
…it depends on who you
are and your point of
Andrew Was, EU Certification Manager.
What is CE marking about?
Any product bearing the
meets all the appropriate provisions of
the relevant legislation implementing
certain European Directives.
CE Marking allows easy access to the
European Market without adaption or
The CE mark…
… as a manufacturer.
• Access to Single European Market
• Free movement of goods across EU
• Acceptability without further test
How big is the EU market?
EU Member States
UK, Germany, France,
Italy, Sweden etc
EU Member States 2004
Poland, Hungary etc
EU Member States 2007
Romania, Bulgaria
EU Candidates
Croatia, Turkey etc
EFTA Member States
Iceland, Norway &
The CE mark…
… as a user / specifier.
• The product is legal in the EU
• Fire protection equipment is
independently verified by expert bodies
• Acceptable without further test
The CE mark…
… as a member state.
• Sets the acceptability criteria for ‘safe’
products entering the market
• Harmonises all varying national
regulations in European Member
States, so that the Single Market is
Why is it a good idea to CE?
• Because the law requires it
• Because the market demands it
• Because a customer expects it
Not much choice if we are to be legal
and win business
Any other reasons to CE mark?
• A faster market access time?
• A lower market access cost?
• To get a competitive advantage?
Market access is improved but the
advantages only occur if you’re first!
What we all know about CE
• Only if product is under a Directive
• Only if a harmonised standard exists
• Only if harmonised standard applies
• May involve a Notified Body
• It is not a Quality Mark
Harmonised Standards….
• Listed in the EU Official Journal
• Compiled and revised by CEN
• Can take a very long time to create
• May not keep pace with innovation
Who are the Notified Bodies?
• Organisations who help
manufacturers to apply the CE mark.
• 2000 NBs in EU member states.
• Cover all Directives or parts of them.
CE for fire protection…
• Construction Products Directive (CPD)
• Some harmonised standards exist
• Some harmonised standards apply
If the design of your product is not
covered – don’t CE mark but have to
meet National rules.
National Rules & Standards
• Each country may have it’s own
• Managed by National Committees
• The technical requirements of each
standard could be different
• The cost and time to comply with each
can be extreme
What if a hEN does not exist?
• Construction Products procedure exists
• Process through EOTA
European Organisation for Technical Approvals
• One standard applies to the product
• Standard written for the product
What is
European Organisation for Technical Approvals
• Select group of Approvals Bodies representing EU
Member States.
EOTA and Notified Bodies
• Over 2000 Notified Bodies in EU
– Test and certify to hEN standards
• Only 38 members of EOTA
– Ability to develop standards for products
not covered by hEN!
What does
The EOTA members create test standards for
products that are not covered by existing harmonised
standards (hEN) so that they can be tested and CE
Each member has declared fields of expertise…
FM Approvals’ expertise includes fire protection
Why use the
• An EU wide recognised standard is
established for the product
• The product is CE marked and can
enter the European market
• The process can be completed in a
short period of time.
How do I get a standard
written through
• Find an EOTA member who deals with
your type of product.
• Discuss your product and it’s
characteristics with the EOTA member
and they will guide you through the
Who’s who in the
• EOTA Approvals Bodies
• Standing Committee on Construction
• European Commission
• European Standards Body - CEN
The ‘EOTA’ Process
EOTA Application
FM Approvals
Circulation to EOTA ABs, EC, SCC & CEN
FM Approvals
write CUAP
Circulation to EOTA & EC
Declaration of
Circulation to
FM Approvals
write ETA
Examples of
• 1620+ European Technical Approvals
have been issued by EOTA
• Products ranging from roofing, flooring,
insulation and doors.
• ETA (without ETAG) No 246. is for a
early suppression, fast response
automatic sprinkler.
In Summary…
• CE marking Directives bring
harmonisation, equality and eliminate
barriers to the free movement of goods
in the EU.
• Unique and innovative fire protection
products can be CE marked by using
Thank You…
Any Questions?
FM Approvals is an independent third party certification body Notified under
the Construction Products and ATEX Directives and has been appointed as
an ETA Issuing Body and EOTA Member for the United Kingdom.
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