2014 ProjectWorld/World Congress of Business Analysts

Leveraging Visual
Thinking Concepts in
Project Management
September 23rd, 2014
Paul R. Williams
Leader of Project Management
Plan Administrators, Inc.
For more than 30 years, we’ve partnered with
financial advisors, plan sponsors and plan
participants nationwide to provide sole
practitioners, small businesses and start-ups
with access to affordable retirement plans,
along with providing education and assistance
to help prepare for a secure retirement.
Visual Thinking
FACT: 75% of the brain's
neuroreceptors are
devoted to processing
visual information
60x more than hearing!
FACT: It takes the brain
seven times longer to convert
words into mental images, as
compared to actually viewing
the image itself
FACT: Visual thinking makes
understanding complex
problems easier AND reduces
cultural/language barriers
FACT: Visual thinking is one
method the brain uses to aid
word recognition and recall
Pattern capture is another...
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FACT: Visual thinking is
common in about 65% of the
population, while the
remaining 35% think primarily
in words and numbers
"Show me the
ROI of your
"We can only
invest in positive
ROI projects"
Project Task List (Football Play)
Phil: Run a shallow cross
Fred: Run a counter cross just outside of Phil
Joe: Run a 10 yard out
Steve: You're the hot receiver on the fly route
Everyone Else: Pass Block Support
Requirement: Display a
curved line where every
point is equidistant from
the center point and fill
the object with a solid
cobalt blue pattern
FACT: Visual thinking
techniques support
both "push" and "pull"
type communications
The sender controls
the communication...
The receiver controls
the communication...
Visual Thinking Concepts
in Project Management
Visual Thinking Tools
Mind Mapping
#1 Visual Thinking Tool
Process Mapping
Process Mapping
Root Cause Analysis
Root Cause Analysis
Root Cause Analysis
Pictorial Requirements Elicitation
Visual Thinking Concepts
in Project Management
Visual Reporting Tools
Earned Value Analysis
Earned Value Analysis
Control Limiting
Control Limiting For EVA
Kanban & SCRUM Boards
Kanban & SCRUM Boards
Visual Thinking Concepts
in Project Management
Visual Collaboration Tools
Project "Science Fair"
Project "Display Wall"
Project "Collaboration Wall"
Project "Flight Status Board"
Real-Time Flight Status Board
Project Social Media
Visual Thinking Works
Build your
Visual Thinking
Visual Thinking
Helps with
Visual Thinking Aids
Communication and