Final Exam Review


ME 142

Engineering Computation I


Final Exam

Final Exam

2 Parts

Testing Center Portion - Multiple-Choice

 Wed 12/16 – Fri 12/18, Testing Center

In Class Portion

– Problem Solving w/


 Thu 12/17, 7:00-8:30 am, Aus 9

Testing Center Portion

50 Multiple-Choice Questions – 1 point each

Excel: 20 questions

VBA: 15 questions

Mathematica: 15 questions

Similar to Exam, Quiz and Clicker questions

Knowledge of terms

Knowledge of function syntax

Knowledge of function usage


One 8.5” x 11” sheet of notes, one side

In Class Portion

15 Problems – 4 points each

Most require use of computer tool

10 extra credit points available

Record answers directly on paper

No electronic copy submitted

Similar to basic Homework or Lab problems


Open book, notes, computer

Closed neighbor


Excel Basics

Key Concepts

Active Cell

 Text, Numbers, & Formula

 Entering/Editing Data &Formulas

Moving/Copying Data & Formulas

Relative & Absolute Addressing

Named Cells

 Conditional Formatting

 Built-in Functions

Error Messages

Formatting Numbers (2.5)

Row & Column Manipulation (2.7)

Excel Functions

Key Concepts

Finding Functions

Basic Math Functions

Sum and AutoSum

Selecting Ranges

Trigonometry Functions

Logical Operators

Time and Date Functions


Graphing with Excel

Key Concepts

Creating a Basic XY Scatter Graph

Linking Chart Titles to a Cell

Adding Data to an Existing Graph

Plotting Multiple Curves

Plotting Multiple Curves with Different X


Adding a Trend Line

Modifying the Graph

Computer Precision & Round-Off Error

Key Concepts

Numerical Error

Significant Figures

Accuracy vs. Precision

Computer Representation of Numbers

Root Finding & Iterative Solutions

Key Concepts

Finding Roots by Multiple Methods


Bisection Routine

Excel Goal Seek Function

Excel Solver

Key Concepts

Finding Max/Min on 2D Plots

Finding Max/Min on 3D Plots

Finding Optimal Solutions

Decision Variables

Objective Function


Excel Matrix Operations

Key Concepts

Matrix Basics

Matrix Addition

Matrix Multiplication

Transposing a Matrix

Inverting a Matrix

Determinant of a Matrix

Solving Systems of Linear Equations

Key Concepts

Matrix Inversion Method

 Cramer’s Rule


VBA Key Concepts

Algorithm Development


VBA Key Concepts

Defining Variables & Equations

Launching VBA

Programming Basics

VBA Key Concepts


Getting Program Input and Returning

Program Output

Linking a Program to a Button

VBA Key Concepts

Relational Operators

Logical Operators

If-Then-Else Statement

Select Case Statement

GoTo Statement

VBA Key Concepts

Types of Program Errors

Debugging Tools & Techniques


VBA Help Facility

VBA Key Concepts

Looping Basics

For… Next


Do… Loop


For Each… Next


VBA Key Concepts

Array Basics

1-Dimensional Arrays

VBA Key Concepts

Nesting Loops

Dynamic Arrays

Multi-Dimensional Arrays

VBA Key Concepts

Macro Overview

Recording a Macro

Running a Macro

Editing a Macro

Using Controls

VBA Key Concepts

Custom Dialog Box Overview

Creating a Custom Dialog Box

Example Problems

VBA Key Concepts

Functions vs. Subprograms

Using Subroutines Effectively

Declaring Variables

VBA Key Concepts

Using Excel Arrays in Functions


Mathematica Key Concepts

Three Basic Rules

Notebook Basics

A Few Function Examples


Accessing Mathematica via the Internet

Mathematica Key Concepts

Review of Basic Concepts


Using Simple Units in Your Calculation

Table Function

ListLinePlot Function

Matrices Functions

Mathematica Key Concepts

Getting Help

Formatting Your Notebook

Working with Lists


Statics Problem Example


Mathematica Key Concepts

User Defined Functions

Solving Equations

Polynomial Equation

Systems of Polynomial Equations

Systems of Linear Equations

Nonpolynomial Equations

Example Problems

Mathematica Key Concepts

Derivatives and Integrals

Basic math Functions

Trigonometry Functions

Plot Functions

Mathematica Key Concepts

Using Manipulate to Make Interactive


Mathematica Key Concepts

Creating a Function


Controlling Program Flow

Looping Structures

Special Topics

Special Topics: Key Concepts

Numeric Differentiation

Numeric Integration

Curve Fitting

Importing & Exporting Data

Pivot Tables