High School Choice - Montgomery County Public Schools

Grade 8 Students attending a Downcounty
Consortium (DCC) middle school or residing
in the DCC attendance area rank in order of
preference the high school they would like to
attend on a lottery Choice form during the
fall of their Grade 8 year.
There are five great high schools in the DCC:
◦ Montgomery Blair High School
◦ Albert Einstein High School
◦ John F. Kennedy High School
◦ Northwood High School
◦ Wheaton High School
Do your research and explore them all
Keep an open mind and consider your interests
Learn about the academies at all five high
Talk with your family about your choices.
Attend one of the Options Fairs in September
and speak with the Academy Coordinators from
each high school.
 September 21 at Kennedy HS
 September 28 at Paint Branch HS
Visit the high school open houses in October.
Consider how your interests, strengths, favorite
subjects and future plans relate to careers and
Attend a game, play or school event at one of the
high schools
All five DCC high schools offer:
◦ Academies
◦ Advanced classes (AP and
◦ College preparedness
◦ Music opportunities
◦ Varsity sports
◦ Clubs
◦ More freedom and independence
Academies are specialty programs that you choose based on your
A sequence of courses designed around a central career theme
A way to connect the courses you take with your interests
Field trips, guest speakers and possible internship opportunities
related to academy theme
Every high school has something for you!
◦ Each high school has 4 to 5 different academy offerings based
on career themes
◦ Think about your career interests as we explore the academies
at each high school
◦ Use your Cornell notes page to write down 1 academy at each
high school that you wish to learn more about
International Baccalaureate Program
 Challenging and exciting courses with a focus on writing, thinking,
communicating and experimenting – no application needed
 Program stresses a global focus and prepares you for college
 Earn an internationally recognized diploma
Visual & Performing Arts (VAPA) Academy
 Relates to careers in the creative and performing arts
 Dance, Theatre, Art, Music
Academy of Finance, Business Management, and Marketing
 Relates to careers in the financial services industry
 Accounting, banking, entrepreneurship, financial planning,
Renaissance Academy
 Math, reading, writing and public speaking in the arts and sciences
 Prepares you for college
Health Careers Academy
◦ Relates to careers in physical therapy, medical careers, wellness
◦ Medical careers pathway – learn CPR, receive certification as a CNA, direct
patient care
◦ Health careers – focus on science, math and healthcare
Broadcast Journalism & Communications Academy
◦ Relates to careers in broadcasting, TV production, radio production, pod
casting and journalism
◦ Work at Kennedy’s TV station, take courses in journalism and media
International Baccalaureate Program
◦ Challenging and exciting courses with a focus on writing, thinking,
communicating and experimenting – no application needed
◦ Program stresses a global focus and prepares you for college
◦ Earn an internationally recognized diploma
Business Management Academy
• Relates to careers as a small business owner, marketing, management,
economics, stock market
• Take courses in accounting, business management, software applications
Special Programs: Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC)
 Leadership, military history, military law, drill team
Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
◦ Relates to careers in engineering, computer science, robotics, medicine, science
math and research
◦ Take courses in computer programming, advanced math and science, engineering
Media, Music and the Arts
◦ Relates to careers in film, radio, video, television, theater, literature, journalism,
◦ Take courses in media arts, theatre, dance, music, photography, fashion design,
Entrepreneurship & Business Management
◦ Relates to careers as a business owner and in the financial world
◦ Take courses in marketing and advertising, finance and accounting, economics,
law, human resources
Human Service Professions
◦ Relates to careers in physical therapy, fitness, emergency medical technician,
nursing, athletic training, teaching, social work, psychology
◦ Take courses in child development, psychology, human development, anatomy
and physiology
International Studies & Law
• Relates to careers in politics, law, international business, government
• Take courses in global issues, justice, law and society, comparative governments
and religions
Academy of Musical Theatre and Dance:
◦ Relates to careers in musical theater, dance, vocal music, and instrumental
◦ Take courses in vocal music, dance, drama, instrumental music
Montgomery College Middle College Program @ Northwood (MC2@N)
Students are afforded the necessary opportunities to complete BOTH high
school graduation and an AS degree from Montgomery College
Take classes on both the Northwood and Montgomery College campus
Academy of Politics, Advocacy, and Law
• Relates to careers in government, law enforcement, criminal justice, public
safety, law
• Take courses in justice, law and society and administration of justice
Academy of Humanities, Arts, and Media
◦ Relates to careers in film production, culture and languages, architecture, art
history, literary analysis, childcare
◦ Take courses in child development, video production, world languages, art,
music, theatre
Academy of Technology, Environmental and Systems Sciences
take courses in environmental science, computers, engineering
Bioscience Academy
◦ Related to careers in medicine, biomedical research, healthcare
◦ Take courses in human body systems, medical interventions, biology,
biomedical science
Academy of Information Technology
◦ Related to careers in web design, game development, graphic arts, computer
animation, programming
◦ Take courses in software applications, digital media, digital art, web design
Academy of Engineering
◦ Related to careers in all engineering fields
◦ Take courses in engineering design, digital electronics, civil engineering and
◦ Strong emphasis on critical problem solving skills
Institute for Global and Cultural Studies (IGCS)
◦ 3 pathways - digital music, digital art , global studies
◦ Related to careers in leadership roles, graphic design, music fields
◦ Take courses in music technology, digital art, photography, global issues
School Enrollment
◦ Distance from your home
◦ Explore your bus route and consider how it will fit into your
International Baccalaureate – Richard Montgomery HS
Global Ecology – Poolesville HS
Science, Math, Computer Science – Blair HS
Thomas Edison HS of Technology - grades 10 -12
Visual Art Center (VAC) - Einstein HS
Contact Coordinator for a portfolio review
Available to all MCPS students - competitive
Applications available on-line and in counseling office towards
end of September
Applications due on November 6 (except VAC and Edison)
Testing - December 5 (except VAC & Edison)
Teacher recommendations needed - see applications for details
Leadership Training Institute (LTI)* @ Kennedy HS
Biomedical Program @ Wheaton HS
Engineering Program @ Wheaton HS
Communication Arts Program (CAP) @ Blair HS
Available to students living in the DCC or attending a DCC middle
school only
Applications due on November 6
Recommendations needed – see application packet for details
Testing - December 5 (* no testing for LTI)
Think about your career interests, skills and favorite
Think about which academies match the above.
Review the academies you wrote down.
Explore the academies that interest you most further
by going to the high school’s website and by asking
questions at the options fair and/or open houses.
Think about what schools fit you best based on your
favorite academies.
Discuss what is important in choosing a
high school with your parents (location,
academies, etc.).
Share what you’ve learned about
Ask questions about anything you need
more information about.
Visit high school websites to research academies.
Start by navigating to the DCC website –
 Attend all high school open houses in October to
experience the school in person.
 Open House Schedule:
October 1 - Kennedy HS
October 5 – Blair HS
October 14 – Northwood HS
October 19 – Einstein HS
October 26 – Wheaton HS
 Complete
your Choice Form with as
much information as you can gather!
 Be assured that ALL 5 high schools
will provide you an excellent
education and that your varied
interests can be met at all 5 schools
Every 8th grade student that
lives in the DCC must complete
and return a signed choice form.
You will receive your choice
form in the mail - check your
Choice Forms are due in the
counseling office on or before
November 6.
Your base school is guaranteed
if it is indicated as your first
choice on your Choice form.
Choices may not be changed
once they are submitted into the
Round 1 lottery.
• Which two academies interest you the most?
• If you had to fill out your choice form today, what high
school would your place as 1st choice? 2nd choice?