1 A misc tray lot of china, figure, etc.

2 Three dolls.

3 A misc lot of scrap books, etc.

4 A scout record, bell and a score shot game.

5 An old English leather brief case.

6 A brass bowl and bookends.

7 A print & three books.

8 Two cushions "The golden year" and "A girl's first love"

9 A Pequegnat clock dial.

10 A Hopalong Cassidy lunch tin and mug.

11 A misc tray lot of insulators, plaque, book ends.

12 A lot of silver plate flatware.

13 A tray lot of Nippon, etc.

14 A misc lot of bottle, glass rock, etc.

15 A misc lot of china, stein, vase, etc.

16 A misc lot of costume jewelry, knife, etc.

17 Three framed oils "Fishermen" signed.

18 A tray lot of china bells, etc.

19 Eight records Neil Diamond, etc.

20 A tray, figures, etc.

21 A pair of binoculars.

22 A pair of framed watercolor

"Flowers" signed.

23 A Bulova wall clock.

24 An original 67 Mustang brochure, 1964 magazine and vintage model.

25 A box of crystal drops.

26 A tray lot of china figures, etc.

27 A tray lot of cars, trucks, etc.

28 A Chinese checkers board and a solitaire board.

29 Two tray lots of stamp albums, etc.

30 Two tray lots of doll, flag, microscope, etc.

31 Three unframed oils "ladies"

32 A teak book rack/table.

33 A retro office chair.

34 A box of curtains.

35 An old trunk.

36 Two unframed oils "Abstract"

37 A painted antique chair with sabre legs.

38 A framed print "Christ in the temple"

39 New wireless phones .

40 An answer system and two


41 A pine wall shelf.

42 A tray lot of horse, crosses, etc.

43 A tray lot of bells, etc.

44 A misc lot of bibles.

45 A lot of Fiesta plates.

46 A toy oven, gun, picture, etc.

47 An oriental fan.

48 A lot of movie posters.

49 A safe.

50 A lot of books "War" etc.

51 A framed prints "Paris France"

52 A box and a vanity case full of buttons.

53 A nail keg.

54 An apple basket.

55 A milking machine pan.

56 A turntable & cabinet, etc.

57 Two oil paintings.

58 Two artist easels.

59 Two artist's paint boxes.

60 A hand cropper and a light.

61 Seven chair seats.

62 Two artist's paint boxes.

63 A gazebo and a Christmas tree.

64 A lot of picture frames.

65 A fur coat.

66 A cased scale and a refractometer.

67 An old electric fan.

68 A combination safe and file cabinet.

69 A lot of picture frames.

70 A Respir aid air freshner.

71 Two framed oils "Landscape" signed Crowe.

72 A retro Sanyo floor fan.

73 An tin shop sign Royal Flour.

74 A wicker chair.

75 A cast iron tractor seat.

76 Two ammo boxes.

77 Six pails, etc.

78 A copper pan and a watering can.

79 A ship's box Divereux M.V.


80 Set of four original 1966 or 67

Ford Mustang hub caps.

81 A Coke box.

82 A copper fire extinguisher.

83 A floor crate.

84 Two Aladdin chimneys, etc.

85 Two mixing bowls.

86 A large handled crock.

87 A wood rooster.

88 A retro kitchen scale.

89 A Texaco No Smoking sign.

90 An old horse bell.

91 Two leather seats Colgate university.

92 A spoke shave and two planes.

93 A photo album.

94 A jug, two bottles & two bowls.

95 Two trivets and misc brass, etc.

96 Two Zildjian hi-hat cymbals.

97 A lidded cast iron cook pot.

98 An oil lamp.

99 A metal figural display stand.

100 A framed advert "Learn to fly"

101 A table lamp and a candlestick.

102 A lot of books "The Hardy boys"

103 A framed pastel "Young lady"

104 Two shelves of misc books.

105 A framed print "Street landscape with figures"

106 A lot of whisky glasses, etc.

107 A lot of key rings.

108 A pewter and glass bowl with a cross.

109 A cased vanity set etc with a lot of spectacles.

110 A misc tray lot of playing cards, razors, etc.

111 A tray lot of costume jewelry pins, etc.

112 A new Chinese dish.

113 A stone sculpture and a

Chinese figure.

114 Two glass handled cake plates.

115 Three Belleek plates.

116 A Venetian tray, two jewelry boxes & contents.

117 Two trays of brushes, combs and collectibles.

118 A box lot of costume earrings.

119 A lot of key rings.

120 A framed oil "Portrait of a lady"

121 A wicker sewing basket on stand.

122 Two open crocks.

123 Five dolls.

124 A framed watercolor "The cat Fred" with a print.

125 Three volumes "London" etc.

126 A crock & flower pots.

127 A framed watercolor

"Church landscape"

128 A Sessions mantle clock.

129 Two handled Crocks.

130 A silver plated handled tray.

131 A framed oil "Wood landscape with road"

132 A part antique pottery dinner set.

133 Two 2 gallon crocks.

134 A wood floor lamp.

135 A dining room suite, china cabinet, sideboard, table & 6 chairs.

136 Two volumes, Glass &


137 A Canada pottery table lamp.

138 A maple tea wagon.

139 A wire wall flower pot holder and a book rack.

140 A wood study Rooster.

141 A framed oil "The old well"

142 A bird cage on stand.

143 A floor gramophone & records.

144 Set of Four sabre leg chairs.

145 An oval framed print

"Mother and child"

146 Three dolls.

147 Four Antique catalogues.

148 A pink Chinese carpet with a floral medallion.

149 A wood carving the water carrier.

150 An antique miniature piano.

151 A framed Mexican parchment watercolor "Birds"

152 Two volumes "Golf"

153 An aluminum Airplane.

154 An aluminum car.

155 An aluminum bird.

156 An Edwardian mahogany inlaid washstand with a marble back and top.

157 A carved wood elephant.

158 A framed watercolor "Tree and lake landscape" signed

E.M. Carter.

159 Misc volumes "Britain"

160 Two figures and a vase A/F.

161 A silver plate tray.

162 A Mission oak style desk.

163 A West German handled jug.

164 A blanc-de-chine figural lamp.

165 Three volumes "Black and white"

166 A metal penguin and a tortoise magnifying glass.

167 Two Satsuma lidded jars.

168 A lot of misc books.

169 An antique walnut writing desk missing drawers.

170 A framed sketch cabin in a mountain landscape.

171 A cast iron handled vase.

172 A pottery Bison & a Swan dish.

173 A pair of antique Jacques &

Hay style chairs.

174 An antique French table.

175 An unframed oil "Wood landscape"

176 A metal floor lamp.

177 A lot of books "Wine"

178 An antique mahogany rocking chair.

179 A framed oil "Rive landscape"

180 An antique metal wire plant stand.

181 Three stained glass windows.

182 A stained glass window.

183 A stained glass window.

184 An antique painted hall stand.

185 A silver plate tray.

186 A cut crystal bowl, vase and tray.

187 Six Villeroy & Boch plates.

188 Four volumes misc RAF, etc.

189 A metal floor lamp.

190 A carved hall chair.

191 A walnut coffee table.

192 A retro hanging lamp with a white globe with metal decorations.

193 A blue glass retro hanging lamp.

194 An oak table.

195 Four bird's eye maple framed prints "Game birds"

196 An antique mixed wood side table.

197 An antique mahogany breakfast table.

198 A framed print "Walleye"

199 An antique three gallon crock with blue flower.

200 Five volumes "Fly fishing"

201 An antique stoneware pitcher.

202 An antique oak knee hole desk.

203 An antique framed Sampler dated Jan 1932.

204 Three old tins "Charles chips" etc.

205 An antique Eastern Ontario pine church pew.

206 An antique stoneware green glazed pitcher.

207 A similar pitcher.

208 An antique artist's palette

(W.E. Atkinson)

209 A Spode decorated mixing bowl.

210 A metal sculpture "Metal worker"

211 An antique oak tall chest of drawers fitted a mirror.

212 An antique map Oxford


213 An antique handmade bread basket.

214 Three antique hooked table mats.

215 Two framed photos

"Wentworth county councils

1943 & 1944"

216 An antique oak side chair with a rush seat.

217 A framed antique sampler dated Nov 21, 1856 Isabella


218 An antique sampler E.A.

Atkinson 1866.

219 An antique alphabet sampler.

220 An antique rocking chair.

221 A 19th C Eastern European storage chest having original hand painted decorations.

222 Three pairs of old sock stretchers.

223 An 18thC primitive side chair having a rush seat.

224 An antique pine chess board.

225 An antique umbrella having a sterling knob.

226 An antique pine cradle having original painted finish with label, Lyall Mather home

Middleville Lanark Co.

227 A Quebec primitive rocking chair.

228 A machine made carpet approx 7'8" x 5'2"

229 A wood penguin.

230 A Thai puppet, book & glass dishes.

231 A collection of Packard automobile memorabilia.

232 A collection of old lead soldiers. A.F.

233 A collection of hockey memorabilia.

234 Two old autograph books,

Pierre Trudeau cartoon & quotes book.

235 A lot of Scottish memorabilia.

236 Two cameras, Nikon EM &


237 A Pentax super program camera.

238 Two Canon cameras AE1 &


239 A Zeiss Ikon camera.

240 A pentax ME super camera.

241 Two Yashica cameras.

242 Two Fujica cameras.

243 Two cameras lenses Soligor

& Makinon zoomm Macro.

244 Twenty four pieces Blue

Mountain pottery.

245 A framed oil on board

"Horses in a winter landscape" signed A. Amer.

246 An antique Persian rug having floral decorations approx 3'8" x 7'8"

247 Three Canadian silver dollars.

248 A cased set of silver

&enameled cocktail picks.

249 A pair of French opera glasses.

250 A similar pair of opera glasses.

251 A similar smaller pair of opera glasses.

252 An Inuit soapstone "Hunter in Kayak"

253 A framed watercolor

"Forsthaus Siebenekhen

Meissen" signed Karl Kranke.

254 A framed pen & ink sketch

"Old barn" signed K.


255 A pair of African terra cotta figural busts.

256 A Jaykel sterling necklace & pair of ear rings.

257 A tray of signed costume brooches & ear rings.

258 Two amber brooches & pair of cuff links.

259 A lot of amber jewelry.

260 A sterling mounted cameo brooch & pair of tiger eye ear rings.

261 A collection of jade jewelry.

262 Two 10KT gold rings together with a lapis pendant.

263 A Chinese carved stone pendant.

264 Two pairs of 14kt gold ear studs set cubic Zirconium.

265 An antique 9kt gold ring set diamonds.

266 A pair of 14kt gold ear studs set heart shape cubic zirconium.

267 A 9kt gold & tiger tooth bracelet.

268 A pair of white gold & diamond ear studs.

269 A pair of 14kt gold & opal ear studs.

270 A framed oil on canvas

"Lake landscape" signed E.


271 A Waterford crystal jug.

272 Seven cut crystal glasses.

273 A large cut crystal jug.

274 Eight Bristol blue glasses.

275 A cut crystal ship's decanter.

276 A Shiraz carpet with connecting diamond designs to a red field. Approx 4' x 5'2"

277 An Art glass bowl with swirled designs.

278 An antique peg oil lamp with a cranberry font and original swirled glass shade.

279 A pair of antique brass candle stick.

280 An antique mahogany serving tray with brass handles.

281 A old oak box with carved sporting dog decorations Ex.

Orsen Wells estate auction.

282 A framed oil "Quebec City landscape" unsigned.

283 A green patinated bronze

"Touching Heaven" by Al


284 A shadow box framed oil

"Portrait of a lady"

285 An antique cranberry glass hall lamp.

286 A framed oil still life "Fruit" signed Hortense M. Gordon.

287 An antique French bronze oil lamp in the Egyptian

Revival style.

288 An antique Swiss enameled

Singing Bird box.

289 An antique Georgian silver brooch set paste stones with a fine portrait miniature of a lady.

290 An antique Georgian silver star brooch set paste stones.

291 An antique 9ct pendant set amethyst with two portraits of ladies.

292 An antique gold filled brooch set pearls inset a miniature of a lady.

293 A French 18kt gold bracelet.

294 An 18kt gold Etruscan revival pendant set emerald.

295 A 9kt gold brooch set a fire opal.

296 A 14kt gold pendant and chain set a carved floral cameo.

297 An 18kt bar brooch set sapphire and diamonds.

298 A framed oil on panel "New

York Harbor with Ships" signed Jack L. Gray(Jack

Lorimer Gray).

299 An antique French bronze and gilt figural salon clock.

300 A child's leather buttoned club settee.

301 A pair of antique gilt bronze desk candelabra.

302 A framed oil on board titled

"Silent Pool near Lac St.

Joseph" bears signature J.E.H.


303 An antique bronze wall bracket Study of a Lady.

304 An old leather dome topped

Porter's chair.

305 An antique gilt bronze and onyx easel photo frame signed

Bradford Strand Torquay.

306 An antique Hamedan carpet runner with overall floral designs to a red field. Approx.

13' x 3'

307 An Art Nouveau Royal

Vienna plate in a gilt metal frame. A/F.

308 A framed oil on canvas

"Figures in a Paris Park" signed

F. Gall (Francois Gall).

309 A antique sterling milk jug with a snake handle, Robert

Lucas London 1751.

310 An antique sterling tea pot

George Smith and Thomas

Hayter C.1800 London.

311 An antique sterling tea pot

John Payner London C.1772.

312 AN antique sterling handled sugar bowl Robert and Samuel

Hennell London C.1810.

313 An antique sterling cream jug Mathew Walsh Dublin


314 A shadow box framed watercolor "Sailing ship" signed.

315 A jade Chinese lidded vase.

316 A jade Chinese mountain.

317 An antique Chinese carved wood gilded figural panel.

318 An antique Chinese carved wood figural panel.

319 An antique carved walnut chair with needlepoint upholstery.

320 An unframed oil on canvas

"Farmhouse landscape" signed

Joel Owen.

321 A red buttoned leather carousel seat.

322 A 14kt gold Longines wrist watch with box.

323 A lady's 14kt gold Omega wrist watch.

324 A lady's 14kt white gold and enameled Gruen wrist watch.

325 A 14kt gold Geneva pocket watch.

326 An antique gold filled seal the base 14kt gold inset a crystal seal.

327 A silver cased pocket watch.

328 A gold filled pocket watch.

329 A Waltham gold filled pocket watch.

330 A Addison gold filled pocket watch.

331 A Kirman carpet having a central medallion and floral designs to an ivory field.

Approx 13'6" x 10'

332 A framed oil on board

"Muskoka River "signed Dick


333 A pair of antique French chairs.

334 An Edwardian mahogany two panel floor screen.

335 An Art pottery vase. A/F.

336 A marble top table with pillar supports.

337 A Royal Doulton dinner and tea set.

338 An antique porcelain figural centre piece candelabra.

339 A pair of Adam style

Sheffield plate three-light candelabra.

340 A five piece Colonial sterling tea set.

341 A silver plated Paten and


342 A sterling cigarette box.

343 A sterling silver

Scandinavian footed bowl.

344 A framed oil "The

Blacksmith" after Moreland.

345 An antique mahogany extending dining table (four spare leaves) approx 11'6"

346 An Afshar carpet with connecting diamond designs to a red field approx 4'9" x 10'

347 A set of six antique porcelain plates.

348 A framed watercolor "Sheep in a wooded landscape" signed

M. Matthews (Marmaduke


349 A Chinese carpet runner with floral decorations to an ivory field. Approx 2'7" x 10'

350 A Coalport dinner and tea set, Fortune pattern.

351 An antique pocket watch & display dome.

352 An antique Safe Time clock.

353 A Waterbury Carriage clock.

354 An antique Carriage clock.

355 A bronze figure of a young boy on an alabaster base.

356 A shadow box framed clay pipe and two medallions.

357 An antique brass telescope.

358 An antique brass telescope.

359 An antique metal money bank.

360 An Edwardian inlaid plaque with music decorations.

361 A pair of antique brass candlestick.

362 Two pairs of antique brass candlesticks.

363 A framed oil "Georgian Bay landscape"

364 A model Schooner.

365 An inlaid Georgian style tea table.

366 A framed oil on board

"Country landscape" signed

Arthur Lidstone 1948.

367 A Sarouck rug having floral designs to the red field. Approx

4'7" x 6'6"

368 An antique bronze study of


369 A pair of antique candlesticks.

370 A framed oil "Woodland path" bears signature H.


371 A Georgian mallet shaped cut crystal decanter.

372 An argillite Haida plaque signed.

373 A Georgian cut crystal decanter with a sterling Rye label.

374 A pair of antique crystal decanters with sterling labels sherry and port.

375 A jadeite Chinese bird.

376 A framed oil "Northern

Rocky landscape" signed.

377 An antique trade silver beaver stamped Montreal.

378 A sterling yo-yo.

379 A Mappins sterling beaker.

380 A pair of English sterling open salt and mustard pot.

381 A sterling ring box.

382 A sterling compact.

383 A metal (Alpaca) sheath knife and case.

384 A framed watercolor "River landscape" signed G.


385 An 18kt cased bar pin R.B. initials with Ducal Crown.

386 An antique 14kt gold

(tested) brooch set moss agate.

387 An antique 9kt rose gold buckle ring.

388 A 14kt bar brooch set seed pearl and citrine.

389 A 9kt wedding band and a

14kt diamond ring.

390 A 14kt gold chain and pearl pendant with a pair of earrings set pearls. Gold filled.

391 Four volumes "Greek testament"

392 A 14kt gold chain.

393 An antique 15kt gold bar brooch set pearls.

394 A 14kt gold brooch set a pearl.

395 An antique 9kt rose gold bar pin set a red stone.

396 A framed oil "Abstract title

"Interior 12" signed Obradovic.

397 An antique Japanese vase with dragon decoration to a floral ground. A/F.

398 A Lica model 1C camera.

399 A pre Columbian bowl with hand painted decorations

Ecuador Circa800/1500AD

400 An unframed oil "Old barn" signed.

401 Two fishing reels and a fly box.

402 An antique cribbage board.

403 An antique Kris with a carved bone and silver filigree handle.

404 A horse hoof ash tray and a desk magnify glass.

405 Four antique carpet balls.

406 A mother of pearl tray

(minor loses)

407 An antique Spode plate and a warming plate A/F.

408 A framed oil "Mountain and river landscape" signed C. F.


409 Two antique carpet cushions.

410 A Chinese brass plate and a handled vase.

411 A silver plated tray.

412 Twenty two Star wars books.

413 A framed watercolour

H.M.C.S. Sioux signed E.


414 A sterling ring set amber.

415 An amber bead necklace.

416 A silver cross medallion and a metal chain.

417 A 14kt antique pendant set a natural stone.

418 A 14kt pendant set ruby and diamonds.

419 A 14kt brooch set amethyst.

420 A 10kt chain and a metal pendant- locket.

421 A 10kt signet ring, 14kt pendant and a 14kt brooch set turquoise and pearls.

422 An antique 15kt brooch set pearls.

423 A 10kt star brooch set an opal.

424 A string of cultured pearls with a 14kt clasp.

425 An antique gold filled pocket knife.

426 An antique mahogany framed metamorphic chair.

427 An antique steel strong box.

428 A set of four antique engravings Cocktail fighting.

429 An as new Orvis fly rod &

Battenkill BBSIII reel, flies & a net.

430 An antique brass coal box and a shovel.

431 Four framed antique engravings.

432 An antique Georgian copper warming pan.

433 A pad of diamante jewelry.

434 Three costume bracelets.

435 A pad of eleven costume rings.

436 A blue costume necklace, brooch and earrings.

437 Six costume brooches, frog, birds, etc.

438 Three costume brooches lizards.

439 Two sets of necklaces, earrings, etc.

440 A lot of diamante bracelet, bee brooch, etc.

441 A framed abstract oil Shades of blue and green. Signed


442 A framed antique Japanese watercolor "Samurai and Child"


443 A Chinese soapstone study of a mythological ram.

444 A Chinese hard stone lidded


445 A Chinese jadeite study of a stylized dragon.

446 A Chinese soapstone brush pot.

447 A Chinese soapstone study of a fisherman.

448 A Chinese soapstone brush pot and a chop.

449 A framed oil abstract on a leather panel.

450 A glass study of penguins.

451 A Toy steam engine with a rare steam driven windmill & a water wheel.

452 Two tray lots of antique engravings.

453 Three oriental wood carvings.

454 An election pamphlet signed by P.E. Tredeau.

455 A framed ink wash

"Keswick from Castle Head" signed Geo H Downing R.B.A"

456 A crystal garniture (not gold)

457 A tray lot of costume jewelry with red stones.

458 A tray lot of costume jewelry with green stones.

459 A tray lot of costume jewelry.

460 A pair of Eisenberg earrings and a J. Rivers pendant.

461 A necklace, earrings and ring cubic zirconium and man made tanzanite.

462 A costume jewelry spider.

463 A lot of costume jewelry, bracelet, cross, etc.

464 A tray lot of bag, collar, gloves, etc.

465 A lot of rosary, crystal necklace, etc.

466 An ivory elephant, belt buckle, spoon.

467 A cased set of stag horn steak knives.

468 Five crystal brandy glasses and a vase.

469 A cased set of jewelers beam scales and weights.

470 A framed oil Canadian river landscape. Signed.

471 A framed oil. Autumn landscape, signed.

472 A semi antique Mousel carpet with boeth designs to a brown ground. Approx 4' x 9'6"

473 A framed oil. Italian harbor landscape, signed Harris.

474 Ten antique brass candlesticks.

475 An old Chinese brass tray.

476 An old large urn shaped alabaster lamp.

477 A framed oil, coastal landscape. Signed Lila C.


478 A framed oil, rocks and coastal landscape, signed Lila C


479 Five pieces red glazed pottery.

480 An antique corner étagère.

481 A lot of Miller's antiques price guides.

482 A framed pencil sketch

"Robin Paul at three" signed

Rene Cera.

483 A lot of antique reference books, etc.

484 An old oak table.

485 A brass table lamp with a floral glass shade (electrified)

486 A companion lamp.

487 A collectors antique book.

The age of oak.

488 Two volumes. Old England.

489 One volume. The art journal.

490 Two volumes. Picturesque


491 A semi antique Wiss carpet having connecting diamond designs to a red field aprox.


492 A framed parchment indenture C1813.

493 An antique oak Georgian

Windsor chair.

494 A framed parchment indenture.

495 An 18thC. oak Settle with panel back & pad feet supports,

72" long.

496 Two antique carpet cushions.

497 A pair of antique bronzed spelter figural lamps.

498 A framed oil. "Winter river landscape" bears signature after

Franz Johnston.

499 A large green art pottery lamp.

500 A Japanned red lacquered cheval mirror.

501 A framed watercolor "Indian lovers on a porch" Ex

Routledge-Burton collection.

502 An Indian hand painted bookstand.

503 An Indian watercolor.

Elephant with figures.

504 A framed Persian watercolor. Ladies by a pool.

505 A pair of antique mahogany

D-end consul tables.

506 Three framed antique engravings. Worcester

Cathedral, etc.

507 One volume. Pickwick papers 1st Edition C1837. Ex

Bowdoin College library.

508 One volume The Bab

Ballards. W.S. Gilbert.

509 One volume "Flint and feather" E. Pauline Johnson.

510 Three volumes. The young cottager-King James bible and

Young communicants. C1692.

511 Two volumes. Happy

Islands and Oilgrims Progress

(Bunyans work)

512 A folio German stamps.

513 A collectors

Hutschenreuther plate, C1937 with German military stamp.

514 A Scottish sporran.

515 Two chanters.

516 A Inuit study. Man and


517 Three Inuit stone studies.


518 Five vintage trolls. Norway.

519 An art pottery table lamp.

520 A framed watercolor. Pool landscape. Signed William


521 An oak Windsor armchairs.

522 A Jacobean style oak desk with a drawer to the apron.

523 A framed engraving. Clytie


524 An Indian wool carpet with floral designs to an ivory field aprox. 11'6"x 9'.

525 A pair of framed watercolor.

Caribbean ladies. Signed E.


526 An upholstered wing armchair with a yellow slip cover.

527 A framed oil. River landscape. Signed M.F. Kousel.

528 An upholstered wing armchair with red upholstery.

529 A pair of framed watercolor still life, Fruit and flowers.

Signed Eleanor Haines.

530 A Blue Mountain dolphin.

531 A cranberry glass basket and an amber jug.

532 Two glass paper weights, one signed.

533 An antique majolica jug.

534 Five Inuit studies. Birds, etc.

535 A Royal Doulton pin dish and a sterling handled carving set.

536 A Murano liqueur decanter

& six glasses.

537 Two sterling spoons, two forks and a pie slice.

538 Three Inuit studies. Seal, etc.

539 A figural vase and a child on a potty.

540 A framed oil. Seabirds.

Signed James Adams 57.

541 Eight crystal engraved glass and two handled glasses.

542 A cased fish serving set.

543 A cased dessert flatware set.

544 A mahogany Chippendale style child chair.

545 A unframed abstract oil.

546 A mahogany Victorian style child chair.

547 A large teddy bear.

548 A handmade teddy bear,

Harley bear and a snoopy dog.

549 A framed watercolor.

Mediterranean coastal city.


550 A silver plate tray and

Belleek cup, jug, dish and three bowls.

551 Six Inuit studies.

552 A framed watercolor.

Winter landscape with woodshed. Signed.

553 Two lacquered boxes and a jewelry box.

554 Four silver overlay dishes.

555 A box of tools incl, boxwood plane, rosewood marking gage , brass rule, rare boxwood shoe measure, etc.

556 A framed oil "self portrait"

Signed Wadih El Mahdi.

557 An elephant, bear, bird and a face mask of an Indian.

558 A Sheaffer desk pen.

559 A Nippon landscape bowl and six pin dishes.

560 A framed artist proof.

Memories DèAtelia. Signed


561 Five metal jewelry boxes.

562 A Murano cameo lidded glass bowl.

563 A Victorian hat pin and a bead collar.

564 A framed print. Mother and children. Signed Hibel.

565 A stone axe head and four figures.

566 An antique Sevres bowl.


567 A pair of glass candlesticks.

568 A glass bird and four amethyst rocks.

569 A glass study of an Eskimo and child.

570 A framed oil. Mountain and river landscape.

571 A cased violin and bow.

572 A cased violin and bow.

573 A cased violin and bow.

574 A wood violin case.

575 A cased trombone.

576 A gilt framed oil still life.


577 An acoustic guitar and black case.

578 An electric Bass guitar.

579 An acoustic guitar and canvas case.

580 An acoustic guitar.

581 A pair of framed Thailand brass rubbings. Temple figures.

582 A bowl of misc coins.

583 A lot of lead soldiers.

584 A lot of eleven military badges.

585 A misc lot of lighters, gun license, etc.

586 A lot of porcelain thimbles.

587 A Steiff lion.

588 A Lord of the rings negative film frame, wizard pewter statue signed and a candleholder.

589 A tin lamp and a spur ashtray.

590 A pair of framed fashion prints.

591 Two tray lots of stamps.

592 Two volumes. Art glass and

Royal Crown Derby.

593 Two volumes. Life of Christ and Pilgrims progress.

594 A framed print after A.J.


595 A flow blue plate and a

Carnival glass mug.

596 One volume. Moorcroft.

597 A Goose call and a lot of ammo (this lot requires a PAL or POL.)

598 A lot of sea shells.

599 A Crossman air pistol.

600 Two blue bowls.

601 A pin cushion doll.

602 An Indian doll.

603 A frozen Charlotte doll.

604 A cased Canon camera, lens, etc.

605 A cased Canon camera, etc.

606 A cased Pentax camera, etc.

607 A cased Pentax camera, etc.

608 A shelf lot of china jug, plate, etc.

609 A shelf lot of games box,

Coke bottles, books, etc.

610 A shelf lot of tapes, books.

611 A shelf lot of car, china, glass, etc.

612 Three unframed oils of still life.

613 A misc lot of candlestick, bowls, plates, etc.

614 A box of piano rolls.

615 A photo album and photos, etc.

616 An electric table lamp, shade A/F.

617 A chamber pot and two crocks.

618 A pine box and tools.

619 Two trays of glasses.

620 A retro R.C.A. Victor record player.

621 A misc lot of glass and four light shades.

622 A clock, jar, flower holder and a wall hanging.

623 Two chamber pots.

624 A lot of old newspapers, comics, etc.

625 A figural table lamp.

626 A Fifth Ave. bag.

627 Six lamp shades.

628 A lot of stamp albums, etc.

629 A shelf lot of magazines, etc.

630 A shelf lot of books.

631 Two tin trucks.

632 A chair, table, corner stand, lamp, etc.

633 Two tubs of display stands, etc.

634 A drum, mandolin and 3 guitars a/f.

635 A misc shelf lot of picture frames, etc.

636 A folding push cycle.

637 A Hawk electric scooter.

638 A Tim Horton coffee machine.

639 A lot of dolls, frog, etc.

640 An unframed oil still life.

641 A lot of heaters.

642 A lot of material.

643 Five shelves of misc.

644 Snow shovel, blower, etc.

645 Two quilts.

646 A quilt.

647 A school desk.

648 A misc lot of carpet bag, mats, etc.

649 A box of linen.

650 A wicker hamper, basket, umbrellas.

651 A cedar chest and a table.

652 A lot of picture frames.

653 A misc lot of stands, jewelry pads, etc.

654 Six misc pictures.

655 Two child chairs.

656 Four prints.

657 A lot of tools, etc.

658 Two pictures. Dog and landscape.

659 A misc lot of pottery and glass.

660 Three heaters.

661 Five pictures.

662 A lot of tapes, hot plate.

663 A Torque impact drill and a sander.

664 Three pictures.

665 A chain saw.

666 An outside light and picture lights.

667 Two painted chest of drawers.

668 A misc lot of plastic shelves, blinds, cases, humidifier, etc.

669 A Phillips audio system.

670 A Stinger vacuum cleaner.