Calaveras County is Antique Heaven

April 26, 2006
From clawfoot tubs to antique dolls, the Mother Lode is a gold mine of
buried treasure
(Calaveras County, Calif,) - Looking for Depression glass, a Victorian rocker
or the sort of bathtub that Scarlett or Rhett would have loved soaking in?
You’re likely to find it in Calaveras County, where several towns dating back
to the gold rush days are chock-a-block with shops crammed to the rafters with
antiques, collectibles and other wonderful oldies-but -goodies.
Some of the buildings are antiques themselves, and more than a few harbor
resident ghosts. But the best thing about antique-hunting in Calaveras County
is that if you can’t find what you’re looking for in one place, you’re likely to
find it next door. You’d need a phone book to list the scores of antique shops
in Calaveras County. But here’s some great places to start your search for
buried treasures.
In San Andreas
The Barn in San Andreas (209-754-5746) specializes in antique light
fixtures, but that's only the beginning. Practically every lamp here is
an art form, and many of them were found in the area.
Early Poverty Co. (209-754 5158) has a collectible to match your
passion, plus if you’re a cookie monster, you’re home. This place has
cookie jars in sizes and shapes you’ve never imagined.
San Andreas Trading Post (209-754-5158) features beautiful handmade
quilts, some for as little as $100, plus a slew of old-time toys, dolls and
teddy bears all looking for a new owner to cuddle them.
In Murphys
 Tic Toc Tique (209-728-2541, specializes in
old clocks and pocket watches and repair, but also has a bit of
everything, including local gold country antiques, games & sports
items, as well as furniture and decorator pieces. Even the building
itself, which dates back to the 1860s, is an antique. (But it’s not for
 D.E.A. Bathroom Machineries (209-728-2031,
deals in antique and reproduction bathroom fixtures, such as high tank
toilet, clawfoot tubs, pedestal sinks, etc. But there’s lots more here to
yank your chain, including antique plumbing, lighting, keys and
hardware. The century-old building is also rumored to have a resident
 Best Friends Consignment Shop (209-728-0116, is a unique consignment shop for women's
clothing, furniture, household items, and treasures galore. You just
might find that vintage evening gown or jacket you’ve been looking
Antique-itis (209-728-8240) If you’re looking for a gold rush nail,
spike, pan or lantern, you’ve found your antique haven. Also,
everything “tea”.
Villa Mia (209-728-1600, specializes in
European and American country antiques from the early 1800's
through the early 1900's. Specializing in Quimper pottery dishes.
Along with antiques and gifts, the shop also has lots of old iron
artifacts and select period art as well as local art and prints.
Murphys Books (209-728-9207, sells quality
used books and will also help you find that special out of print book
you’ve been searching for.
In Mokelumne Hill
Stone Station (209-286-1488) eclectic antique toys, handmade items,
furniture and furniture on consignment.
In Angels Camp
 The Old Love House (209-785-5678) is an historic residence built in
1851 by Alexander Love, famous for bringing the first women to the
mining area. Today, the old house is crammed from floor to ceiling
with old books, antiques, collectibles, country crafts, English tea pots,
tea cups and more.
 Orphan Annie’s antique emporium (209-736-9086) has just about
anything antique or old you might be in the market for. More than 40
dealers showcase everything from Depression glass and Blue Willow
plates and platters to antique jewelry and furniture. Wear your walking
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