The Committee wishes to acknowledge its great indebtedness to Atty.
Ramon Maza of Sibalom, Antique, for the valuable information he gave
concerning the Philippine Revolution and the Filipino-American War in Antique;
the life sketches and achievements of some of the outstanding Antiqueños, the
list of provincial governors during the American rule and their tenure of office;
and the data pertaining to the resistance government during the Second World
War; to Mr. Andres Elio of Patnoñgon, Antique, for making available for the
committee's use his priceless works on the history of Antique and other places
and his copy of Monteclaro’s “Maragtas” or chronicle of Panay; to Mr. Julian
Pacificador, presently Mayor of San Jose, Antique, for furnishing the committee a
copy of the original letter of Col. Scott to Gen. Fullon and the answer of the latter
in connection with the arrangement of surrender of Filipino troops in Antique to
the Americans and a copy of excerpts from Esclavilla’s “Life of Gen. Leandro
Fullo”, to Col. Ruperto Abellon for the facts he gave concerning the operations of
the Filipino Forces in Antique, of which he was an officer during the Philippine
Revolution and the Filipino American War, and to Col. Valentin Grasparil for
information regarding resistance movement in the province; to Mr. Ramon Jabile
for information regarding the function of the civil government before the landing
of the Japanese and to the host of many others who had helped the committee
gather the information they need.
The Committee gratefully acknowledges too, the usefulness of the works
of the different local committees on the historical and cultural life of their
respective town that was made handy for its reference by the Division Office.
To his inspirational suggestions and encouragement as well as
information regarding the activities of the USAFFE forces, the committee is also
greatly indebted to Mr. Angel Salazar, Jr., Assistant Division Superintendent of
Schools for Antique.
Without the help of these men this work would not have been realized.