Summer School Session 2015

Gresham High School Summer Session 2015
Summer Session at Gresham High School will potentially be offered in the following
academic areas: English, Social Studies (US History, Economics, Government),
Mathematics (Algebra I, Algebra 1.5 and Geometry), and Physical Science. Summer
Session at GHS is a credit retrieval program designed to help students who have failed
credits and need to stay on track for graduation. You may register for a course(s) in
which you are credit deficient or in which you need to improve a grade for college
Schedule: Classes will be held on June 23, 24, 25, 26, 29, 30 and July 1, 2, 6, 7, 8,
9, and 10. There will be two class times during summer session. The first session will be
held from 7:50-10:05 A.M.; the second session will be held from 10:15- 12:30. Students
may enroll in one or two classes. We will try to accommodate time preferences, but that
is not a guarantee.
Cost: The cost for each class is $100. If a student receives free or reduced lunch, the
cost is $75 per class. Tuition is non-refundable after June 23. Tuition must be paid in
full with cash or money order or online credit card (go to Gresham HS website and then
to pay online). Turn in payment and registration forms to Kaylee Nelson in bookkeeping.
Registration: Early registration is advised since classes fill quickly and are filled on
a first come, first served basis. Students with one or more “F’s” will be notified by mail.
Students must:
Pick up registration forms from Counseling, Front Office, or Ms. Nagel in room 205.
Forms must be filled out completely, to be considered.
Students must meet with their individual counselors to have courses approved and signed
before turning in forms.
Your registration will not be processed until registration forms are complete and
payment is received. Turn in completed forms to bookkeeping.
Discipline/Behavior/Attendance: The regulations in the GHS Student Handbook
apply. As this is a condensed program, any suspension or suspendable behavior will
result in students being removed from Summer Session. Students withdrawn for
discipline or attendance reasons, forfeit credit and tuition. Courses completed during
Summer Session will appear on student transcripts with the designation SC (summer
course) by the course title. Summer session is a condensed, intensive program. As such,
daily attendance is critical in order to meet requirements for credit, and the following
attendance policies will be strictly adhered to:
Students may have no more than three absences or they will be withdrawn from
Summer Session.
Missing a full class period or more than 20 minutes of a class period counts as one
absence. Late to class or leaving early 1-10 minutes = 1/4 absence. Late to class or
leaving early11-20 minutes = 1/2 absence. Late to class or leaving early more than 20
minutes = 1 absence. When, through absences, late arrivals, early departures or
suspension, a student accumulates 3.0 absences (or more), a student will be withdrawn
with an F grade. Tuition will not be refunded.
Students taking a second session are to remain on campus during break and are to
remain in designated areas.
*If you have questions about policies or enrolling your student, please contact Kristin
Nagel, Summer School Coordinator, at 503-674-5500 ext. 5239, or in Room 205.