2009 GFG Sales Meeting

Seating Excellence since 1928
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It’s one thing to lead a class;
it’s quite another thing to
lead an industry
quite another thing
Genesis of Ingenuity
The IC2 design was determined
through qualified insight via
vigilant study and reflection
of human interaction in
todays’ workplace environment
The teams’ user-centric
methodology blended a stringent
design protocol together with
visual sensitivity, and a dedication
to sustainability; resulting in vision
becoming reality
A fusion of Trans-Atlantic
design and seating mechanics,
the IC2 merges 5 years of
seating wellness research with
decades of design experience,
and defines the new standard for
mesh seating, with the
refinement of movement,
comfort and aesthetics
The design team, led by WR Breen,
have a combined commercial
seating heritage of
over 70 years
Style you can Feel
Contemporary in style and advanced
in functions, the refined IC2 brings
you the enduring craftsmanship of
Nightingale from the forefront
of technology
A radically new ride, coupled with
the vibrant movement of a 4 way
stretch fabric mesh and an array of
lever and cable activated settings put
a world of ergonomic benefits at
your fingertips
Intelligent Design
Intrinsic Movements
Engineered to offer you
supportive comfort while you
maintain constant connectivity
to your workspace
All this because the form of
a chair took it’s lead
from intelligence
Ergonomics from
the Inside Out
The sturdy, yet elegant,
IC2 profile is a vivid
reflection of it’s inherent
Nightingale advantages
Design . Comfort . Innovation
With so much engineering within,
it was bound to show up
on the outside
The new, patented
Galileo Mechanism
with internal gas lift assist,
provides a beautifully relaxed,
effortless, fluid and
dynamic movement
Quite simply the most
comfortable ride in the
seating industry today
Intrinsic Movement
NEBULA Mesh, interwoven with 4
way stretch fabric, offers the look
and feel of fabric, but with the
uncontested movement and
benefits of mesh
Facilitates side-to-side torso-flex,
meaning the backrest follows the
movement of your back with
uninterrupted support, increasing
both mobility and comfort
when reaching sideways
Promotes comfort when
relaxing, and concentration
at work, by supporting the
spine’s natural “C” curve in
the cervical vertebrae
Comes standard with
ENERSORB™, pivots in/out
and adjusts up/down on a
contoured axis
Controls you can Handle
Smooth, in both shape and
movement, controls are
strategically concealed under
the seat for easy accessibility;
allowing for adjustments while
seated, giving you immediate
reaction to the most comfortable
settings for your body
Cable activation offers direct
effect for required changes
and even greater ease of use
4D Armrests
Adjust up and down, in and out,
front-to-back and pivot in or out
Allows for continuous use of
backrest when sitting
close to desk
Arm columns are solid aluminum,
providing support for user
when shifting to a new
seated position
Attached to chairs pivoting
frame, rather than the seat pan.
This allows for your arms to
move with your body, retaining
arm support throughout the
entire recline range
resulting in:
Maintaining Midline
Negates awkward
shoulder angles
Diminishes stress in the arms,
shoulders and neck
Forearm support when
using your mouse or keying
Poly Arm Pad
for durability
Arm Width adjustment
knob located conveniently
under arm column
The Seat of Inspiration
A pelvis pocket nests the users’
pelvic area and prevents the
natural, but unhealthy,
tendency for the pelvis to
rotate backwards when sitting
This pocket works in sync with
the lumbar adjustment in
helping prevent this
backward rotation
ENERSORB™ absorbs and conforms
to the weight and shape of the
user, dispersing weight not only
vertically, but horizontally as
well. This horizontal, or
elongation movement of
ENERSORB™, is key to its
ability to support the body
ENERSORB™ unmatched
performance reduces muscle
activity in the lower back and
lessens pressure on the lower part
of the hips to help dramatically
reduce sitting fatigue
Seat Depth Adjustment
Extends from 19” to 21”
for greater leg support
Dual levers located on
each side of the seat
Waterfall design for even
further reduction of sitting fatigue
Contoured poly lumber support
pad can be easily adjusted
up/down and in/out for
personalized comfort and
ergonomic support
When lumber support is fully
raised and fully extended
inwards it is addressing the
most common area of lumbar
concern, the 2nd and 3rd
Thoracic Vertebrae area
Tilt & Lock
Pneumatic assisted, and cable
activated, tilt can be locked at
upright, or unlimited settings
Free-float movement is also
built in; critical when sitting
for any extended period of time
Correct tension is imperative in
maintaining the user’s back
contact with the chair, and
supporting the spine.
Control allows user to sense
and choose the correct level
of tension needed
at that moment
Control is easily accessible at
front, and underneath, of
seat with settings providing
minimum to maximum
Gas Lift
Seat adjusts up
and down
5 inches ranging
from 16" – 21"
Base and Arms
Solid, polished aluminum
offers solid base to work from
and adds to overall refined
Not previously offered at this
pricing level by comparable
The Task Chair just got
a Promotion
Fresh innovations, including the
GALILEO Mechanism and NEBULA
Mesh, elevate the 7300 beyond
prior limitations of task seating
capabilities allowing you to
respond instantaneously to
the flow of the workplace
You multi task.
Why not have a chair that
multi tasks with you?
A Multitude of Innovations
for Multi-Use Applications
GALILEO Mechanism - infinite tilt
positions, NEBULA Mesh - dynamic
back movement, ENERSORB™ seat
cushioning; absorbing each users’
weight and shape, 4D Armrests;
adapting to every users’ proper arm
placement with 4 directional
Executive . Boardroom . Task
Inspired by Movement
Built by Nightingale
Continuous seating
production since 1928
Fully Accredited Testing Laboratory
[International Lab Accredited Corp]
Tested to meet, or exceed,
ANSI/BIFMA standards
and ratings
Environmental Intelligence
The IC2 has the seating industry
thinking about what it really means
to be devoted to sustainability. It
has generated a core mindset shift
from viewing environmental
responsibility predicated solely on
which materials are used, to how
much material is used and how
easily those materials can be
removed and recycled
Over 96% recyclable
40% less weight and material
than comparable
End of Life recycling offers
easily removable components in
exchange for new. In fact, you may
never have to think again about
buying another chair
Dozens of color choices,
Always Green
Level 1 e3 Certified
GREENGUARD Children & School
and Indoor Air Quality Certified
Nightingale is a 100% waste free
facility; powered by Solar & Wind
Unmatched Benefits
Mid Range Investment
The IC2 supports your arm and leg
… but you won’t have to use
them to pay for it
The Worlds’ Most Cost Effective
Seating Solution
White frame
Soft wheel castors
3” carpet castors
All Leather, with Headrest
Leather Seat/Headrest with Mesh
Mid Back, all Mesh
Mid Back, Mesh Seat/Back with
Leather Headrest
Mid Back, all Mesh
Inside Arm:
25.5 - 27.5
45 – 52
50 pd
25.5 - 27.5
38 - 43
49 pd
16 – 21
17 – 19
16 - 21
17 - 19
29 – 31
18.25 – 20.25
18.25 - 20.25
* All in inches / lbs
Rating & Warranty
Rated for users up to 300 pounds,
for a 40 hour work week
Lifetime Limited: All non-moving
metal parts.
10 Years: Frame & Parts
5 Years: Upholsteries
Any Questions ?
Mark Francis
Learning & Development Manager
Nightingale University
Ext 204