Emma's PPt

Created and researched by Emma
 My country's name is Oman
 The current government type is a Constitutional Monarchy
 The protest began in February 2011 in the city of Sohar, Oman
 People without jobs or who were getting paid the minimum wage started
the protest
 They were protesting to demand more jobs and to hire the 50,000 people
who are out of work or who were paid the minimum wage
 The government tried to ease the problem by limiting the number of
foreign workers and increased the minimum wage.
 After the protest were over the government was faced some challenges with
financing the state budget and generating employment for their citizens
The ruler of Oman is named Sultan Qaboos Bin Said and he has been in
power since July 23, 1970. He was born on November 18, 1940 which makes him 74
years old today. He is currently trying to preserve Oman's traditional character,
which means he is trying to keep the country's original styles and traditions instead
of being new and modern. Some history of his leadership is that on August 9th he
made a speech to his country showing his visions. This day he declared the country a
new name and flag. This is the name the Country is called today. The people of
Oman really like this leaders way of life and his ideas.
Sultan Qaboos Bin Said
The protest
started in the city
of Sohar, Oman
Country name: Oman
Size in square miles:
82,030 square miles
Population: 2,533,389
2,006,311 are Omani
527,078 are non –
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