Southwest Asia Map Checklist

Southwest Asia Map Checklist
( use pages R10-R12 and chapter 2 maps)
Directions: Please label the following countries, landforms, bodies of
water, and areas on your outline maps. Use the physical features map
for bodies of water, landforms, and the areas. Use the political features
map for countries and capitals.
*****Each country needs to be shaded or outlined a different color.
***** Use only BLUE or BLACK pens.
 Yemen , Oman, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Qatar, Kuwait, Iran,
Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Cyprus, Syria, Turkey
Draw and label the island country of Bahrain
*****Both the capital and name of country should be labeled on your
map. Use a circled black star for your national capitals.
 Zagros Mountains
 Elburz Mountains
 Arabian Peninsula
 Sinai Peninsula
Bodies of Water:
 Tigris River
 Euphrates River
 Persian Gulf
 Dead Sea
 Caspian Sea
 Gulf of Oman
 Arabian Sea
 Black Sea
 Aegean Sea (p. 247)
***Shade in and label the area that was considered Mesopotamia then shade and label
the Fertile Crescent area . Use pages 34-35.