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Masters in Audiology
Bachelor in Speech Language Pathology
Supreme Council of Health (QATAR)
Rehabilitation council of India (RCI)
My career objective is to provide culturally competent, expertise services to improve
the quality of life individuals with communication disorders and to integrally engage in
direct clinical services in the evaluation and resolution of communication disorders
across all levels. As an Allied health professional I am seeking for a challenging and
growth oriented position, where I can utilize my skills and expertise to benefit the
population in need and the organization I work for.
A skilled and professional Speech Language Pathologist and Audiologist with around
6years of experience in delivering consistent and high quality care and services to
people with hearing, balancing, speech, language, fluency, voice, swallowing disorders.
I have the ability to carry out all instrumental evaluations in Audiology and Speech
Language Pathology. Possesses sturdy skills in correlating clinical findings with
theoretical knowledge. I have gained strong managerial abilities and supervision skills
working in various set ups. I have presented and guided many research papers in
different workshops and conferences. As a part of my professional experience, I was
involved with supervising student SLPs and clinical fellows, supervise
paraprofessionals as well as in mentoring new SLPs. I also hold extensive experience in
providing training to graduate and post graduate students perusing the audiology and
Speech Language Pathology courses. I have proven skills in planning, administering
and performing laboratory and clinical research in the field of communication
disorders. As an Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist, I have worked with
individuals with communication disorders across all levels (Pediatric through geriatric
population). I evaluate speech and hearing disorders in children to determine best
diagnoses and treatment and recommend corrective or assistive hearing devices to
address individual’s hearing impairment. As an SLP and Audiologist I have been a part
of multidisciplinary team addressing a range of disorders and providing effective
interventions implementing the best practice protocols. I have worked extensively with
SEN children developing linguistic and metalinguistic foundations of curriculum
learning for students with disabilities, as well as other learners who are at risk for
school failure, or those who struggle in school setting. I keep abreast of changes in the
field of education, speech-language pathology and Audiology and seek out to engage in
continuing education experiences to update my knowledge base and hone my skills.
Speech language pathology
Consultation Clinical observation, evaluation
Assessment and Administration of standardized test
Remediation plan and rehabilitation services for both
child and adult language disorders
Speech therapy for CLD, Cleft lip, Cerebral palsy,
stuttering, cluttering
Learning Disability
Voice disorders
Swallowing disorders
Adult communication disorders.
AAC planning and execution
Early Intervention program leader
Audiological evaluation
Pure tone Audiometry
Behavior observation Audiometry (BOA)
Visual Reinforcement Audiometry(VRA)
Special tests
Vestibular system evaluation
Vestibular Evoked Myogenic potential(VEMP)
CAPD Test Battery
Speech Audiometry
Aural Rehabilitation
Hearing aid Programming and fitting
Real ear measurement
Ear mould making
Listening training
Audiometry: GSI 61, Harp Inventis, MAICO-MA53, Elkon, ALPS, Madsen Orbiter
299 Audiometer.
Tympanometry: GSI Tympstar. GSI 38 Auto Tymp
Auditory Evoked Potentials (AEP): GSI Audera. Intelligent Hearing System (IHS),
Biologic, Vivasonic
Auditory Steady State Response: GSI Audera. Intelligent Hearing System (IHS), GN
Otometric screener devices, Audio screen from GSI.
Oto Acoustic Emission (OAE): GSI Audera, Madsen Capella, Scout, Intelligent
Hearing System (IHS), Oto read screener device
NOAH Programming software
Electro acoustic measurements: PHONEIX 7000
Voice Analysis: CSL – Computerized Speech Lab (Model 4150)
MSP: Motor Speech Profile
VRP: Voice Range Profile
VAGHMI, DR SPEECH, Lingui Systems.
Familiar with Cochlear implant devices- M edel and Advance Bionics device.
College/ University
Year of passing
Master of Science in
All India Institute of speech
and hearing
Bachelor in Audiology and
speech Language Pathology
National Institute of Speech and
Professional Experience
Consultant Speech language pathologist
Head of the Department & consultant speech language
Qatar Institute for speech and hearing
Doha, Qatar
06/2013 – 08/2014
Lecturer in Audiology and Speech Language
Institute for Communicative and Cognitive
Neurosciences Kerala, India
3/2010 - 9/2011
Senior Audiologist and Speech Language pathologist
Affordable Hearing Aid Project Centre
Madurai, India
7/2009 – 3/2010
Senior Audiologist and Speech Language pathologist
Affordable Hearing Aid Project Centre
Madurai, India
7/2009 – 3/2010
Senior Audiologist
All India Institute of Speech and Hearing
Mysore, India
6/2008 – 7/2009
Internship Experience
All India Institute for speech and hearing(AIISH)
Mysore, India
Spastic Society Of TamilNadu
Chennai, India
National Institute for Speech and Hearing(NISH)
Trivandrum, India
National Institute for Mental Health and Neuro
Sciences(NIMHANS) Hospital
Banglore, India
Community Based Services
Participated in CBR program conducted in
Trivandrum (Kerala) District as a student Clinician.
Volunteer for continuing rehabilitation education
program conducted at All India Institute for Speech
and Hearing (Mysore) and Institute for
Communicative and Cognitive Neuro Sciences
Actively participated and organized Camps, school
screening and industrial screening programs.
Conducted public awareness program in Mysore city
as part of work.
Actively participated in Infant screening and NICU
baby hearing screening program conducted by central
Govt. of India as part of work at AIISH.
Actively attended Camps and School screening
program in Qatar.
Autism Awareness Day program at Child Development Centre (CCD),Qatar (2014)
Seminar on Code of Ethics in Counseling at QISH, Qatar (2014)
46th ISHA conference at Cochin February (2014)
Seminar on Dysphagia management conducted at Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar
Basic Life Support and First Aid Course conducted at Hamad International training Centre
(HITC), Qatar (2011, 2014).
Qish-CAP, Community awareness program Conducted by Qatar Institute for Speech
and Hearing(2012)
1st Qatar international conference on vestibular assessment and rehabilitation (2011)
KSB ISHA Conference at Cochin (2010) and at Pala, Kottayam (2011)
National conference on Autism at ICCONS, Shoranur (2010)
Conference on Voice Disorders and the current surgical and rehabilitative trends at
AIISH, Mysore (2009)
Evidence based practice in speech language pathology at AIISH, Mysore (2009)
Workshop of Application of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)
methods in children with special needs at AIISH, Mysore (2009)
Conference on Cochlear Dead regions at AIISH, Mysore (2008, 2009)
Electrophysiological tests – New perspectives at AIISH, Mysore (2009)
Role of audiologist in cochlear implant rehabilitation at AIISH, Mysore (2008)
Neuro Audiological tests and its implication in identification of site of lesion at
NIMHANS, Banglore (2006)
Auditory verbal therapy–Application at NISH, Trivandrum (By Jaspal Chowdary,
Have attended many clinical conference and journal clubs during graduate and post
graduate days.
Master’s Thesis: 'Auditory learning manual for Malayalam speaking children with
hearing impairment (2008)' Guided by Prof. Asha Yathiraj, Professor in Audiology,
Auditory Brainstem Response Audiometry in Insulin dependent and non- insulin
dependent diabetic patients with normal hearing- Scientific research paper from
journal Ear and Hearing, Presented on Journal Club at AIISH (2008).
Clinical Conference: Presented a ‘single case study on Rett's syndrome and its
Clinical manifestation’ at NISH, Trivandrum (2005).
Guided the research paper: ‘Oral sensory issues in autism’; presented on National
conference in Autism held at ICCONS Shoranur (2011).
Guided the research paper: ‘Addressing oral sensory issues and possible
remediation in children with autism spectrum disorders: Illustrated with a single
case study’; presented on 4th KSB ISHA con at Pala; September 2011.
Co- Guided the research paper; ‘Inferential processing and story recall in children
with high functioning autism’; presented on 4th KSB ISHA con at Pala; September
Guided the research paper : ‘A naive attempt to investigate the sensory processing
skills in Autistics with frequent and infrequent motor stereotypes’; presented on
National conference in Autism (2011), 4th KSB ISHA conference at Pala; September
Guided the research paper: ‘Role of AAC in literacy for Autistics’; presented on
National conference in Autism (2011).
Guided the research paper: ‘Throwing lights to the communication needs in sexual
and social concerns of Autistics’; presented on National conference in Autism (2011).
Co-Guide for the research paper entitled 'Handwriting skills in autism – Revealed’;
presented on National conference in autism (2011).
Co-Guide for the research paper entitled 'Corpus Callosum Agenesis presenting
with reading and writing disability: A single case study; presented on 3rd Kerala
ISHA conference (2010).
Co-Guide for the research paper entitled' Congenital Perisylvian Syndrome: A
continuing question’; presented on 3rd Kerala ISHA conference (2010).
School first for Higher secondary Board Examination (2002)
Awarded as Second Rank holder by University of Kerala for Bachelor in Audiology
and speech language pathology (BASLP) degree.
High first class (70.4% for the final year BASLP University Examination (2005).
Participated in Universal Neonatal Infant Hearing Screening program in different
hospitals and Immunization centers located in Mysore, India and providing referrals
for a detailed Audiological evaluation.
Participated in Industrial Hearing screening for employees working in noisy and
chemical environment in and around Mysore, India.
Hearing Screening for School children for early identification of Hearing and other
Communication problems in schools in Mysore and other nearby districts.
Participated in several identification camps in rural and urban areas of Mysore and
other states. Served the public in receiving Audiological services including general
Audiological evaluation, hearing aid evaluation and certificate issuing.
Participated in public awareness programs regarding causes, effects, and prevention
of communication disorders in children and importance of early identification and
Coordinated orientation programs for teachers of regular schools regarding
identification and management of children with communication problem.
Have developed many education pamphlets for conducting awareness program
about communication disorders in general public.
Have Experience handling newborns and neonates for Audiological screening,
evaluation and hearing aid fitting.
Actively participated and have good knowledge on carrying out Audiological
evaluation in industrial setups, following up the patients and providing counseling
and appropriate rehabilitation services.
Ability to perform Neuro- Audiological diagnosis for patients with neurological
problems (administration of P300, MMN) and its clinical correlations.
Counseling regarding different management options and further referrals if
necessary Hearing aid fitments, parental counseling and home training programs for
the children with hearing impairment those are referred from hearing screening.
Experience in aural rehabilitation for pediatric population.
Auditory verbal training for those with hearing impairment (Adults and children).I
have been opted as one of the Board member of studies for BASLP course under
Kerala University.
Have been a part of the ongoing research; ‘Audiological profiling of Infants with
seizures of tempero- parietal lobe origin’ (ongoing preliminary study).
Served as an assistant guide for the preliminary study (ongoing); ‘Effect of vascular
disease conditions (Hyper and Hypo Vascular conditions) on magnitude of Otoacoustic emissions’.
Have been called in as External examiner for the evaluation of papers for different
universities for both BASLP and MASLP courses under Calicut University and
Kerala University.
Have been selected as examiner by Kerala University of Health Science (KUHS) to
inspect Various Speech and hearing institutes in Kerala.
Active participant of the ongoing research; ‘Epidemiology Autism spectrum
disorders’ at ICCON funded by Government of Kerala.
Have experience in co-coordinating LD training Classes in large group.
Gained strong Managerial abilities Supervision skills.
Have presented and guided many research papers in different Workshops and
In-depth knowledge of language and speech disabilities
Possess good written and verbal communication skills
Ability to read and interpret a variety of technical instructions in a diagram or
mathematical form
Sound knowledge of interpreting technical procedures, government regulations and
professional journals
Ability to generate business correspondence, manuals and reports.
Ability to collect data, defines problems, establish general facts and generate valid
Ability to communicate effectively with people from different socio-economic and
educational background
Ability to work independently and in team
Possess skills in maintaining and developing relationships with disabled individuals
Computer Skills: Conversant with Microsoft word, Power point and Excel.
Languages Known: Malayalam, English, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Arabic (Basics)
As per global standards, based on my experience.
2 months
Will be provided on Request
I hereby declare that the above written particulars are true to the best of my knowledge
and belief.