IDH Checklist - Rogers Public Schools

IDH Hearing Checklist for Administrators
School _____________________________________________________________
Student __________________________________ Grade Level _______________
Date and Time of IDH Hearing __________________________________________
The principal/designee is to be prepared to provide copies of the following to the
Hearing Officer and parent/guardian at the hearing:
A copy of the properly signed acknowledgement of the Rogers School
District policies and regulations.
If applicable, a copy of the Manifestation Hearing decision.
Any written statements by the student or witnesses.
A copy of the behavior plan or behavioral contract in place prior to the
student being recommended for expulsion due to chronic misbehavior or
repeated violation of school rules. A copy of non-use contract for 2nd
drug/alcohol offenses.
The disciplinary record of the student for the current year. If it is a
drug/alcohol policy violation include record from grades 6-12.
The current school year attendance record.
Current grades for all classes.
Transcript of grades.
A report by teachers and/or counselors regarding the students work,
attitude, and conduct in classes.
Made contact with parent/guardian at least 48 hours prior to hearing to
insure they have been properly notified.
Assistant Principal Signature ________________________ Date ________________
Principal Signature ________________________________ Date _________________