Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Founding member of
women’s suffrage movement
Wrote and presented
“Declaration of rights and Sentiments”
to first suffrage meeting 1848
stunning the crowd
Writer, lecturer, activist, abolitionist
Visionary, cutting edge ideas
Helped pass legislation critical to
improving women’s lives
Susan B. Anthony
Activist, abolitionist
educator, lecturer
Founding member
women suffrage
Travelled to lectures, rallies all across the country
for the cause
Looked dour, mean, was not. Was good company,
caring, good speaker.
Close friend of Cady-Stanton.
The two become back bone of the movement.
Lucy Stone
First woman to keep her name
after marriage. Followers were
called “Lucy Stoners”.
One of the first women to earn
college degree,
Speaker, abolitionist, suffragette.
Victoria Woodhull
Ran for President in 1872
Fredrick Douglas was running mate
First Woman to Speak Before Congress
Activist, abolitionist, educator
“I can’t vote, but nothing says you can’t
Vote for me.”
Carrie Chapman Catt
Early leader of Women’s movement,
took over organization after Anthony.
Good organizer, pushed for state by
state passage of voting legislation,
Crucial to Passage of 19th Amendment
Started League of Women Voters in
1921 immediately after passage of
voting rights
Belva Ann Lockwood
First Woman attorney in US
First woman to speak on case
at the Supreme Court in 1879
Ran for President in 1884 and
Won equal property rights for
women in DC
Helped pass other crucial legislation
Alice Paul
Major leader in suffrage
Jailed many times, was
beaten, force fed,
harassed, denounced
“polite society”
Was crucial to passage
of 19th Amendment
Activist for ERA in old age
Suffragette March
Suffragette Rally
Suffragettes At White House
African-American Suffragette
Black women were very active
in the suffrage movement
Formed very strong political
Lucy Burns
Arrested with Alice Paul in 1917
She was force fed and hung up
by her wrists for hours in her cell
Burns spent more time in jail
than any other suffragette
Dora Lewis
Arrested with Burns and Paul
in 1917, was beaten senseless
by guards and left in cell
She served as an organizer and
member of the Executive
Committee for the National
Women’s Party
Mary Church Terrell
Formed National Federation
of Colored Women
Leader in the Suffrage
Charter member NAACP
First Black Women on DC
Board of Education
Writer, lecturer, educator
Still a Reminder for
Women Today
Elizabeth Blackwell
First woman Doctor
in US 1849
Had trouble being hired at
Opened own medical
college and hospital for
It had higher standards for
care, tougher classes,
better understanding of
illness than traditional all
male schools
Harriet Tubman
Former Slave
Conductor on the Underground
Worked for Union Army as scout,
led armed assault in war
Active abolitionist and suffragist
Nellie Bly
Pioneering journalist
Traveled around the world in 72 days
Faked mental illness to investigate
conditions in a mental hospital
Invented steel barrel that is proto type
for oil drum today
Clara Barton
Founded free schools for poor
Founded Federal Bureau of
Records to locate missing
soldiers during civil war
Founded American Red Cross
Sojourner Truth
Former Slave
First black woman to go to court
against a white man and win—
gaining custody back of her son
Abolitionist, suffragist, lecturer
“Ain’t I a woman too?”
Mary Edwards Walker
Received MD in 1855, married fellow
Nurse in Civil war, but finally became
Army’s first female surgeon
Only woman to win the Congressional
Medal of Honor
Active suffragist; always wore pants—
had first wedding “pants suit” designed
Kate Mullany
Early Labor Leader
Started Collar Laundry Union in 1864
Led a successful 6 day strike to improve
working conditions and wages at age
First woman National Labor Officer as
union joined with others to form the
National Labor Congress in 1868
Mother Jones
Labor activist and organizer for mine
Progressive, involving blacks and
women in strikes, organizing
Carried on after losing husband and all
four children in fever epidemic
“Pray for the dead, fight like hell for the
Juliette Gordon Low
Founder of the Girl Scouts
Philanthropist, educator
Margaret Sanger
Founder of the American Birth
Control league
Promoted women’s health issues
Worked to establish sex education in
Eleanor Roosevelt
Activist, writer, lecturer
First Lady 1933-1945
Frances Perkins
First woman Cabinet member
Secretary of Labor 1933-1945
Helped create pro-labor/pro-worker
Largely responsible for adoption of
social security, unemployment insurance
child labor laws and federal minimum
Louise Arner Boyd
Arctic explorer
First woman to fly over North Pole
Funded and ran mission to rescue
Norwegian explorers
Military advisor in WWII
Margaret Chase Smith
First woman elected to both US House
and Senate; House 1940; Senate 1948
until 1972
Delivered “Declaration of Conscience”
Speech” against Senator McCarthy
in 1950
Rachel Carson
Biologist, writer,
Wrote “Silent Spring”
warning of use of
pesticides to the
Called the “Mother of the
Modern Environmental movement”
Fought hard for the issue, leading to a ban on DDT
and other pesticides
Rosa Parks
Civil Rights Activist
Sparked the Montgomery AL
bus boycott after she was
arrested for refusing to give
up her bus seat to a white
Betty Friedan
Women’s Rights
Activist, author
Author of
“The Feminine
Mystique” a groundbreaking book on the roles
of women in society
Co-founder of the National Organization for
Women in 1966
Shirley Chisholm
Politician, author,
Seven term
from New York
First black woman
elected to Congress
Chisholm became the first major party candidate (Democratic) for President of
the United States and the first woman to run for the Democratic presidential
Shirley Temple Black
Popular child movie star in the 1930s
First prominent woman to speak openly
about her breast cancer 1973.
Ambassador to the U.N. 1969
Ambassador to Ghana 1974-76
First Female Chief of Protocol for United States 1976-78
Ambassador to Czechoslovakia 1989-1992
Jo Hoffa
Wife of Teamsters President
James R. Hoffa
Instrumental in the development
of D.R.I.V.E
Organized D.R.IV.E Women’s
Auxiliary trained and brought more
than 15,000 women to
Washington DC over the years
to lobby on labor issues
Clara Day
b. 1924
Teamster organizer,
Business agent, executive board
member and Community Service
Director, Local 743
Appointment to City Wide Human
Rights Committee in Chicago 1964
Co-founder Coalition of Labor Union
Civil Rights Activist, Women’s
Rights Activist, ERA movement
Gloria Steinem named her “The person to call if you want to get involved”
Gloria Steinem
b. 1934
Author, women’s rights
Co-founder New York
Undercover investigative
report on treatment of
Playboy Bunnies
Leader in push for Equal
Rights Amendment
Social justice activist
Helped found the Coalition of Labor Union Women
Delores Huerta
b. 1930
Cofounder and First Vice President
Emeritus United Farm Workers Union
Severely beaten at peaceful protest in 1988
in San Francisco, her case bought changes
to police tactics
Social justice activist
Erma Bombeck
Humorist, author, newspaper columnist
Women’s Rights Activist
Muriel Siebert
b. 1932
“First Woman of Finance”
First Woman to own a seat on the New York
Stock Exchange
First Woman to head one of its member firms
Promotes idea of Women in Finance and Industry
Designed program “Financial Literacy for Women”
Member National Women’s Hall of Fame
And all those Teamster women
On the job
Over all the years
And creating opportunities for the future
Bringing change
Speaking out
Making A Difference