Villa Board Minutes 09-22

September 22, 2012
A. Call meeting to order: Mike Jablonski called to order at 9:08 AM
B. Roll Call of directors: Present/Not present
Present: Mike Jablonski, Russ Cockerill, Phil Long, Pati Scott, Gordon Lambie, Norma
Bawtinheimer, Steve Lloyd
Absent: John Vileck, Jeff Lynch, Bob Blair, Sharon Kemp, Rich Brown
C. Secretary’s report:
Mike reviewed the minutes from the June 15th and August 17th board meetings. No further
Phil Long moved to approve
Steve Lloyd 2nd to approve
D. Treasurer’s report: Phil Long
Sally McCoy paid last year’s dues in full, with this year’s not paid yet.
Steve Ehardt rental fee needs to be paid, as his renters used the waterfront.
Mike agreed to remind the members of the renter’s fee in the next newsletter.
Phil will add, at the bottom of the dues invoice, a reminder about rental fees being required if the
renters are using the waterfront. This fee is the responsibility of the home owner.
Russ Cockerill moved to approve the treasurer’s report as given
Norma Bawtinheimer 2nd to approve
E. President’s report: Mike Jablonski
Appointment needed for a board secretary – Pati Scott agreed to be secretary.
The board decided to skip meeting in October, with the next board meeting to be held on
December 1st. At that time, we will be establishing the 2013 calendar.
Mike discussed paying the Dubravec children for working on the nature trails. It was
recommended by the board that we should not be paying anyone to do this work in the future.
Mike discussed the plans for the upcoming Fall Work Day. Norma said she would be here to
organize the activities.
F. Member comments: limited to 5 minutes – no members present
G. Committee reports
 Architectural Control: Rich Brown: The Viol shed is now in place. The plans for the new house
on North Concorde have been approved and construction will begin soon. We need the name
and address of new owners for the dues invoice; we will also need the name and address for the
new folks in the Bommarito house.
 Docks/Moorings: Steve Lloyd reported for Jeff Lynch: 3 dockers received warnings this summer.
A discussion was held about the process of warnings. It was agreed by the board that the 3rd
step should be removal from the docks. The ladder on the raft needs repair; Mike and Steve to
review and have approval to arrange for the repair.
Maintenance & Management: Norma Bawtinheimer:. We are ready for the Fall Workday on
Saturday, October 6th.
Gardening: Pati Scott: Pati discussed the amount of goose droppings on land and docks. Steve
is to look into the costs of simulated swans anchored in the water and other spin objects on land.
We need to consider signs that say “No Feeding of the Seagulls”.
Nature Trails: Rich Brown: Mike reported further about the Dubravec’s working on the trails. It
was determined that we won’t need much mulch in the near future. We will be working on the
last of the wood chip piles on the Fall Workday.
Web Site: Pati agreed to take pictures of the rules posted on the bathhouse for Jim Brown to
post on website.
Governmental Relations: Gordon Lambie gave a very thorough update on the politics and news
of the Boyne area and the effects on the Villa.
H. Old Business
 Villa Waterfront Usage rules: Norma Bawtinheimer reported that the rules are all set and that she
will ask Jim Brown to add the reference date to the title of the document on the website copy.
 Potential bath house renovations: Mike to meet with Township to discuss approval requirements.
 Donation to the Horton Bay School – the board decided No to this request.
 Parking Lot lines/signs: Mike will buy paint and stripe the areas in the spring.
 Disposition of unused life guard stand – Robinson’s would like to help with this project. If they are
there for the Fall Workday, we will do it then; if not, we will work on it next spring.
 Villa apparel: Russ Cockerill: Russ to discuss with vendor about silkscreen for lower cost T-shirts.
New business
 The ramifications of alcohol consumption for the Villa events on the waterfront was discussed. No
decision was reached.
J. Announcements – no announcements
K. Adjournment – 11:21 AM all approved