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1. Hormonal Control of Blood Glucose
 Know how insulin, glucose, and glucagon affect each other
 Explain how blood sugar (glucose) is controlled by insulin and glucagon
 You do not need to include the role of glycogen
 Know the 2 ways/changes in hormones that increase blood glucose and the 2 ways that blood glucose is
 3 functions of the endocrine system
2. Hormone network—like the Robert Wadlow/HGH network
 DO NOT memorize the names of hormones regulating growth or the organs involved
 Be able to make a flow chart (arrows with + or -) connecting hormones in a feedback system when a table of
hormones, sources, targets, and effects is given
 Analyze a flowchart of a hormone feedback system to determine the effects of changes or abnormalities in the
Practice Questions
If blood glucose is low—what two hormone changes will increase the level of glucose/sugar in the blood? How/Why?
If blood glucose is low, what would happen if insulin levels increased?
If blood glucose is high, what two hormone changes will decrease the level of glucose/sugar in the blood? How/Why?
If blood glucose is high, what would happen if glucagon levels increased?
The graph below shows blood glucose levels over time. Draw in how insulin levels would look based on the amount of
glucose in the blood.
The drawing below represents a cell membrane with blood on the left and the inside of the cell on the right. If the blood
glucose level remains high as it is on the left, show what will happen to the amount of water in the cell (with an arrow)
and what symptoms that person would expect to have.
Endocrine Feedback Systems
1. Use the information in the table to create a flow chart of how the thyroid hormone system is regulated.
or Signal Chemical
Thyroid hormone
Source Organ
Thyroid gland
Target Organ
Thyroid Gland
Body tissues
Effect on Target Organ
Increases TSH release
Decreases TSH release
Increase thyroid hormone release
Increase metabolism
Increase TSHIH release
Network diagram
2. What is an example of a negative feedback loop in the thyroid hormone system?
3. Hyperthyroidism is a disease caused when too much thyroid hormone is released. List several possible defects
that could cause too much thyroid hormone to be released.