LPL Strategic Plan Research Team

Annual Institute of Library As Place
London, Ontario
July 2014
Alexandria, Egypt 2011
“Freedom, prosperity and the development of society and
individuals are fundamental human values.”
UNESCO Public Library Manifesto
Inspiring Spaces
“The library is an act of inspiration architecture”
Peter Morville
Outdoor water feature
Whitby Public Library, Whitby, Ontario
Glass enclosing old Carnegie structure
Hespeler Library, Cambridge, Ontario
Looking in from outside
Whitby Public Library, Whitby, Ontario
Apple Lab
Hunt Library, North Carolina
Seating Area
Hespeler Library, Cambridge, Ontario
Clean and Dramatic Entry
Knowledge Wall
Queen’s Library, Cambridge, Ontario
Vancouver Community Library, Washington
For the City, Jenny Holzer, 2005
New York Public Library, New York
Community &
Customer Centric
Colour Coding
The James B. Hunt Jr. Library, North Carolina
Customer Service Plan Map
Brampton Public Library, Ontario
Vancouver Community Library, Washington State
On the Beach
St. Kilda Library, Port Philip, Australia
On Wheels
University of Kentucky Library
On the Desk
The James B. Hunt Jr. Library
North Carolina
Pop-Up Park Saturday Library
New York Public Library, Queens, and Brooklyn Libraries Partnership, New York
Oak Park Idea Box
Oak Park Public Library, Illinois
Music Lab
Aarhus Kommunes Biblioteker, Denmark
Movable Wall
Palto Alto Public Library, California
Mobile Lighting
Waterloo Public Library, Waterloo, Ontario
Compact computer station
Delft Media Library, Netherlands
Collaborative Working Desk
Perry Library, Old Dominion University, Virginia
Whiteboard Wall
The James B. Hunt Jr. Library, North Carolina
Increasing Pace of
“Don’t think Mobile First - think Mobile Only
imagining an untethered, connected enterprise”
Deloite Tech Trends 2013
Mobile Payment
Cardstar app
Mountain Lakes Library, New Jersey
iPads mounted in shelving
Oerestad Public Library, Denmark
Powermat Wireless Charging
Starbucks, California
Calgary EEEL Social Stairs
University of Calgary, Alberta
‘Ready Charge’ station
Waterloo, Ontario
Smart Library Vending Machine
Subway Library
Pioneer Library System, Oklahoma
New York Public Library, New York
Fractals Seating
Utah Valley University Library, Orem, Utah
Individual Enclosed Workstations
Helsinki Central Library, Helsinki, Finland
University of South Florida Library, Florida
Finch Robots
Chicago Public Library, Illinois
Mobile Hotspots
New York and Chicago Public Libraries
PowerSync iPad Cart
Bretford Manufacturing, Inc.
Laptop Vending Machine
Baruch College Newman Library, New York
Robotic Newspaper Storage and Retrieval
British Library, London, England
Memory of a Nation Exhibition
National Archives of Australia, Canberra, Australia
National Library of New Zealand
Touchscreen Digital Bookcase
Google Offices, New York
Augmented Reality App
Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ontario
“The currency of the new collaborative economy is trust”
Rachel Bostman
Touchscreen Wall
Melrose Centre for
Technology, Innovation & Creativity,
Orange County Library, Orlando
Artist in Residence 2013
Calgary Public Library, Calgary, Alberta
Flight Simulation
Melrose Centre for Technology, Innovation & Creativity
Orange County Library, Orlando
Hamilton Grange Teen Centre
New York Public Library, New York
YOUMedia Lab
Chicago Public Library, Illinois
Digital Media Lab
Fayetteville Free Library, New York
4th Floor
3D Printer
Chattanooga Public Library, Tennessee
Unlab, Western University, London, Ontario
Fab Lab
Fayetteville Public Library, New York
Digital Literacy
“The future is already here – it’s just not evenly
William Gibson
Math Emporium
Virginia Tech, Virginia
Toy Tech Box Device Borrowing
Cleveland Public Library, Ohio
Preloaded iPads for Circulation
Storytimes with Tablets
Fayetteville Free Library, New York
Skokie Public Library, Illinois
Rooftop Garden
Vancouver Public Library, British Columbia
Study and Meeting Commons
Centennial College Academic Library, Toronto, Ontario
Street Teams talking to the Community, 2013
London Public Library, London, Ontario
"If the old model of the library was the inwardfocused community reading room, the new one is
more like a community ‘front porch’.”
Cynthia Nikitin & Josh Jackson
Project for Public Spaces: Libraries That Matter
Ryerson University Student Learning Centre
Toronto, Ontario
Snøhetta and Zeidler Partnership Architects
Halifax Public Library
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Schmidt Hammer Lassen
Datong Library
Shanxi, China
Preston Scott Cohen
London Public Library Strategic Plan
Research Team
Barb Adams
Colleen Amatruda
Leonor DaCosta
Carolyn Doyle
Norma Gelinas
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Anya Hleba
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