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Advising Session
McGill Engineering Student Centre (MESC)
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January 5, 2015
Presented by:
Christin Blohm-Pape, Student Advisor
Melissa Kinney, Administrative & Student Affairs Coordinator
McGill Engineering Student Centre
Student Affairs Advising
Career Centre Advising
Academic Advising:
Drop-in daily between 10:00am to
2:00pm to 4:00pm daily
For appointments: 514-398-7257 or
book in person
Internship, CV Review, Career Advising:
Drop-in daily between 10:00am to
11:00am and 3:00pm to 4:00pm
For appointments: 514-398-8100 or
book in person
Course Registration
MINERVA (McGill’s course registration system)
MINERVA recognizes only McGill prerequisite courses
Registration by the MESC once Exchange Course Authorization forms with
approvals are submitted.
600 and 700 level course require approval from GPSO (Graduate and Postdoctoral
Studies Office)
(approval form available from SAO)
The following courses, among others, are not open to exchange students – unless
special permission is granted:
• courses offered by some professional faculties
• research project courses
• thesis courses
• special topics courses
• design courses
Course Registration
Exchange students are expected to follow only courses within the Faculty of Engineering
Only with approval of the two Faculties will Exchange students be permitted to take one
course outside the Faculty of Engineering
All students must obtain approval from their Home Institution advisor prior to registering or
making course changes
Advisors are available within MESC to provide guidance
Students are responsible for the completeness and correctness of course selection
Exchange students are required to observe all regulations and deadlines within the Faculty
Course change deadline (January 20, 2015); no courses may be added after this date
Course Registration Process
Many courses offered by the Faculty of Engineering will require McGill prerequisites.
Therefore, for all courses for which a prerequisite is required, students must:
A. Obtain approval from Home Institution advisor; approval may be granted via email.
Using the Request for Course Authorization form enclosed in your package, indicate
the required information and attach email approval for each course. This form must be
returned to
B. Obtain a signature approval from each individual professor who is responsible for the
course offering. Using the Request for Course Authorization form enclosed in your
package, request that each instructor sign the form granting approval to register.
Return form to the McGill Engineering Student Centre (MESC), Adams Building, Room
Documents Required for Course
Please be prepared to provide a copy of your transcript.
Transcripts must reflect grades obtained in each individual course.
Course descriptions must be available when meeting to discuss course approval.
Number of hours of contact per course must be available for each course.
Request for Course Authorization
Complete the form by listing all lectures, labs and/or tutorials for each individual
Return completed form to Melissa Kinney, Administrative and Student Affairs
Coordinator, MESC, Frank Dawson Adams Bldg., Room 22.
Please see the following example which was copied directly from MINERVA for
assistance with completing the form.
(CRN = 12678, Subject = MIME, Course # = 513, Section = 001 etc.):
ID Cards & Health Insurance
Identification Cards & International Health Insurance Cards
Service Point, McLennan Library Building
• Monday to Friday: 10am - 4pm
Wednesdays: 10am - 5pm
McLennan Library Building
(street level)
3415 McTavish Street
(corner Sherbrooke)
Bring: McGill Acceptance Letter & Passport
For more information about McGill’s Compulsory Health Insurance Plan:
Brown Student Services Building
3600 McTavish Street , Room 4400 west wing
Buddy Program
Office of International Student Services
Brown Student Services Building
3600 McTavish Street, Suite 4400
Facilitating Student Integration
Each year, approximately 600 international students are matched with returning student
volunteers [international and non-international].
Our Buddies, through this program, can significantly facilitate a new international
student’s integration into the McGill and Montreal communities.
By the same token, a Buddy volunteer will also be extended the opportunity to interact
with students from various cultural backgrounds, and very likely, be rewarded with the
possibility of making new friends!
Research & Graduate Education in
 Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering (SURE)
 Open to all exchange students who will be around in summer 2015 (MayAugust)
 4-month paid assistantships
 Approximately 120 awards/yr
 Applications invited in February
 Talk to a professor in your area of interest
 SURE International