JSDLP Associate Managing Editor - Application Form
Thank you for your interest in the McGill International Journal of Sustainable Development Law
and Policy (JSDLP). The JSDLP is a bilingual, student-run, peer reviewed academic journal. The journal
is unique in its goal to provide a forum for productive debate and critical analysis of the economic,
societal, and environmental issues surrounding sustainable development law and policy. This area of
inquiry is of increasing international importance, and the JSDLP is one of the few venues for focused
commentary from academics and practitioners alike.
Our management team works on all of our journal’s projects other than editing. These tasks are
fundamental to our journal’s continued success, as they not only support the editing and publishing work
we do, but raise our visibility and prestige in the eyes of the academic and broader sustainable
development community. In the past, our associate managing editors have worked on running events, our
social media and online presence, multimedia projects (podcasts, videos), and building our relationships
with authors and other people and organizations in the field of sustainable development. These positions
are ideal for someone who is interested in learning about running a business and making connections with
academics and law and policy organizations.
Being a part of the JSDLP entails a commitment to excellence and a strong sense of duty to the
legal and academic communities. You are not just taking another class or joining another club; you are
engaged in shaping a vision of the law and of society. This brings both responsibility and opportunities.
There is great satisfaction in knowing that your work contributed to one of our articles being published or
cited by a court. It is also extremely rewarding to see improvements in your own time management,
organization, and communication skills.
All positions at the JSDLP require a one-year commitment from September 2015 to September
2016, including work throughout the summer months. The commitment is roughly 12 hours per month. If
you are interested in contributing to the debate on sustainable development, join our team! To apply,
please provide us with a CV and a cover letter describing your interest in sustainable development, the
projects you would be interested in working on, and the skills and experience you would bring to them.
Applications are due by Saturday, September 12th at 11:59pm to
We will be contacting applicants via email to schedule interviews that weekend (September 12th and 13th).
Interviews will be held Tuesday, September 15th through to Thursday, September 17th. If you require any
more information, please see our website at or send us an email.
Julie Lesage and Stéphanie Deborah Jules
Editor in Chief and Managing Editor, Volume 12
JSDLP Application – Fall 2015