Scavenger Hunt List

Scavenger Hunt List
Using the Internet links below, find the answers to the questions. Answer on your on sheet of
paper. Make sure your name and class period are on your paper. It is due at the end of the
period. Turn it into the basket.
ory=Fiction+Subhome+Page: Clothing and Fashion of the 1800s
 Clothing Of The 1830s
 American Civil War Fashions
 One Hour dress, styles,colors
 Jeans,shirts
 Jean trends,shirt styles
 Ready to wear
05: Fabrics
1. What is Caba?
2. What is Bang-Up?
3. What are the “natural” fabrics used in households in the 1830’s?
4. What day did women in the 1860’s wear their best dresses on?
5. During the 1860’s there was a shortage of what?
6. What is the “one hour dress”?
7. What were some of the
8. When were jeans first worn? What were they first worn for?
9. What were some of the styles used in the 1920’s?
10. What were some of the main colors in the 1920’s?
11. What did your skirt length have to be at school in the 1960’s?
12. What are the top three jean styles?
13. What are the best three shirt styles?
14. What are some of the main colors of 2004-2005?
15. What are some of the main fashion fabrics of 2004-2005?
16. What are the designer expressions for clothing marketed in standard clothing sizes?
17. Each pot of coffee holds six cups. We usually sell 10 cups of coffee every fifteen minutes.
How many pots of coffee will you need to make?
18. Potato chips are on sale at half price. They sell for $1.19. How much is 50% off?
19. A customer buys $27 worth of gas. He gives you a $50 bill. How much change do you give
20. If one cup of soda cost .99, how much does three cups costs? How much do they cost with
5% tax added on?
21. The customer’s purchase totals $13.93. She gives you a ten dollar bill and a five dollar bill.
How much change do you give her?
22. Name two of your favorite sites you would use to go shopping?
23. What retail store would you like to work at? What position would you apply for that fits your
24. List five items at your favorite store and the prices?
25. Name two of your favorite sites you would use to go shopping?
26. If a T-Shirt cost $15.99 and you receive a 20% discount what is your sub-total?
27. If you bought a belt, $17.99, a hat, $20.99, and shoes, $41.99, what is your total including the
tax which is 6% for Broward County?
28. If you receive a 10% discount on shoes and you bought three pairs at $9.99, what is your
29. I want you to go shopping at and buy a pair of shorts, a T-Shirt and flip-flops
for the beach. Write down the cost of each one and do a total with the taxes being 6%.
30. If you were paid $7.75 an hour to be a selling specialist at Macy’s and you worked 25 hours
a week, what would your paycheck be?