Entry Conditions Newark Park 2015

To be held in Newark Park
From Wednesday 9th Sept.-Sunday 11th Oct. 11am-5pm (closed Mondays and Tuesdays)
Information and Conditions of Entry
Submissions to the exhibition are open to all Full Members of the Society.
Work must be delivered to Nature in Art between 7.00pm and 8.00pm on Monday 7th
September and/or 10.00 am and 11.00 am on Tuesday 8th September at Newark Park.
All unsold work to be collected on Monday 12th October between 10.00 am and 11.00 am.
Admission to the exhibition will be at National Trust rates. It will be staffed by National Trust
Full members may submit up to three framed pictures or four pieces of sculpture of which
only one may be ‘Not for Sale’. In addition up to four unframed pictures or prints (see
below)) may be offered for sale in the browser.
No catalogues will be produced but descriptive cards will be fixed adjacent to the exhibited work.
Blank cards are enclosed with these instructions or will be available at Studio Evenings and
should be completed by the artist, clearly, and in black ink, so that they may be easily read by
the viewing public. The card should be attached to the back of the exhibit in the plastic
envelope supplied. An identifying label should also be firmly secured to the back of the
Unframed pictures for the browser should be mounted, then wrapped in clear film with a label
giving the artists name, picture title and price attached to the back.
Pictures should be presented in frames of a good standard. Framed pictures will be
suspended from hooks and therefore work should have suitable flat rings and wires or cord
attached. Pictures with ‘boxed edges’ do not count as ‘unframed’.
Unframed box canvases for oil paintings should be at least 20mm deep and the work should
continue around the side of the frame. Unframed standard shallow canvases are not acceptable.
All paintings must be the original work of the artist and not electronic or photographic
reproductions, (but see also below re prints) nor copied from another artist’s work.
The work may have been shown at any previous G.S.A. Exhibition.
Prints – for the browser will be accepted on the following conditions:
The prints must be high quality art prints - not simple photo copies. The prints must be mounted
in a good quality mount and sealed in a transparent wrapping.
Prints must be clearly labelled as PRINTS with edition numbers and print run indicated.
Prints will be subject to the same selection process as for all other work.
Prices to be similar to other browser work. Prints will not be accepted for hanging.
The minimum price for framed pictures is £50 and for unframed including prints is £25.
There will be a handling fee of £2 per item to cover the Society’s expenses. Sales will be
subject to a commission of 30% to Newark Park. Settlement with the artists will be made by
the Society as soon as practicable after the close of the exhibition.
Neither the Society, its officers or The National Trust and its servants, will be held
responsible for any loss of, or damage to, any work or possessions of the artists or
members during the exhibition.
Issued by the G.S.A. Committee May 2015