segmenting, targeting and positioning

Dilbert Comic Strip
Is segmenting markets a
“good marketing thing”?
Slide 9-25
HLL expands Pears soap to kids segment
Himalaya Herbal Healthcare serves a growing
niche market(FMHG)
Taking women on a ride
(Bajaj Wave DTS-i)
Titan Watches: Time to tap the
potential of different segments
Titan Edge – the world’s slimmest watch;
Nebula – in solid gold and precious stones; the
Gold and Steel collection; Raga 9 to 5 – for the
woman achiever; Flip – India’s first and only
reversible watch with two movements and dial
faces; and Fastrack in the sporty casual
What segments are being targeted?
• Nokia cell phones
Company has divided its customers into different segments based on their
involvement levels ,product usage, income level and lifestyle
Product offerings under four broad heads: Live, Connect, Achieve and Explore.
"While the 'Connect' category phones would appeal to someone whose
requirements are very simple and basic, the N-series multimedia phones would fall
under the 'Explore' category,”
In the Indian context, the 1,100 range of phones would fit under the 'Connect'
category where the emphasis is on the phones being simple and user friendly.
Similarly, the Nokia E-series instruments have been classified for the 'Achieve' users
for whom the phone is far more than just something you use to make calls.
Soft drink preferences—some segmentation variables
Preferred taste: Cola, lime, no taste, natural juice, ice tea
Calorie/taste tradeoff: taste more important, some
importance of both, will sacrifice taste for low calories
Usage occasion: Multi-pack for home; single can/bottle;
fountain drink
Price sensitivity/brand loyalty: Willingness to pay more for
Some combined segments:
1.Price sensitive, non-brand loyal ,cola-taste,
full-flavor segment, multi-pack
2.Price insensitive, cola taste, brand loyal, low
calorie, multi-pack
3.Price insensitive, natural juice, taste
sensitive, single serving
• Market Segmentation
Division of the total market into smaller,
relatively homogeneous groups
• No single marketing mix can satisfy everyone.
Therefore, separate marketing mixes should
be used for different market segments.
Steps in Market Segmentation,
Targeting, and Positioning
Step 1. Market Segmentation
Bases for Segmenting Consumer Markets
Nations, states,
regions or cities
Age, gender,
family size and
life cycle,
Social class, lifestyle,
or personality
Occasions, benefits,
uses, or responses
Step 1. Market Segmentation
Levels of Market Segmentation
Mass Marketing
Same product to all consumers
(no segmentation)
Segment Marketing
Different products to one or more segments
(some segmentation)
Niche Marketing
Different products to subgroups within segments
( more segmentation)
Products to suit the tastes of individuals or locations
(complete segmentation)
Response-based segmentation:
Putting the horse before the cart
“Urban India is getting saturated. In the cities,
everyone who can afford a television has one.
If you want to maintain high growth, you have
to penetrate into rural India.”
- K. Ramachandran, Chief Executive Philips
Electronics India
Step 1. Market Segmentation
Requirements for Effective Segmentation
• Size, purchasing power, profiles
of segments can be measured.
• Segments must be effectively
reached and served.
• Segments must be large or
profitable enough to serve.
• Segments must respond
differently to different marketing
mix elements & actions.
• Must be able to attract and serve
the segments.
Step 2. Market Targeting
Evaluating Market Segments
• Segment Size and Growth
– Analyze sales, growth rates and expected profitability.
• Segment Structural Attractiveness
– Consider effects of: Competitors, Availability of Substitute Products
and, the Power of Buyers & Suppliers.
• Company Objectives and Resources
– Company skills & resources relative to the segment(s).
– Look for Competitive Advantages.
Five patterns for target market
FIGURE 9-5 Selecting a target market for
your fast-food restaurant next to an urban
university (target market is shaded)
Slide 9-32
FIGURE 9-6 Advertising actions to reach
specific student segments
Slide 9-36
FIGURE 9-A Market-product grid showing
the size of markets for pillows for three
different segments of sleepers
What segments are being targeted?
• Reebok
• Mc Donalds
You can please some people all of the time
and all people some of the time, but you
cannot please all people all of the time.