(UAV) System Markets Commercial Markets

World Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
(UAV) System Markets
Commercial Markets Poised for Expansion
"UAV applications are set to explode in the commercial market once
airspace regulations are defined and published. Currently, the complexity
of controlling airspace shared by both manned and unmanned systems
presents a controversial barrier to the civilian UAV market segment."
Aerospace and Defense Analyst Team
Frost & Sullivan
Key Features
• Detailed insights into recent developments and trends
• Drivers, restraints, challenges, and strategic recommendations
• Analytical insights into current topics and emerging applications
in the UAV systems market
• Market-sizing and competitive analysis
• Market forecasts and opportunity analyses
• Quarterly assessments
• End-user analysis
What We Offer
• Global Coverage
• Proven methodology using extensive primary and secondary
data as well as research
• Focused information and strategies that cover business and
technology issues
• Credible data and analyses that highlight industry dynamics
• Precise strategies to help you create winning business plans
Who Will Benefit?
Current Market Participants
• Find out where you stand in comparison with the competitors
• Assess current and future drivers as well as restraints
• Determine and exploit new market share opportunities
New Entrants
• Analyze the associated challenges
• Calculate timescales for strategy implementation
• Position yourself to capitalize on the unmet needs of the market
Investment Community
• Analyze long-term strategies of companies
• Determine which participants will outperform the competition
• Assess the attractiveness of investing in the market
Key Market Participants
Adroit Systems
Advanced Technologies, Inc.
Aerovironment, Inc.
Airborne Autonomous Systems
ALCORE Technologies
Aurora Flight Services
BAE Systems
BAI Aerosystems
Battlespace, Inc.
Bell-Textron Helicopter
Border Research & Technical Center
Bureau of Land Management
Civil Aviation Safety Authority Australia
Dragonfly Pictures, Inc.
Federal Aviation Administration
General Atomics Aeronautics
Go Micro Systems
Groen Brothers Aviation
Insitu Group
Lockheed Martin UK
Lockheed Martin Co.
Mission Technologies
NASA Wallops Flight Facility
New Mexico State University
Northrop Grumman
Sandia Research Corp.
Schweizer Aircraft Co.
Southwest Research Institute
U.S. Army
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