Developing an ash/water collection system for UAVs

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Developing an ash/water collection system for UAVs
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Kelvin Barnsdale, Geoff Kilgour (GNS Science)
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GNS Science
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Salman Ashraf
GNS Science
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This project aims to develop a mechanism for collecting volcanic ash/rock and water samples using a multirotor UAV. While this has broad applicability for a variety of applications, the proposed system will be
specifically tailored to volcanic-hydrothermal systems, which are very difficult operating environments. For
instance, the operating environment contains toxic gases, hot and highly acidic fluids and dusty air.
The need for the proposed system is significant. Immediately after a volcanic eruption, it is often very
dangerous to venture close to the vent area. As such, geologists are often unable to immediately inspect the
erupted material. Furthermore, volcanic lakes are often hot and acidic and sampling can be problematic.
Therefore, a remotely operated collection system will allow for scientists to obtain samples quickly and safely
for analysis. While these samples are difficult or dangerous to collect, they are vital for understanding the
system in question. This project will work closely with volcano monitoring and research scientists to develop
the most robust mechanism for the extreme conditions.
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Testing could be completed in Rotorua or other geothermal region.
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The student will gain enhanced engineering skills in a rapidly developing field of UAV technology. A sampling
system attached to a UAV does not currently exist and so the student will have to develop a new method for
sample collection. In addition, the student will also have to make the system robust enough to operate in
extreme atmospheric conditions, which will be difficult, yet achievable. Finally, the student will work alongside
volcanologists to test the system in real-world scenarios, which will connect the student with active scientists.
Specific student requirements
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UAV experience would be useful, but not essential.
Strong engineering skills, including electrical or mechanical engineering