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IBM Smarter Planet
Sparking Innovation through collaboration
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Building a Smarter Planet
The world can be Smarter
instrumented, interconnected and intelligent.
An opportunity to think and act in new ways economically, socially and technically – including collaboration
It is time to address our challenges
using Smarter solutions
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Building a Smarter Planet
IBM is bringing its Smarter Planet vision to life with a
thriving innovative partner ecosystem
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Our Global Entrepreneur initiative fuels collaborative innovation
Our Global Entrepreneur initiative drives value:
Our results demonstrate global reach:
• Opens our doors and resources to entrepreneurs
looking to bring the next big idea to market
• Over 650 Global Entrepreneur participants
• Brings together investors, mentors and
entrepreneurs – 25 thought leaders in each city
• 177 referrals to IBM Innovation Centers
• 175 builds or ports to IBM technologies
• Focused on startups with 2-5 employees
• 8 SmartCamp events in 2010, 9 in 2011
• Supports cities building smart city solutions
• 2012 schedule to be announced soon
Global Business Partner Advisory Council
Global Entrepreneur offers benefits to startups…
Mentoring and networking
IBM Industry Insights
Access to IBM technical leaders
Free Software
Local go-to-market support
IBM Smarter Planet visibility
2011 Schedule
IBM SmartCamp events bring together the
local ecosystem for mentoring and
networking. Startups apply and are selected
based on the smarter planet solutions they
• Bangalore: April 27
• Austin: May 17-18
• Barcelona: June 14
• New York: June 28-29
• Tel Aviv: Sept 21
• Turkey: Oct 4-5
• China: Oct 27-28
• Rio de Janiero: Nov 10-11
• London: Nov 16-17
Global Business Partner Advisory Council
SmartCamp winners attract venture capital funding and awards
SmartCamp is an exclusive event aimed at identifying early stage
entrepreneurs who are developing business ventures that align with
our IBM Smarter Planet vision.
2010 SmartCamp Winners:
CareCloud Raises $5 Million
in Second Angel Investor
Since November 2010 SmartCamp finalists have raised more than
40 million dollars total in venture capital funding: Streetline($15m) ,
CareCloud ($20m) , Panoramic Power ($4.8) , and Sproxil ($1.8m)
Streetline gets $15M for
smart parking
2011 SmartCamp winners:
Bangalore: ConnectM - energy efficient telecommunications
Austin: SecureWaters- water monitoring solutions
Barcelona: BitCarrier - traffic management solutions
Panoramic Power Announces
$4.5 Million Funding
New York: Localytics - real-time data analysis for mobile
Globes Israel
Tel Aviv: C-B4 (Context Based 4Casting) - analyzes hidden data
patterns in large scale data warehouses
Global Business Partner Advisory Council