comparing identity: you vs. who?

8th Grade Language Arts
Directions: Choose a character from The Outsiders who you feel you can relate with
in terms of identity and personality, or choose a character who you feel you cannot
relate with at all, for example, they are the complete opposite in identity and
personality from you.
Part I (45 pts): Using the DSA Perfect Paragraph format, compare and contrast
the character’s identity to your own identity. (word process and highlight)
Would you both be in the same clique? Or different cliques?
What characteristics are similar between you both? What characteristics are
different? Why are they similar or different?
Use the previous assignments on self-identity and character charts for additional
info when comparing and contrasting
Part II (30 pts): Create a timeline of the character’s development throughout
the novel
Plot their growth in terms of identity, self-reflection, maturity, etc.
Plot their mistakes and their accomplishments
Make sure you demonstrate and explain the character’s growth, maturity,
reflection, etc. through your choice of genre
Be creative and use pictures, words, symbols, etc. to plot your characters timeline
Part III (25 pts): Choose a creative and imaginative way to demonstrate your
knowledge of your character and your comparison with your own identity
Some examples include: a poster board with pictures, phrases, quotes from the
novel, poetry, objects/items that demonstrate the differences and similarities
between you and the character you chose; write a journal about you, or any other
type of genre (poem, artifacts, etc.)
Some questions to keep in mind when completing this project:
How is identity demonstrated in your choice of character?
How is the identity of the character similar to/different from Ponyboy’s? What
factors influence this?
How does this novel help you explore your own identity?
How can you best demonstrate the differences and similarities between you and
the character?
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