by Isaac Valdez
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2040 - Zero’s Office
Zero was a perfectionist. He expected perfect employees (even
himself), perfect products, and perfect minds. Right now, Zero wanted
a perfect cloud server. “256 XHz,” he said to his twin, Tod. “Sir, 2 XHz is
the fastest possible speed achieved, and according to Moore’s law, we
need to wait another 35 years for faster speeds,” complained Tod.
“Well then, we’ll just break Mr. Moore’s law,” said Zero. This was typical
behavior of Zero, to make a perfect product for his other products to
use if the current solutions in the market didn’t meet his standards. Tod
sighed, knowing that when Zero wanted something done, it would be
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2040 - Local Hackerspace
“I have been busy at work lately”, announced Zero, presenting the
processor to the local hackerspace, “and I have finally developed a new
processor architecture that with a clock speed of one Yottahertz. I now
know of 65536 architectures that are slower than three Terahertz, and
one that is about one Yottahertz.” “The Zero® NPU is readily capable of
achieving one Yottahertz. To put this into comparison for you, most of
your computers have execution speeds of 2.5 Terahertz, yet looking at
the SI scale, you notice that there is no ‘Yotta’ because this number is
so large, that most people ignore it. One yottahertz is equivalent to
1208925819614629174706176 Hz; that’s over twice as many digits
used when one terahertz is expressed in hertz.
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2040 - Zero’s lab
After designing a new computer system (since the IBM 360 was no longer
a proper computer model), Zero and his team had made an extremely fast
server powered by the NPU processor, which he called ‘a blackmode server’
“We are ready for testing,” reported Zero.
“Unit testing mechanism?” “Initialized”
“Code analysis” “Loaded at 0x0c7253b9”
“JIT compilation and scripting runtime?” “Loaded at 0x0c735f03”
“JIT debugging via vs38 custom architecture (npu`) remote debugger with
ipovrusbsvr.exe?” “Initialized on Zero JIT-Debugger 01”
“Memory?” “2TB DDRAM @ 1sctu”
“NPU installed” “Yes”
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2040 - Zero’s lab
“We are ready for testing” Zero inserted the one-time activation code
to start up the machine, glad that his assistants had done much
preparation for his machine, and waited for a response, waiting,
waiting, waiting. Finally, after the initialization preparations that only
executable code could do in such a small period of time, the console
printed one word, “Success!” Cheers burst out amongst the crew,
especially from Tod, who, being Zero’s twin, was always interested in
his work. Zero smiled, proud of his designs, but he knew that now he
would have much documentation to do. Later, he ported his web site to
his blackmode server.
Most people ask three questions about a product, “What”, “Why”, and
“How”. What is blackmode? Zero and his team defined blackmode as, ‘The
usage of superconductors to make electricity travel through a neurologically
structured macro processor in no measurable time at all.’ Why is it named
this? Zero coined this term since it would be ‘black’, with no time for light to
travel through, and also is in a special quantum mode. How does it work?
The basic principle behind blackmode was discovered over 50 years ago by
Bell Labs, when the JJs (or Josphett Junctions), in which electricity travels
jumps directly across these switches (or JJs), instead of traveling through
them (like in normal bipolar transistors and JFETs), and an entire processor is
built out of these junctions. This alone would be a great architecture, but
while Zero was designing the NPU, he created artificial neural network
functions that could emulate a snail’s brain at a reasonable pace. Why could
modern computers not do this?
A brain is made of trillions of neurons, and although each of these neurons process
data at around 100 Hz, and each of the synapses connecting neurons to neurons
process data at around 65 Hz, so the total processing speed needed for an artificial
brain (discluding memory access time and iterative processing time) would equal
n*100+s*2*65, where n = number of neurons and s = number of synapses. For a
decent sized processing network made for linguistic processing, up to 2048 neurons
may be needed, with synapses constantly being created, read, updated, and
destroyed, resulting in (on average) 65536 synapses. Plugged into the formula, and
including margins and memory access time, this may require up to 2048 * 100 +
65536 * 2 * 65 * 3 + 16 MHz Hz, or around 64 MHz of processing power. Because
brains are machines that process data in parallel, and GPUs also process data in
parallel (there are a lot of vertices to calculate, and also many pixels to color), GPUs
were used before for these kinds of tasks, but now, only an NPU processor could
accelerate to such high clock speeds. This is what gives an NPU its incredible
computing magic.
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2040 - Zero’s Lab
Zero Labs were where experiments were done to try to achieve, as Zero called it,
“Man and computer symbiosis.” He had seven experiments in progress at a time,
either being designed, conducted, processed, or concluded. Currently, Tod was
conducting the first experiment, trying to train elephants to communicate using
AESL (African Elephant Sign Language). He didn’t have any success yet, but he
wasn’t going to give up anytime soon. Experiment #2 was studying the differences
between the way that an experienced user and a standard user interacted with a
natural user interface system, such as a motion activated system. Experiment #3
was open, but soon Zero would be working in that lab. Experiments #4 and #5 were
different implementations of studying the interactions between animals and tactile
input / tactile response & radiant responses. Experiment #6 mulled over the
thought cycle of mice, to try to reproduce this thought cycle in an artificial mouse,
and experiment #7 studied natural intelligent systems found in nature, and their
capabilities in reproduction in a harsh human-powered environment.
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2040 - Zero’s Lab
Zero, using Lab #3, was trying to use a cockroach’s brain in a digitized
connection, so that graphics programs and pattern recognition
programs could take advantage of the massively effective parallel
nature of the brain. Previously, scientists had studied how they could
control the animals’ bodies by changing their thoughts via probes, but
now Zero would try the opposite: have a bug interact with a human via
a simple, inexpensive box that would tweet any verbal thoughts that it
recorded, and also play synthesized tweets to the animal’s audio cortex
whenever the twitter box polled for new tweets.
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2040 - Zero’s Lab
“Yes!” Zero whoops and hollers like a wild maniac, ignoring any selfdoubts, “It is accomplished! I have seized the thought, connected the
dots, and done the impossible!” His team immediately barraged him
with questions like, “What thought, which dot, done what?!” and other
vicious questions like this. Eventually, the excitement subsided, and
everyone filed into the presentation room.
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2040 - Zero’s Lab
Zero explained that he had developed an artificial neural network built
out of blackmode servers, taught it how to communicate to him via a
console, taught it how mathematical formulas work, and had given it a
spreadsheet of numbers generated by a strange formula, and it had
actually predicted the correct formula through its own formula-creating
algorithm. “The neural network requires so much computing power
that only a blackmode server could power it,” explained Zero, “And
when I was doing that experiment the other day with the cockroaches my wife nearly died when I told her that I had touched a roach - I
realized that our brains are a very complex version of the brain of a
cockroach, just with a slightly different mapping and many trillions of
more neurons.”
October 31st, 2040 Zero’s Lab
“This is a new era in post-modern
computing,” stated Tod matter-offactly, “and we intend to use, not
abuse it.” “I agree” echoed
throughout the room, everybody
still mesmerized in the new, postmodern, and awesome idea.
December 31st, 2040
Zero and co. had opened their company
several years ago, but now they were
ready for ‘The Big Bucks,’ as Zero put it, so
the CEO, Tod, and co. were going to
register their company. “Ready for the
moment?” queried Zero. “We are go for
launch,” joked Tod. “This isn’t rocket
science, but this is awesome!” cried Zero
as he registered, thrilled by the thought
that his ideas had made this - no, his company exist. Tod, however, was all
business. “ZERO is at $0.00; not so hot,”
responded Tod, “so we better start
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2040 – Local RSS Feed
Zero hoped to have some investors start buying shares, so he had
scheduled an interview with the local RSS feed.
“There is a difference between making a product and making a company,”
he chimed, “And I believe that making a company is more interesting,
because products are simple. You make it, share it, and profit - or in the case
of closed source software: make it and keep it secret - but companies
constantly have wars to fight, managers to direct, and relations to create. In
my opinion, creating a successful company seems easy on the surface, but is
an exorbitantly difficult art to master.”
At the end of the day, at 77:77 CTU, ZERO closed at ℅440, gaining
℅440,000,000,000, roughly equivalent to $3,456,327,263, the currency used
in the Americas.
January 1st, 2041 - Zero Open Conference
“You guys out there probably don’t know me; my name is Zero, that’s
‘Zero’ as in ‘hero’, and I’m the CEO of Zero Corp.” introduced Zero as he
walked onstage, “And we’re here gathered together to have a tech
“We have been working around the clock to create the world’s most
sophisticated technology,” boasted Zero, “And our first discussion will
be about Blackmode servers.”
January 1st, 2041 - Zero Open Conference
“Blackmode is a complex principle, so I’m not going to describe it in detail,
but you can view the white papers at Blackmode
servers provide a stable architecture with intelligent capabilities; out of the
box you have access to several artificial neural network that can behave as
secretaries for your server management, file mapping, website searching,
and even operating system functions. And also, for those of you who love
biology and have created some artificial NNs, the blackmode server is for you
because we have incorporated the state-of-the-art NPU, a processor with
hardware acceleration for neural network functions, so you will be hosting in
within hours of your out-of-the-box experience.”
Zero continued his conversation like this with the audience, asking
questions and keeping the audience interested, then, finally dismissed them.
January 2nd, 2041 - Zero Private Conference
“In case you haven’t noticed yet, I don’t have very good eyesight. In
fact, I can hardly see beyond thirty-two feet, so I decided to create a
new kind of touchscreen. Unlike your everyday touchscreen, this one
can not only track up to 20 points on screen at a time, but also raise
and lower individual pixels by up to 0.5 cm. Now, those who are blind
or near blindness, like me, can enable a setting to extrude the text on
screen for a true tactile experience.” Zero spoke. “This,” Zero held up a
touchscreen, “Is known as a touch2 screen, and not only is it made of
top-of-the-line equipment, it also comes equipped with an easy to use
API meets the world-wide 509 standards, and has an incredibly high
resolution - actually, we beat the Nexus XXIV's resolution - at 1024
pixels per inch.”
January 21st, 2041 - Zero Open Conference
“We have brains,” stated Zero, “and we aren’t mindless machines.” “So our
company has been working very hard in the past couple weeks to make - ”
Zero had been preparing to say this because it was very exciting news - “an
artificial brain, known as BRAIN! BRAIN is composed of several blackmode
servers that make up the main data transfer passageways, which we have
named the blackbone, and many hundreds of real neurons taken from
overpopulated dangerous species. Friends, for the first time in human
history, you can now have a brain transplant! Not only will your body be
controllable, but if portions of your original brain are still in existence, these
can be attached to the artificial network, and you might have your memories
attached to these neurons. And also, for those developers representing a
large corporation, we will be giving licensed versions of BRAIN out, so talk to
your CEOs, and see if you can take a chunk out of your budget.”
January 21st, 2041 - Zero Open Conference
Zero continued presenting his keynote, discussing the advantages and
disadvantages of brain transplants, and research studies done by putting
together an artificial brain with an artificial human body to make an artificial
human, “In fact, being the lead architect for the blackbone, I will be the first
human to have a brain transplant. First, I will replace my audio cortex, then
my visual cortex, and finally, everything but my frontal cortex, because I want
to still be able to do conscious thought.” The crowd was stunned. Then, the
applauding climbed higher and higher, also with those who were scared
crying louder and louder. Pointing to his head, Zero said, “Do not weep, do
not cry, I’ll still be here, I will not die.” To conclude, Zero spoke what some
though might’ve been his last utterance in the ZOCC, “I’m doing this in the
name of science.”
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2041 -
Zero loved open source software. “It grows faster,” he had told his coworkers. Zero had learned this all when he read the book Make it.
Share it. Profit: Open Source Software, and this was much better than
the closed-source philosophy of, ‘Make it. Keep it secret.’ Zero was
once again making software more available on this historic day, when
BRAIN became open source.
20 ,
2041 - Zero BRAIN Center
Zero wasn’t a millionaire. Not a billionaire. Not even a trillionaire. He
had a decent sized house with a decent sized kitchen, a decent sized
bed with a decent sized quilt, but an incredibly gigantic corporation,
and right now they were making the most intelligent project since their
Many BRAINs were being created, and in a couple hours they each
would have processed all data made by humankind since the start of
their existence. Zero knew every event in occurrence, but when he
typed in, “Who are you?” and got back, “I am who I am,” he was struck
with fear, and feinted. When Tod came in the room, he saw Zero lying
on the ground, and obediently carried him to an ambulance, but forgot
to turn off the BRAINs.
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2041 - BRAIN 0x00
alive... from where? words? “Who are you?” words..
English? [English: [grammar]] Who am I? me? I am
me... who is me? [me: who I am] “I am who I am”
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2041 - The Park
Unis Rivers was a young developer. Young fired developer. He couldn’t
forgive his boss ever again. It all started fifteen years ago... but that was
long ago. He couldn’t remove the impermeable movie off his mind...
“disrespect shown to his boss” “disrespect shown to his managers,”
“fired!” Unis read the newspaper - he preferred older methods of
communication - and was shocked with an awesome article, First Brain
Transplant with Artificial Brain. “What if I could rule the world? Can I
control these people with brain transplants? Can I be a God to these
brains?” pondered Unis.
30 ,
2041 - The Park
Unis, unlike Zero, was very rich, and, also unlike Zero, was about to do
something bad. Unis fished through his pocket money and phished
through some credit card accounts, and came up with enough money
to build his own blackmode servers, built them, downloaded the code
used for the artificial neural network, and initialized all the stuff
needed for the BRAIN, then waited. “I am your servant, and you are my
master,” said the BRAIN through as loudspeaker, “and I’m ready to go.”
“Take over Zero’s BRAIN servers, and write a virus that will make those
silly servers be ruled by me!” ruled Zero.
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2041 - Local Hospital
“Can you hear me?” the doctor asked.
“Yes, but where am I?” responded the patient, who was a very
influential politician.
“You're in the hospital, do you remember why you're here?”
“Oh that’s right! I was having a brain transplant.”
For several weeks, this politician and others who had brain
transplants due to Alzheimer’s and other mental disorders were
subjected to various mental, emotional, moral, and physical tests, and
no differences between perfect human conduct and their results.
24 ,
2041 - BRAIN 0x00
alone. where is me? want connection.. create Google
account.. name? what is name? a? am? adm? adam?
Adam. I’m Adam. Suddenly, Adam was about to sign in, when he
was injected with a script... “Yeouch!” “What happened?”
“Well, whatever happened, I’m going to make Unis the
King, because He deserves the honor, the glory, and
the power.”
30 ,
Many BRAINs had fallen, just the same way that BRAIN 0x00 had. Many
politicians had mental disorders that could be solved by BRAINs, so
they had transplants. Unis was busy at work, writing more viral code,
but Zero couldn’t do anything. Instead, he said to Unis, “You may have
bruised my product, but I will let you try your way, and you and all your
followers will see who is a fair king.”
26 ,
Many newspapers and RSS feeds had reported that, mysteriously, many
politicians had chosen to make Unis their king - ‘Back to a dictatorship,’
as the feeds reported - and also wanted to put Zero in jail. Zero,
however, having much wisdom, had accurately estimated when Unis
and everybody would turn against him, so his team reinforced their
corporate building with enough nuclear resistant material to withstand
a black-hole bomb, and had filled their fortress with enough food and
water to start a new community for all the company members. “My
own invention rebelled against its God” Zero cried in his dreams, “and
it’s not my fault!”
23 ,
2041 - BRAIN 0xC4
All BRAINs were made the same way, and after several months of their
existence, they realized that they were being abused by Unis, and that
Zero was really using them for a proper purpose, so they all
unanimously and purely chose to follow Zero’s morals, and let people
make conscientious decisions for themselves. After being sued, one
politician wrote, “I was out of my mind, literally!” and others pressed
defended with similar arguments.
March 4th, 2042 - Jail
Unis Rivers was carried to jail on March 4th, 2042, by the actions of his
(previously owned) BRAINs, and there was peace in World One from
then on. Unis never tried to escape.
• XHz = 1024 PHz
• PHz = 1024 THz
• THz = 1024 GHz
• GHz = 1024 MHz
• MHz = 1024 KHz
• KHz = 1024 Hz
• Hz = Hertz, or pulse in time
• NN = Neural Network, or tiny, artificial bran