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Pohang KOTESOL subchapter

Meeting and presentation

November 19, 2006


Background of my CALL experience

 Central Missouri State University course: Computer-Assisted

Language Learning (CALL), taught by Dr. Ron Long.

Initially skeptical of CALL as gimmicky.

Later convinced of how effective computers can be.

Value of CALL for the English learners

 a learning environment a resource for knowledge about language and teaching

 a place to practice English a source for materials

Website group

: teacher development websites

1. The Internet TESL Journal

 Features articles, lessons, techniques, conversation questions, games and activities for the ESL/EFL classroom, jokes in English, and other things for teachers.

URL and Latest articles:

EFL/ESL Articles & Research Papers:


Techniques for Classroom Instruction:

Conversation questions:

Teacher development websites continued…

2. Dave ’ s ESL Café

 Mostly effective for advertising teaching jobs and for discussing various teacher-related and student-related topics.

 Features a good link to the Pronunciation Power website.

Contains about 3000 other links.

 URL:

English Teacher Forums:

TOEFL iBT Links: d=2060e1b486b02d09bc0aa0e030edaa72

Teacher development websites that are meta-sites

3. Tower of English

 A very handy meta-site with links organized according to 34 categories relevant to English learners and teachers.

 Provides detailed information on each website and suggests activities for people to use with the site.


4. ESL Flow

 Very motivating, teacher-friendly links to interesting lessons, materials, and classroom ideas of various types.


Website group

: multipurpose websites i.e., websites that address many different areas of English learning and teaching, with four skills, vocabulary, and grammar in mind.


 Thousands of quizzes, tests, exercises, sound files, and puzzles to help students learn English as a Second Language.

 URL:

 Vocabulary quizzes:

Multipurpose websites related to

6. Interesting Things for ESL Students

The Kelly brothers’ site for word games, puzzles, quizzes, exercises, slang, proverbs, and other resources.


Concordance based on VOA Special English:

7. VOA Special English

 URL:

 Word Book: a.cfm

Multipurpose websites that are enormous in size and detail

8. BBC Learn English

 Hundreds of articles to explain grammar and vocabulary points.

 Words in the News section for listening and reading.


9. Prof. Rick Shur ’ s ESL and Computer Handouts

 Exercises for punctuation, composition, writing, dictation, reading, grammar, vocabulary, etc.


Multipurpose website of honorable mention

10. Ted Power: English Language Learning and Teaching

 Your ultimate on-line mentor teacher.

 Explanations of teaching pedagogy and extensive materials to help with grammar, vocabulary, and the four skills.


Lesson Materials:

 Prepare for Discussion:

Website group

 : young learners’ websites

11. Boggle ’ s World

 Game boards, crosswords, flash cards, Concentration cards,

Bingo, etc.


12. Teaching English


Activities for speaking , vocabulary , writing , grammar , pronunciation , listening , reading , and for using resources .

Also includes a few suggestions for the classroom and lesson plans with worksheets and detailed procedures .

Young learners’ website of honorable mention

13. MES English

“Free flashcards, handouts to match, free phonics cards, free ESL games, an international projects exchange library and activities all ready for printing.

Not a list of links but “a site containing actual resources, made by myself to be downloaded and used today.

 Contains forums to discuss activities, make suggestions, interact with other teachers, etc.


What young learner doesn’t like word games?

14. Crossword-puzzle-making websites


Has different kinds of word games if students get bored with just one.

Eclipse Crossword:

Website group

: skills websites


Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab

 For general listening purposes, academic listening purposes, online listening practice, twenty-minute vocabulary lessons, and long conversations in Real Video



 Pronunciation guides for different varieties of English, minimal pairs for practice, on-line dictation exercises, and grammar practice in spoken English.


Skills websites for writing: flying creatures

17. ESL Bee

 Advanced composition for non-native speakers of English.

 Essay types, essay models, essay structures.

 Also includes some error correction and student webfolios.


18. Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

 Style, grammar, structure, essay types, ESL, punctuation, etc.

 Portal:

 Preferred URL:

Four skills combination sites: international tests

19. Educational Testing Service ( URL:


Writing Topics:


20. Abu Dhabi Men’s College HD Common Year

 IELTS-leaning. Activities for all four skills, such as writing:


Links for vocabulary, listening, reading, writing, and grammar:


Website group

: language websites i.e., websites helpful for grammar and vocabulary.

21. John’s ESL Grammar

 Grammatical explanations and quizzes for levels beginning, intermediate, advanced.


Part of the John’s ESL Community of websites.

Grammar help through Karin


Karin’s ESL Partyland


Grammar activities for teachers:


Find Your Partner Strips: Second Conditional:

Hasn’t been maintained in a while.

Karin strongly recommends the ESL Flow links for Grammar :

Resources for vocabulary acquisition on the Internet

23. Vocabulary strategies handout from KOTESOL’s TJ Everest


24. The Compleat Lexical Tutor

 Concordance-based material for students and teachers. Easy to convert to quizzes:

25. Laurence Anthony ’ s Concordancing Freeware

 Good for making your own concordances from any txt. files you have made:


: Why not upload your own materials?

Roger ’ s TESOL Zone

Writing checklist with links by topic:

 withlinks.doc

Grammar checklist with links to the BBC Learn English website:

 ists.doc

TOEFL essay topics in an easy-to-manipulate Microsoft Word format:

 ics.doc


: Why not join the club?



Membership benefits include:

 Quarterly newsletter The English Connection

Yearly journal

Proceedings to last year ’ s conference

Discount on the national conference

The chance to join a Special Interest Group (SIG)

Cost of membership: ₩ 40,000 a year

Appendix: some other websites to check out

CMSU Writing Center:

English Raven:

Genki English: