2015-16 Presentation - Joseph Sears School

Welcome To Third Grade
Joseph Sears School
Mrs. Sideris
*Strategies and skills are taught in small
groups, whole class and through independent
*Balanced program centered around phonemic
development and strategy application
*Reading Fluency
*Read Aloud
*Bluestem Readers’ Choice Award
*“Being a Writer” which is based on 6+1 Traits
*Literature based program
*Students practice narrative, persuasive and expository
*Writing across the curriculum
*Writing Fluency
*Emphasis on grammar, conventions, story structure and
*Every other week basic lists with review and challenging
*Focus on spelling patterns and rules with a vocabulary
*Proofreading skills and conventions
*Pretests given on Monday with post tests given on
*Differentiated words are selected by both students
and myself
Text Talk & Word Work
*Develop comprehension and vocabulary skills through
authentic literature
*Sophisticated vocabulary learned and used orally
*Six words every other week
*Word study is a combination of phonics, spelling and
vocabulary instruction.
*It gives students an opportunity to investigate patterns,
origins, and meanings of words.
*Differentiated Instruction
*Number sense, operations and problem solving
*Calendar Counts Math
*Real world application
*Timed tests
*PLANE Response
*Sunshine Math
*IXL Web-based Learning
*Students will continue with
cursive writing
*Continuous stroke method
*Grips may be helpful for students
using cursive
* Life Structure
* Forces and Interactions
* Earth’s Systems
*Students use inquiry method to do experiments and apply
learning to real life situations.
*Social Science
*Focus on communities such
as Durban, South Africa,
Coober Pedy, Australia, and
*Where in the world are we and
how do we depend on other
*Other components include
map skills, historic people,
inventions, current events and
class meetings.
*World Link-North America
*World Language
*Taught for 30 minutes 3 days a week
*Expose students to Spanish or French
language & culture
*Activities are meant to increase vocabulary,
maximize practice and use the language
*Individual iPads
*Classroom interactive whiteboards, lab and laptop computers
*Keyboarding instruction
*Online multimedia subscriptions
*Student e-mail address
*Websites and blogs
* Flexible grouping and instruction
* 30 minutes per day
* Daily instruction, reinforcement and extension of skills in all
academic areas
*Homework is given
*30 minutes of reading
*Record reading
homework sheet
*Sunshine Math
*Students are given study
guide before tests
*Students may come to
school at 8:00 a.m. for
extra help
*Integrated throughout the curriculum
*Social Emotional
*Rules encourage students to get along with others, take
responsibility for actions, and build respect.
*They include the 4 cornerstones of responsibility, respect,
kindness and honesty.
*Students are expected to take ownership of their actions.
*Bullying behavior is not tolerated.
*Stress empathy inclusion, tolerance and acceptance.
*Bullying Pledge
*We will not bully other students.
*We will try to help students who are
being bullied.
*We will include students who might
feel left out.
Third Grade Classroom
1. Be honest.
2. Be responsible.
3. Respect yourself, others and our school.
4. Be kind with your words and actions. Keep
hands to yourself.
5. Actively listen and follow directions.