ASHA DARSHAN: Annual Update 2008 & Budget Presentation
Stewards: Roopa T & Kashyap Merchant
17th Sept 2008
Location: Tamulpur area, Nalbari district , Assam (5hours from Guwahati)
Background: Rural, Insurgency ridden area.
Population is mostly Assamese, Adibashi, Bodo, Nepali, Bengali
Poor health care and low school attendence before Asha Darshan.
Funded by Asha – SV since 2001.
- pre school children as well as primary (age group: 3 to 6 years, sometimes even
- health education
- vocational training
- women’s Self Help Groups
•Started in 2001
•579 students in 2002
•800 students by 2005-2006
UPDATE 2007-2008
•11 schools across Tamulpur, Nagrijuli and Ghograpar
• 1343 students and 36 teachers
• Seven schools are upto class 4
• Three schools are upto class 7
• One school is only balwadi or preschool
• 3 schools are in Bodo medium and the rest are in Assamese
Teachers run the schools for an average of 5-6 hours everyday except Sunday.
Asha Darshan staff monitor the schools and make an average of 3 surprise visits per
One school at Garughutu is not upto mark, reason: the adivasi students have a
problem with understanding Assamese which is the medium of instruction
Activities at school:
Morning Assembly
Physical Exercise
Mahatlokar vani (?)
Hathar (?)
Local News Headlines
Children enjoyed Shishu Mela
Sports, Cultural activities and competitions.
Infrastructural Issues:
One school (Garughutu) has half-complete RCC building (govt. sponsored)
All other schools have bamboo-wall structures
Site visit vallabh bhai (asha india) : 2006
Mid Day Meal program:
MDM was started in few centers in April 2007.
Starting 2008 all centers have MDM program.
Attendance improved after the introduction of MDM.
Previously tried to give soaked lentils, wont work because its hard to estimate
student attendance each day.
Flat rice
Brown sugar (Gur)
Amul spray (Baby milk)
Plans to introduce cornflakes as an extra meal.
a. Cornflakes
b. Brown sugar (Gur)
c. Amul spray (Baby milk)
But no mention in the budget!! Should check.
Teacher training is provided subject wise.
Subjects taught are Assamese, Hindi, English, Social Science in middle school and primary
Pre-primary children are taught games, dancing etc.
The teachers are accordingly trained.
Health education and Malaria prevention, detection and treatment
Malaria is very prevalent in the region especially during monsoon season
Unfortunately led to the death of four Asha Darshan children in early 2007.
1. Health training of at least one teacher from each of the 11 schools, where the
participant will be given inputs on preliminary health care and first aid, by expert
2. Mosquito nets was provided to students (request for 1000nets @Rs170/net).
3. Provision for testing of blood samples.
4. Health awareness campaign will be carried out in the villagers of Tamulpur area.
Total budget for Malaria prevention: Rs.3,12,000/-
Asha Darshan Team activities:
Trained in gender issues, rights issues, health, money management,
Group management, proposal development.
November 2007: Exposure cum training program visit to Uttaranchal
(Laxmi Ashram and Himalaya Foundation, Latika Vihar and Karuna Vihar
in Dehradun.)
Other Activities:
• Tailoring classes for girls in the region and economically weak mothers of the
children of Asha Darshan.
• Women’s Self Help Groups (SHG) (supported by AID):
About 414 SHG provide a support system and vocational training programs around
the Tamulpur area.
Asha Darshan supervises: Monthly meetings, Credit and Savings.
Members take credit for income generating jobs, like, poultry, selling vegetables,
Mushroom farming, goat rearing, pig rearing, fishery, weaving, purchasing thela and
rickshaw for their husbands.
• Efforts towards maintaining peace by encouraging /organizing people to make
peaceful demonstrations against violence. 100 Shanti Sena groups.
Funds sent in 2007-2008:
Mar 2007 - $43,500.00
Jul 2007 - $3,000.00 (Interim Medical budget for Malaria prevention and treatment)
Jan 2008 - $43,850.00
Audit report for 2007-2008
MONEY SPENT 2007-2008
3,12,000.00 (1,70,000 for 1000 mosquito nets)
14,37,500.00 (Includes 30000 transportation
and other equipment)
3,67,550.00 (Exposure visit + Shishu Mela)
Education coordinator: Manages the 36 teachers and 1300 children
Project coordinator: Coordinates with government offices (local and central)
Interacts with the local population
Organizers: Manage all the centers and make periodic visits.
six staff volunteer coordinate our 11 school regularly. Manage everything, arrange bimonthly meeting with all teacher staff and office staff.
ANIMATOR: Survey field, get info to make plans.
Originally project specific. But the animator mentioned in the budget will work on
educational projects and will also act as a coordinator.
Administrative expenses: 2007-2008
Administrative expenses: 2008-2009
Total : 5,43,982.00
1. There are 17 workers and they have 1 scooty & 4 bicycles. So in the interest of work 4
bicycles have been proposed.
2. Because of bad roads, they need to regularly repair the vehicles and bicycles also
need repair. So Rs. 200000/- is proposed. This will be spent as and when required.
3. New Furniture budget:
One Steel Almirah = 8000/Two office table = 6000/Two chair = 3000/One office rack = 3000/-
Budget conclusions:
$120000 for 11 schools with total of ~1300 children
$92 per child per year
Budget proposal
- for 2005-2006 was Rs. 22,50,553.00 (800 students). (~$70per child per year)
- for 2006-2007 was Rs. 34,00,000 (1100 students) (~77per child per year)
Number of students has now increased to ~1300. The budget for Training program
(longer training programs), Medical care, has increased. Shishu Mela and Exposure
visits are more elaborate now.
Last site visit was in Jan2008, and all the schools were not visited.
Detailed Site visit is required.