Final Review
The final will be 50 multiple choice questions about things we have covered this semester.
Answer each question completely and you will be allowed to use your review on the exam.
What is communication?
What is a sender?
What is a receiver?
What is a message?
What is noise?
What is feedback?
What is a channel?
What are different examples of channels?
What is context?
What is climate?
What is a barrier?
What is encoding?
What is decoding?
What is interpersonal communication?
What is intrapersonal communication?
What is group communication?
What is one to group communication?
What is mass communication?
How is communication transactional?
What are the seven reasons communication is complex?
How is communication unavoidable?
Why is communication continuous?
Can you improve your communication skills?
What are the five levels of communication?
What are the five levels of language usage?
What is formal language?
What is technical language?
What are three professions that use technical language?
What is standard language?
What is informal language?
What is the difference between slang and a colloquialism?
What is ungrammatical language?
What are the five characteristics of language?
Do we assign meaning to word in our language?
What is vocabulary?
What is structure?
What is grammar?
What are the three parts of diction?
What is a dialect?
What is body language?
What is nonverbal communication?
What is the goal of giving a demonstrative speech?
What is the goal of an informative speech?
What is the goal a persuasive speech?
What are the parts to an introduction of a speech?
What are the parts of a conclusion of a speech?
How many points should you have in the body of your speech?
What are some different types of Attention getters?
Why is the attention getter important?
What is rhetoric?
What are ethos?
What are pathos?
What are logos?
What is a function resume?
Why is a resume important?
What are the different types of propaganda?
Why is propaganda still around today?
What are the steps in the group decision making process?
What is group think?
What is the process called to avoid group think?