Ch. 11 Section 3 & STH student

April 4, 2011
• 1. People who unite to promote their
beliefs about an issue?
• interest group
Current events
Ch. 11-3 Interest groups
• Preview
– P. 332-337
Guided Reading 11-3
• 1. What type of interest group is the AFL-CIO, and
what is its purpose?
• 2. What interest group represents the interest of
• 3. What does a public interest group do?
• 4. What are three ways in which interest groups
influence govt.?
5. What services do lobbyists perform for
• 6. Why do citizens need to recognize the different
types of propaganda?
• 7. What limits have been put on the power of
Propaganda Techniques
BandwagonName-CallingEndorsementGlittering GeneralityJust Plain FolksTransfer-
The Living room candidate
• What Propaganda techniques are being
School to home
What term refers to forms
of communication that
reach a large number of
What forms of
communication are a
part of the print
School to home
Why is it important for the
media to be free from prior
What propaganda
technique would rely on
down-to-earth statements
about ordinary people
STH continued…
1. What is a public opinion poll? How is
this type of poll related to public opinion?
2. In what way does the government
clash with the media over national
3. How do lobbyists attempt to make an
impact on public policy?