Gordon Poole

Company overview
• Founded
• Mission:
in 2011 by
Simplify real estate purchase
in Ecuador for Canadians, in
accordance with both
Ecuadorian and Canadian
commercial laws, in English
and in French.
• Objective:
Gordon Poole
Yves Cormier
Being a world class leader
for foreign real estate
development in Ecuador
Company overview
Personalized sales network
throughout Canada and (soon)
United States
Leverage the strengths of Ecuadorian and
Canadian construction standards to build
a team that exceeds the North American
clientele’s expectations
Our team
Josée Sigouin, Designer
Wayne Tessier, Directeur
Vickie Charlebois-Savoie, Designer
Sylvie Beauchesne, QC
Jeremy Cheff, Designer
VP Design &
Bruno Coulombe, QC
Oscar Fong, Contract Coordinator
Gordon Poole
Andrew Ezeard, ON
Yanick Goulet, QC
Paris Lalonde, Équateur
Yolande Lapointe, QC
VP Sales &
Yves Cormier
John Leask, MB, SK, AB, USA
Mario Pelchat, QC
Michel Sylvestre, QC, ON
Marketing, finance, administration
Isabelle Coulombe, Marketing Coordinator
René Angers, Accounting
Linda Lee, Executive Secretary
Joachim Braun, Administrative support
+ 150
in Ecuador
Sales achievements
• 8 000+ Canadians met each year in free informational seminars
• Coming soon: expansion to the US
Sales achievements
• Since 2010:
1000+ land lots in
Montecristi, Manabí
• 2015 :
300+ land lots sold
Construction achievements
• Construction
is ramping up quickly
Our future in Ecuador
Santa Marianita
• 15 minutes from Manta
• Kite surfing « mecca »
• Malecon project
• Wealthy Ecuadorians
• Condo market growing at
10% per year in Manta
Santa Marianita
• 4,000 m2
• 50m x 80m (approx)
• Between main road and
• 4,000 m2
• 50m x 80m (approx)
• Between main road and
Land seeking in Ecuador
• Trip to Ecuador December 10, 2015
Opportunity for investors
Opportunity for investors
Advantages of doing business in Ecuador
Dependable infrastructure
 Air & road excellent
 Good communications network - ex: fibre optic to the home, 4G LTE cellular network
 Electrical infrastructure getting better and better
Human resources
 Access to affordable, high quality professional resources (engineers, architects, accountants) - some are
cheaper than India!
 Increasing level of services available online - income tax reporting, labour contracts, visas, etc.
Asset acquisition
 Relative ease of construction permits (Ecuador in top third of latin american countries)
 Relatively easy to register property / change title
Same time zone
Opportunity for investors
Challenges / Barriers to entry
• Language
• Business
culture barriers can be significant
• Legal and accounting:
 practices quite different and often more complicated (a bit of "red tape")
 very heavy on the reporting requirements (but for the right reasons)
 anti-laundering legislation
• Limited access to debt
• "Gringo" pricing
Ecuador is a very interesting location for investment
with the right financial backing and experienced partners
Partner of choice for real estate
investment in Ecuador
Thank you for your attention