cLIEBE Convention

Personal Security and Freedom in the Technogenic System
Dear ladies and gentlemen!
I would like to speak about trends in our civilization development, that are
apparent but at the same time remain unnoticed being in numerous ways
stonewalled by the mass media.
The reality we are existing in is not the same as it used to be some decades
ago. It is changing dramatically and gather like a snowball, exponentially. Thus,
biosphere is commonly described as the living beings environment. But very few
know and think about the notion of technosphere. Technosphere comprises all
achievements of the technogenic civilization, from electric appliances through to
foodstuff. All that technosphere touches is subject to transformation, not always
visible but pivotal, including the man himself.
This is not about environmental ecology. There is another problem, not any less
serious, as it is, though not expressly revealed yet, threatens the most valuable
thing a man has – his freedom and personality. This is a matter of spirit ecology,
which, for some reason, nobody is concerned about. Attention is distracted to
insignificant and unessential matters whilst the world is rapidly changing from the
other, the invisible side. It might seem that nothing is happening. Something IS
happening, as a matter of fact.
This does not seemingly express itself – everything seems to be running its
course, our civilization is following the way of technical advance. In fact, the
progress, as it is when its fruit are beneficial for the man, has completed and is now
moving in a direction which is contributing to the technogenic system as an
independently developing structure. The system, like a tumor, started to actively
proliferate by itself, independently on the man’s will. Everything shows that this
process has got beyond control.
When the civilization settled down to the technogenic course, such laws started
to operate which had never revealed themselves before. Now these laws cause the
technosphere to steadily develop into a matrix. Matrix is a sort of a conglomerate, a
system for which a man is a battery powering this system. Such films as The Matrix
or Surrogates are not science fiction but our nearest future. And this is not the
point of technical appliances people are surrounding themselves with. Once having
got into the global information field created by different mass media, they find
themselves possessed by the system. This is not the man who controls the system
any more, but the system itself fully controls and overmasters him. It’s too easy in
Who could benefit from it? In fact, nobody. Man is used to think that whatever
is going around him is rule by the will of some other people. But the system is
developing by itself. Who rules the jungle? Nobody – it grows and lives as it should
do since plants united and tried to coexist.
And the system wants the following. It needs to come to the stable equilibrium
point, roll up into an optimal structure where people, like cyborgs, will maintain its
existence. What is needed for it? The matrix cells must be filled with controllable
elements. And these elements are to be, first, not fully sound not to have free
energy, and second, not fully sane in order not to understand where they are.
Energy and conscious will shall be just sufficient to duly perform their functions.
Have you ever thought why after work most people want nothing but fall on the
couch before the TV screen? This sort of fatigue is a common thing, we are used to
it. But is it normal? It is not. Common thing is not the normal thing. Has it ever
occurred to you why a modern man’s life is bordered between 20 and 40? Nobody
needs you as a recent graduate because you have no experience and after forty
nobody needs you because you have been sponged dry. Similarly, after forty you
are not interesting for the opposite sex as well. Again, is it normal? Habitual, yes,
but essentially, something is wrong, isn’t it? It shouldn’t be this way!
Another thing which is beneficial for the technogenic system is the population
restriction. It should seem that depopulation of consumers must lead to reduction
of return gained by the system. But, in fact, when the system has rolled into a
matrix, the surviving consumers shall become like operated mechanisms and the
society shall become totally controlled. This is the purpose and the sense of such
And again a question: is there anybody behind it? Today it is smart to discuss
vague rumours about some global government, also known as Bilderberg Club,
uniting the richest and influential people worldwide. However, this is but the
system’s trick to draw a red herring across the trail. Many people naively believe
that should this handful of snobs, who are up to mastering the universe, be put out
- and the problem will be solved. Nothing of the sort. If you just pluck the tops of
weeds in your vegetable garden, will they be gone?
Those having the power are the system’s puppets more than its rank-and-file
members. The first are pulled by strings by the system directly, the latter – via
advertising, false targets, disinformation, and other garbage fed to them by the
first. In the modern society, it is not possible for somebody to devise something
global, for example to trigger off war, and then reаlize it according to his sole plan.
A banker is not able to finance such a costly affair unless a proper group seizes the
power, which, in its turn, is not possible without a proper background. Everything is
interconnected and interwoven within the system. But the reasons should be looked
for even not in the background itself but much deeper – where this background is
But how are the plans of the system are implemented? Quite simply: first, by
manipulating attention of the majority, and second, which is still simpler, via the
food they eat.
Attention management is the most efficient method of management in general.
You don’t even have to arrange any ideological propaganda; it’ quite enough to
make a donkey think about a carrot by hanging it in front of its nose, and it will
obediently follow where you need. The principle is that attention is focused upon
the information which is beneficial for the system, and is distracted from vital
problems to insignificant ones. The examples how to do it are numerous.
New diseases are made up allegedly requiring immediate vaccination, while the
cancer problem, annually deteriorating, is led astray from its key decision. Today
very frequently information appears that a cure for cancer is found at last. Would
be funny if it were not that sad. And people keep on dying. Meanwhile, the primary
and basic cause was discovered in 1931 by dr. Otto Warburg, which won him the
Nobel Prize. But it was very soon forgotten.
The fact that biosphere has transformed into technosphere and the conclusion
from this are not spoken about directly. Attention is distracted to another direction
– to problems that have not emerged yet and there is no evidence that they will
ever emerge, including, for example, the global warming, cooling, flood, 2012, etc.
Avatar discussions are pinpointed to the visual effects and are distracted from
the issue of the society split into technosphere and biosphere supporters, which is
awaiting us in the nearest future. That is why it was not Avatar that won the Oscar
but a movie about American guys saving the world from aggressive Arabs.
Again, it does not mean that the mass media are being secretly directed. All
comes out naturally, as it ought to be in the jungle. It’s not that easy to draw the
attention of a modern man overfed with information. And what is the best thing to
attract him? The things that upset, bother, scare. That is why the mass media work
the way they do, not consciously though, but on the level of a journalist’s instincts.
Manipulation is carried out in such an unnoticeable, gradual, and natural way
that nobody suspects anything. The system’s elements will be marked with
electronic chips and made totally controllable like rabbits before they know. But the
chips will not be implanted to their heads, of course, again, this is a trick to distract
attention. Let people rage to their hearts’ content protesting against such an
inhuman act depriving an individual of his rights. All will be done in a more civilized
manner, for example, via drivers’ licenses or bank cards, the “rabbits” just will not
be able to live without. They will be clearly explained that it is for their own sake,
comfort, and security. And the overwhelming majority will believe this rubbish they
are fed with and obediently agree, as usual.
It all seems to be more or less clear about information. But what does it have to
do with food, can it be used for manipulation? Long ago, Bertrand Russell, an
English philosopher and pacifist, wrote that using special food and medications it is
possible to create a type of people as obedient as sheep in a flock.
Here is an example. In 1974, American government declared the emerging
countries depopulation a national security issue matter. But how was this policy
supposed to be implemented? The national security memorandum of the USA
unabashedly recommended, together with instigating wars, to use food as a
depopulation tool.
Long before this memorandum, the system naturally fostered such movement
as eugenics (the idea of “racial hygiene” and depopulation). The first pilot
experiments of eugenics adepts were primitive, inhuman, and non-democratic as
they are commonly referred to nowadays; they found a ready response in the
Nazism and Stalinism ideology. Today the same is done more subtly (almost softly)
and veiledly, through chemicals and genetically modified organisms (GMO).
First they developed biological weapons, but later they understood that the
“peaceful means” are by far more efficient. Transgenic technology is the system’s
great invention, it kills two birds with one stone: it is at one and the same time a
depopulation means and a food security erosion means for some countries since
modified plants seeds do not germinate which means that the seedbank is always
held by corporations. An ideal manipulation method! You do not even have to
trigger a war. Just refuse to supply seeds to the rebel counties at the right time and
you can do whatever you want. Even now many countries are literally brought to
their knees.
The system is constantly improving its methods. Such a primitive eugenics
policy as forcible sterilization will inevitably raise public outcry. Again, this is but a
trick to distract attention, sort of a bone thrown to the crowd. Real methods work
unnoticeably and gradually, adjusting to the public opinion and taking refuge in
ostensibly human goals. Such mimicry always looks reasonable, thus, gene
modification of plants is necessary and profitable as it increases yield capacity and
eliminates the need for pesticides. Is it bad?
But, as a matter of fact, this is just a myth made up by corporations. The facts
show that transgenic plants yield capacity is much lower, and the existing pests and
weeds are replaced by new ones requiring new pesticides. A dead silence reigns in
the genetically modified soya fields – no birds’ singing, no insects’ whirr, no life, as
if the plants were made from plastic. But those who have not seen it are not afraid
to eat sausage; they do not even suspect that GMO ingredients are added virtually
to all food types: semiprepared foods, sausages, confectionery and dairy products,
cereals, chocolate, mayonnaise, sauces, drinks – to all matrix food to be found in
the supermarket. They even have the cheek to add it to baby foods. But only few
know about it because all information is thoroughly concealed.
You may ask: are really no studies being conducted? Why, they are – by GMO
manufacturing corporations’ order. The results of such studies, as you may guess,
are very optimistic: “transgenes are absolutely safe”. Probably, now engaged
scientists are working to prove that, moreover, they are very good for health. The
only independent study was first conducted by biology doctor Irina Yermakova, but
it was soon curtailed because it gave shocking conclusions.
In the USA, laws are passed, one of them prohibiting growing fruit and
vegetables in your own backyard, the other – marking GMO containing products
with the corresponding information. This means that people are almost deprived of
the choice. Eat what you are given, and keep your mouth shut. Sounds weird,
doesn’t it?
The most interesting thing is that the USA government (or global government –
whichever you prefer) anti-third world policy has turned into unforeseen
consequences for the USA themselves. One third of America is already
reproductively-challenged. Another third suffer from obesity. But as recently as
some thirty years ago it was a jogging nation, madly keen on organic (natural)
food. Again, still another third is addicted to antidepressants. This is a simple and
illustrative statistics. And everyone naively and carelessly believes that this is
normal. No one is surprised that chronic fatigue and stress syndrome has become a
modern man’s norm of life. And this is also supposed to be normal.
Where did such dramatic changes come from? Are organic products really of no
interest anymore? The reason is obvious: synthetic food, especially fast food, which
is particularly popular in America, causes addiction, which is not fundamentally
different from the drug addiction. The entire population of the Earth consists of
hardened foodaholics.
There is another simple statistics: over the past few years, one third of bees
died. Why it is happening, no one really knows. The probable causes include
electromagnetic smog from mobile communications, transgenic plants, chemistry,
and possibly all of the above. What this means is – there will be no honey? Even
worse – there will be no plants that are pollinated by bees. And these make at least
three-quarters. In some provinces of China bees have been completely destroyed
by pesticides, and now crop plants are literally pollinated manually by people. But
nobody is concerned by this problem – everybody is worried about the myth of
2012, once upon invented by Mayas.
All this is very sad. Man, having imagined himself the king of nature, raised an
arrogant and destructive romp to redesign the unique biosphere which had been
created for millions years. Do you see what is happening? It's like allowing a
monkey to a chemical laboratory. And whatever this monkey does there, even out
of scientific or super-scientific positions and intentions, will be disastrous.
The main idea that I want to get across to you is that we are not controlled by
certain people, we are just walking unanimously and unknowingly into the matrix,
under the total control of the system. All this takes place under the auspices of the
democratic and humanitarian transformations within the framework of cooperation,
peace, salvation of the mankind, etc. Man enslaved by the system does not simply
lose the freedom of choice - he begins to want exactly what benefits the system.
This process is not initiated and directed intentionally, but is going on by itself, in
accordance with the laws of self-organization of a parasitizing system, i.e.,
synergistically. Very few people see it and understand it.
The guys from the Bilderberg Club delude themselves thinking that they are
able to control things, but this is a mistake - the system will swallow them as well,
moreover, will do it first. The situation has gone out of control long ago. Although,
probably they have understood it, because, of course, the Club consists of very
intelligent people.
So, the new reality is not the same anymore and the rules of survival in it are
different. We woke up in a different reality. The civilization has made a sharp turn
from the true human nature toward the technogenic society. And this makes a very
strong effect on people - they are not free individuals anymore, but rather elements
of the system, most part of whose energy and consciousness is under the system’s
The technogenic system, by its nature, is absolutely destructive, both in relation
to the biosphere of our planet and for the man: his abilities are blocked,
opportunities are drastically reduced - all with a view to avoid interference with the
system to evolve as it must evolve. But man does not see or feel anything like this
as the "operation" is made under general anesthesia, in a state of a deep sleep, of
which the patient, again, has no idea.
Life in a technogenic system is arranged in such a way as to obscure the mind
and divert attention away from the real state of affairs. A man in the matrix does
not see the reality as it really is, does not understand where all these "what and
why" come from. He doesn’t have the vision which has simply been swaddled.
How is the mind beclouded? It's very easy. Let’s recall the story of Sinbad the
Sailor of the "Thousand and One Nights". Once the travelers arrived in a country,
where they were made welcome and treated to delicious food by the local people.
The travelers had been eating this food for many days, and eventually their bodies
turned into fat swine carcasses and their minds were beclouded. They ceased to
objectively evaluate the reality. As it turned out, they were fed to slaughter.
I keep on saying that fairytales do not exist – these are all aspects of our
reality, which have taken place or are still to be implemented. What we directly let
inside ourselves, i.e. food, water, and information, is the tool for suppression of
mental clarity. When you live on natural food and drink clean water, your
consciousness clears up – it is proved.
How is attention diverted? Recently, you might have noticed that people show
distinct signs of distraction, forgetfulness, inattention. You can often see that
attention limps: people make ridiculous mistakes, are confused in simple things,
make inappropriate actions. It feels like much of the attention of the person is
seized by someone or something.
It's like with energy - if a person is ill, the lion's share of his/her energy is
involved, diverted to fight the disease. Or, if a person has taken upon himself a
backbreaking load of obligations, most of his/her free energy, again, is locked or
reserved for those obligations.
In my early books, I wrote about capture of attention with a pendulum, when a
person irritated, concerned, or frightened with something has his brain freeze, sinks
into his problem like in a dream, and no longer sees and understands what is going
on in his reality. But then I did not describe it as a mass phenomenon. Now a largescale pattern can be clearly traced. The majority is sleeping, that is, they are acting
like in a dream; they are not managing their lives, but lives are happening to them.
I view this phenomenon as a red flag, because just two or three years ago it was
not so pronounced.
There is one simple illustration of the capture of attention effect. When a group
of people goes out for a picnic, what happens first? The car doors swing open and
the radio is turned on at full blast. It would seem strange, rather than to have a
break from the city noise and listen to the silence of the forest and the birds’
singing, the same hammering at the brains is consumed. Maybe all of us are fans of
music or the latest news?
Compare the modern man to the one who lived a thousand years ago, when
there were no newspapers, cinema, radio, television, Internet and mobile phones.
They are completely different people! And the main difference is not even in
intelligence, civilization or education. The fact is that a modern man is tightly
addicted to the information needle - he cannot do without the external flow of
information. This is this flow, fostered by the system, creates the capture of
attention effect.
It may seem to you that you are fully focused on what are occupied with at the
moment, but in fact, only a small fraction of your attention is active. The greater
part is connected with one invisible thread to the system’s information web, is
reserved for the external control flow as a deposit box in a bank.
And another part of your attention, not any less significant, is locked being in a
state of hibernation. Locking is induced by synthetic food which, like any other
chemical, causes an altered state of consciousness, to a greater or lesser degree.
With appearance and evolution of technogenic methods for processing food, the
situation is becoming increasingly worse each year. For example, the peculiarity of
the modern children psyche, namely, hyperactivity and attention deficit, is usually
attributed to the "indigo phenomenon".
In fact, it has nothing to do with indigo. Hysterical behavior, which now is
common in children from an early age, is due to the high content of chemicals and
synthetic substances in products in supermarkets. Synthetic food is as toxic as
alcohol or drugs. Hence the unstrung nervous system. The child staggers like a
weathercock in the wind. He/she has difficulty with learning, is not able to
concentrate and sit still.
When I was a pioneer, we could sit. My generation remembers that we could
even made to sit with our arms folded on the desk. Why can’t today's children do
it? Their mood and energy are constantly changing. How do they differ from those
pioneers - from us? We, too, were hectic, but could easily concentrate.
And nowadays, I would say, children are not crazy any more (as they should
be), but rather tired. One summer day, I was walking along the beach and saw a
large group of camp children in front of me. They had just been guided to the
seashore, undressed, and allowed to go into the water. I thought I had to go
through the messy, crazy crowd of screaming, running, hopping, and galloping
monsters. Far from it. They behaved like pensioners after a hearty lunch. Don’t
forget that the sea usually excites children.
Of course, all children are different, and the adults are influenced by chemicals
differently. But the overall picture is clear: intoxication with dead synthetics, with
all the symptoms that accompany this intoxication, having become normal. It is
considered to be normal, because, in accordance with the principle of socium, "if
everybody has it, then it must be so." But is it correct?
Synthetic products cause dependence similar to drug dependence. Thus, growth
of degenerative diseases is expressly correlated with the appearance and
development of new methods of cooking, such as canning, refining, and all sort of
chemical treatment. Food technologies develop not for the reasons of benefits for
health, but out of the principles of taste, practicality, fashion, and “everybody does
First, people invented ways of clearing cereals and rice from the shell and the
corcule, which contain all nutrients. Processed grain products are white, soft and
fluffy. One day someone came to visit someone, and saw those lavish rolls and
white rice. Wow! I want it, too! And everybody wanted it. And then got used to it.
But they lost their health. And no one thought of relating the emergence of new
diseases to changes in food technology. Almost no one. And up to now only few
people think about it. They just eat and get sick. They are sick and eat.
Interestingly, in medieval France, the home of haute cuisine, a big bowl of
green salad was the main everyday dish of commoners. Common people used to
live on unpretentious natural food. Culinary specialties were the privilege of the
nobility – for it chefs tried to cook something special, while they themselves ate a
whole bowl of salad made with all kind of herbs. In their masters’ dishes the same
greens were added only as spices and decorations.
So, at that time, diseases and ailments were characteristic of a noble family. It
was even considered smart to have a pale face and lie in all day, pining with
“noble” spleen and sickness. Such a fashion. In contrast, the tanned, healthy, plain
look was characteristic of the lower order. No time to be sick, you know. And a
plenty of strength. To work all day long was a common practice, and then easily
carry on somewhere in the haystack.
Eventually, however, fine cuisine spread everywhere, in many respects thanks
to the same fashion. For example, canned foods were invented in order to provide
Napoleon's army with practical rations. But then they came into fashion as one of
the achievements of progress. Imagine people sitting at the table, served with all
kind of tins and cans. And the people are even talking about canned food, like:
"And what cans did you eat today? We had such and such. Why, you do not eat
canned food? Well, you are quite behind the times!”
First, preservation technology was limited to the long-time cooking. But later
various preservatives, flavor enhancers, flavors, additives, flavorings were
invented. Such food is not just addictive - it causes strongest drug abuse,
dependence on the trough. And, most importantly, it turns out that it is convenient
to everybody – to producers, vendors, and consumers. Everybody is on the same
needle and gets his own benefit. But again: they eat and get sick, are sick and eat.
The impression is that a modern man is not a Homo Sapiens, “a reasonable
man”, but a domesticated, tamed, and intentionally fed species having no idea
what it is fed with, and for what purpose. Homo Mansuetus. Someone's domestic
man, in a human farm.
The system needs everybody to march in a range. And it is only to easy
manipulate this range if everyone is tied to his trough. And it is still easier to
manipulate if all are pursuing the same false aims and are afraid of the same
problems. Look at any mass media, and you will clearly see a very primitive, in
fact, picture: on the one hand, from all screens and covers, we are being imposed
the cult of success and consumption, and on the other hand we are being scared by
disturbing news. The order is based on this.
Perhaps, the most horrific side effect of industrial civilization are degenerative
diseases and early deaths related to them. Chemicals, radiation, and GMOs are not
felt, but they really kill, however slowly. It is a slow death. And this is the way of
death, not life. One must be very naive to believe that these "synthetic
conveniences" will not be paid for. We're not androids, right?
For some reason, we are always impressed with the death of a famous person,
especially if he/she succeeded in life. But few people are impressed by the general
statistics, which always remains in the shadow, behind the scenes. And the
statistics is as follows.
In Russia, 300,000 people die of cancer annually. In the U.S., half a million. The
population of a small country. Imagine, every year, in every major state, a whole
country is dying out. And it is only of cancer. And every year these numbers
increase significantly. Besides, recently there has been a noticeable "rejuvenation"
of the disease.
According to New Scientist, 40% of European population have been recognized
mentally unwell. Hard to believe? However, given that depression, for example, has
grown to the scale of pandemic, it is no wonder. Allergies, arthritis, back problems
are also mass epidemics.
Over the past two decades, in Russia alone 800,000 people have committed
suicides. So, we have an average of 40,000 per year passing away - not because of
diseases, but because they believe that to keep on living is just unbearable. But
this is not the life obstacles that are the starter mechanism for it, but the
depression resulting from food intoxication.
Every day 37,000 people die of hunger. Every 5 seconds a child dies from
hunger. We once were promised that GMOs will feed all the mankind. However, the
introduction of GMOs has not only failed to address this issue, but led to a global
increase in infertility, farmers’ bancruptcy, as well as the death of insects involved
in pollination, which can lead to disastrous consequences.
Here's an up-to-date statistics which is not widely publicized, and is kept behind
the scenes. But what matters is not even what the numbers are, but the fact that
all of these diseases are degenerative. This means that the body is literally falling
apart and degrading under the pressure of unnatural and aggressive environmental
The main idea (which is usually no spoken about) is that the origin of these
diseases, including suicide, is purely technogenic. The history of the mankind,
before the widespread introduction of the technosphere into all aspects of life,
especially in food technology, has seen nothing of the sort.
Thus, the flow of information generated by the system creates the effect of the
capture of attention. Another part of attention, not any less significant, is locked,
being in a state of hibernation. Locking is induced by synthetic food. These
phenomena are the first symptoms and signs that the system, like a tumor, begins
to actively grow. For a man, these things take their toll, his abilities decline sharply.
In the end, a man loses health and awareness. He stops to realize what he
consumes, and what is generally happening around.
Along with technology development, related technogenic mind is generated,
consciousness of cyborgs, if you will. The first is impossible without the latter –
everything is interconnected. If you eat synthetics, you become a cyborg, if you
become a cyborg, you eat synthetics. For a man it all means one thing: he is placed
in a cell, the cell of matrix. And this is not fiction any more.
Why is it nowhere expressly and clearly spoken about? This, again, is natural.
First, this kind of information is unfavorable for the system, and second, the
awareness of people is already locked to a fairly large extent and the attention
captured - it is constantly being deflected to minor and insignificant things.
Human mind is organized in such a way that being an individual’s mind, on the
one hand, is free, but at the same time it can not be in a free flight, or in a
suspended state. A mind requires support, like a bird needs a branch. If from the
very beginning of civilization religion could serve as such a support, today the
initiative is slowly but steadily transferred to the system – the energy and
information matrix.
The question is how did we get to this point? The fact is that in the technogenic
there is the law domineering - profit at any cost. The pandemic race for profits has
made us prisoners, hostages of manufacturers’ and sellers’ interests. The easiest
way to gain super-profits is cost reduction. The more synthetics in a product the
lower its cost is. The longer the period of storage, the easier it is to encash the
The next question is: how dare they to feed us this stuff? How could this happen
that we are surrounded with synthetics? And not only in the food – in everything.
Again, it is very simple: if the consumer mind is at a zombie level, you can sell
anything to him. And he will believe that this is not only useful but crucial for his
own health.
If the mind of both individuals and the entire society were at a bit higher level,
we would still drink whole milk and beer, eat natural sausage without genetically
modified soya, and so on. But we are not the free and aware individuals. We are ...
I do not want to use a rude term, so I will put it mildly - we are in a farm, so we
eat what we are given. This is our situation.
The paradoxical regularity is that the evolution of mind, making a revolution,
does not rise to a higher level but comes back to the starting point. By the way, it
is natural that, along with the theory of evolution, the theory of involution is
becoming increasingly popular, subject to which apes are not the ancestors of the
man but his lower branches - degradants. However, in my opinion, coming back to
the ape condition does not threaten us, at least in the nearest future. But
cyborgization does, and it can happen very soon.
All that does not happen because manufacturers and retailers are a category of
bad, ill-intentioned people. In fact, the system forces them to act the way they do.
And just like revolution devours its children, and the children of the system are in
its power.
Moreover, when the world fell into the crisis and then got stuck in a deep
recession, the race for profits became even more acute. And now it is very much
reflected in the quality of goods. Any goods, not just food. Any household item,
from paint through to a bulb, contains cheap chemical components that constitute a
direct threat not only to health, but even for life.
For some reason, this aspect of the crisis is not spoken about clearly and
openly. And it is this aspect that is being developed with high acceleration. It may
seem that nothing is changing, but in fact it is. Yesterday you bought a product of
one quality and today it is quite different. A race is a race.
Different models of the system work differently. The socialist model deprives its
elements of the freedom of choice. The capitalist one enslaves. The technogenic
works in an interesting way. It does not oppress directly and makes no direct
pressure. It creates an environment in which its elements - screws - themselves
are adjusted for the needs of the system and begin to want what is advantageous
to it.
Everything is built on dependence. Any synthetic food confuses mind and causes
a strongest addiction. The system has no other means of influence on the mind,
except food, information, and environmental conditions. These are the methods it
Medicine is not too concerned with all these facts. The other way round.
Medicine, together with pharmacology, is a very powerful business. This business
needs patients, not healthy people. What can you take from a healthy person?
Almost all young people now have a lot of health problems which previous
generations did not have. Our children, fed with supermarket synthetics, will live
less than we. The trend used to be opposite. And now, for the first time, children
will live less than their parents. And will they be able to have children? A big
question. Do you see what is happening?
As I have said, the system needs not fully healthy elements, otherwise they will
go out of control. Well, of course you are to go to work and carry out your duties,
but you also have to be constantly, chronically ill, go to doctors and take
medications. Only like this you will meet the requirements of the system.
If you look at yourself, the world and your place in it, it is easy to understand
that we are constantly being depressed with something, with some burden of
circumstances, responsibilities, terms, conditions, purposes, and values. Life
stresses because it's like imposed from the outside. The system benefits from
people being constantly occupied with something, and being obliged to do
something so that they had no time to stop and think what is happening.
The pressure shows itself, first of all, in the fact that people are imposed false
targets, false stereotypes, templates of success and of the ways to succeed. All this
for the most part is not consistent with the individual qualities and breaks the
personality. But people, being in an unconscious dream, think that they must adapt
to these standards.
In fact, the following is happening. People are studded with sort of mental
clothespins. Mind and will shrink like a suit, which first fitted freely and comfortably,
and then it was pulled and clothespinned from all sides. People walk like shunted
and deenergized.
A clothespin is something that depresses you or is not consistent with your
individual self. You feel some load, and you vaguely guess that it is not right, that it
should not be so. Here are some typical examples of such clothespins:
1. “Love can be won with a smart strategy.” Think about this phrase. Something
is wrong here, isn’t it? But that's what thousands of books are written about, and
that's exactly what you do when you like someone.
2. “It is very difficult to get a good job.” Indeed, practical experience shows that
this is so. Yet, something is wrong here. What do you think it is? It is the fact that
somebody still finds such work and lives happily. But why somebody and not you?
Is he, unlike you, the chosen one? Maybe because you' have allowed to hang this
false belief upon you, and are now permanently broadcasting it into your world, like
clockwork box?
3. “A sweetheart can be brought back.” Many books have been written about it,
and again, this is what you are trying to do when you are left. Do you really believe
that this is possible? Or have you been made to believe it because you wanted to
In fact, modern man is involved in the race for everything that he, from the
point of view of the socium, must reach, and therefore is in a state of ongoing
stress. It's amazing how he can withstand it. And the pressure is growing every
day. Why?
Until recently, the stereotypes of the socium did not have such a large pressure
and force, because there was no global information synchronization system like the
one we have now. Now everything is in one web. The innocent, as it might seem,
exchange of information takes a fraction of a second. But exchange of information
as such is not the most important thing. The decisive role belongs to another
process - exchange of opinions. All sorts of ratings, elections, selection, contests,
TV shows, blogs, forums, youtube, and finally, "like - not like" in social networks all this is the exchange and synchronization of views.
Curiously enough, no one thinks who and why needs it. The system seems to
have purposely programmed people to willingly share their views on any matter,
without wondering about the purpose and sense of the ongoing. Everybody thinks
that they are just playing some kind of a funny game. There is a complete illusion
that each participant plays by himself, expressing his free will. And no one suspects
that the game is being controlled from the outside and aims at something which
has not been announced. No one has the feeling that he is pulled like a puppet.
But what are the purpose and the sense? The most unpleasant and slippery
property of the system is its ability to weave illusions and operate unnoticeably,
little by little. A man in the system begins to want exactly what is advantageous to
it. His mind is perfectly adjusted to the needs of the system. How is this achieved?
To carve out a a standard screw from a non-standard personality. His mindset,
virtues, vices, abilities, needs - everything must be unified. Little by little, one way
or another, reduce everything to the same level.
So, this very "like - not like" in any, one or another, form- is a way to
synchronize views, unify values, create standards and stereotypes. Each individual
and unique I is gradually levelled by the uproar of the "public opinion." This is the
sense and purpose of the game. All is very simple: the better the views are
synchronized, the more unified the screws are. They will continue to go off the
production line, all as one, unified and standardized. The same principle works in
any totalitarian system as well.
There is only one difference: in a totalitarian system unification is carried out
forcibly and in a technogenic system – very softly, quietly, little by little.
Actually, hanging mental clothespins is this very process of levelling an
individual. The socium principle "If everyone thinks and does so, then it is right" serves as a pivot around which the whole process revolves. And the function of the
driving gear, odd as it may seem, is performed by something about what "no one
would have thought, no one would believe" - harmless forms of information
exchange in the web - in social networks, for example.
You can easily see the live illustration of how it happens in reality, if you are
attentive enough. One can only wonder how cleverly the system is organized.
That's the way the system breaks personality with its subsequent unification. It
is not hard to understand where this leads to. When identity is obscured or erased,
a person, or rather what is left of him, finds himself lonely and helpless in the
surrounding world that suppresses him. The person is deprived of his personal
fulfillment ability (with his own unconscious consent). Well, then, of course, the
system takes possession of this levelled person. That's why life is so hard, and at
times just unbearable.
Apart from the aggressive technogenic environment, a person is constantly
presses with fomented social tension, competition, rivalry. All this leads to, oddly,
back problems that are to be found, according to various estimates, with more than
90% of the civilized population. Mass spread of diseases of the musculoskeletal
system is a phenomenon of our time, or more specifically, of technogenic
civilization, as aboriginal suffer from nothing similar.
We can assume that the reason for that is one, and this is lack of exercise, but
this is not the case. It turns out that on this question, so many doctors, so many
opinions. And, which is more interesting, modern medicine is almost helpless
against this disease of the century. Back pain is not cured but converted, at best, to
a slow chronic stage.
A progressive American doctor John Sarno, after years of research came to a
conclusion that the main cause of pain is not the functional or structural disorders,
but repressed emotions. A modern man is in a state of constant stress. This state
has become almost habitual to him, "normal."
Here are some stress factors:
Responsibility at work and study.
Road to and from work.
Financial issues.
Change of job, residence.
issues in relations with colleagues, friends, and relatives.
problems at work and in personal life.
Strong internal motivation, need to be the best, the first.
The key items in this list are the responsibility and motivation. These are the
very main clothespins that the system clings to the man in order to, on the one
hand, whip him, and on the other hand, limit his energy, consciousness and
freedom, in other words, "restrain his ardor." When a critical mass of such
experiences is accumulated, there occurs what John Sarno defines as tension
myositis syndrome (TMS).
Emotional stress turns into a physical stress. The energy of emotions (especially
repressed ones), does not go away, does not disappear, but proceeds into a
functional impairment - muscle spasm. This, in turn, leads to structural disorders curvature of the spine, intervertebral hernia, etc.
According to Dr. Sarno, tension myositis syndrome does not enjoy interest in
academic science, because it does not leave cause traces. Emotions can not be
placed in a test tube, weighed and measured. Medical techniques, being mostly
laboratory, can not register the effect of TMS.
Tension myositis syndrome does not simply appear as a phenomenon, but
performs the function of replacement of a physical pain with an emotional pain,
which is the first cause of TMS.
A physical pain is easier endured than mental anguish. All the more so as the
brain reigns our body. The brain prefers to feel physical pain in the body rather
than negative experiences in his mind. As long as attention is occupied with pain,
suppressed emotions can not reach the level of consciousness.
The second cause of TMS is similar to the first one: human mind tends to shove
all the problems troubling it deeper, into the subconscious.
Worry, anger, guilt, responsibility, low self-esteem are driven deep into the
subconsciousness because consciousness does not want to feel it all neither to show
it to others. However, there comes a time when the subconscious mind can not
hold it within itself. That’s when TMS occurs.
In the natural world, the problems are solved simply and naturally: fear adrenaline in blood - run - the fear disappeared. Anger - adrenaline again - scratch
somebody - it became easier. In the technogenic system it does not work any
longer. The brain and the nervous system are not suited to living in such an
environment. Evolution has not come to it yet. Physiological and physical activity –
no problem. But the brain does not know what to do with the emotions that can
find no way out, hence the primitive reaction – to substitute them with pain or
Muscles affected by TMS are in the back of the neck, back, buttocks. They are
responsible for the correct position of head and torso and ensure efficient operation
of hands. The system knows where to cling the clothespins. In order to make a
puppet move in a proper way you must correctly hook and hang it. So mental
clothespins generate other type of clothespins, somatic ones.
Mental clothespins block attention, will,
clothespins directly block muscles and energy.
According to John Sarno’s observations, spinal epidemic started 30 years ago
and continues up to this day with steady growth. It turns out that the source of it is
somewhere in the 80's of last century. There had been nothing of the sort before,
not in this scale. So what happened? The development of the technogenic system,
with its devastating impact, had begun long before that. A sedentary lifestyle,
permanent stress, and the mechanism of repressing experiences into the
subconsciousness had existed before. Why was it exactly 30 years ago that the
tension myositis syndrome started to manifest itself?
Dr. Sarno does not provide the answer to this question. But the solution, in my
opinion, is obvious, as it is on the surface. It was in the 80’s that intensive
development of information technology, information media, mass media and
communications began.
With the appearance of personal computers, CDs, DVDs, satellite TV, the
Internet, mobile phones, and, more recently, social networks, man was struck with
a powerful waterfall of information. It was literally information intoxication.
If you used to repress your mental problems into the subconscious
comparatively easy, now as information overload has reached a critical point, the
subconscious capacity is not enough, and that results in physical problems. Modern
man is so much overloaded with information that his body, mind and
subconsciousness can no longer cope with the pressure of technogenic factors.
Dr. Sarno, after years of practice, was able to find a way to get rid of the TMS.
The method proved to be surprisingly simple. If one understands that the source of
the pain symptoms are suppressed emotions and feelings, the pain disappears.
When the cause of TMS is revealed, the subconsciousness realizes that it will not be
able to cheat you that way.
Pain does not always tide away at once, it can take a few days, sometimes a
month or two. The subconsciousness behaves as if it were trying not to show to
have been caught in a "hidden crime". It's really a kind of crime against the body,
as the subconsciousness, shifting the problem onto the body, admits its impotence.
But now that the "secret" is revealed, this trick does not go. More information can
be found in John E. Sarno’s book “Healing back pain”.
So the technosphere has spawned another phenomenon of our time,
information intoxication. People are so much overfed with information that they can
hardly be surprised or interested. In such circumstances mass media go to pains
trying to draw the audience’s attention. Hence the hysteria about the approaching
"end of the world". Unfortunately, it only contributes to accumulation of aggression
and the real potential for real disaster, as the collective consciousness forms the
Under the information pressure it is necessary to consciously measure out and
filter information, not to allow all the stuff inside oneself, and not to get involved in
everything. This does not mean that we should throw away the TV, turn off the
phone and all leave social utilities forever. The principle is to be in the position of a
outside observer, not an absorber of information.
It is important to remember the three key principles:
1. Consciousness (I am aware of what I am doing at the moment, what for and
2. Observation (I do not sink, but observe detachedly and soberly)
3. Selectivity (I do not absorb information but select it; observe what is going
on, what I am engaged into at the moment, what somebody is trying to engage me
into, and if I really need it).
Unfortunately, within a short session, I can not describe all aspects of the
harmful effects of the technosphere. At the end of the topic, taking the risk of
exhausting the stock of your patience, dear audience, I would like to mention one
more factor of technogenic system, which has a very strong, though imperceptible
impact on people - radio waves from mobile phones and network antennas.
There is a real risk of a brain tumor as a result of constant exposure to
electromagnetic radiation. Phone manufacturers and network operators are aware
of this, but this fact does not bother them - they are too much engaged in the race
for profits. Phone users either do not know about it or are in a state of the so-called
"herd security". After all, everybody uses a mobile. Can’t they all not feel the
I have a bad news: they can. A man is able to be in a carefree euphoria, not
paying attention to warning signs, for any period, as long as the problem does not
touch him personally, or until it becomes apparent that the entire herd has been
fed for slaughter.
I can make an example. Until the 80’s of the last century, everybody used to
enthusiastically welcome appearance of cheap building materials based on
asbestos. Experts’ warnings on carcinogenic properties of this mineral were
completely disregarded, and asbestos manufacturers profited very well at that time.
And then there were numerous cases of tumors. But the asbestos industry is a
multibillion-dollar business, and manufacturers had long had the opportunity to
lobby their interests, doing their best to prove the "absolute security".
At the moment asbestos is completely prohibited only in EU countries. In the
rest of the world it is not. So, asbestos war has not ended. Why? The time has not
come yet. The matter is that tumors take a very long time to form, about 35-40
years. Taking into account the fact that the peak use of asbestos was in the late
70’s-early 80's, it is easy to see that the peak of cancer diseases is yet to come from 2015 to the 2020s. The clock mechanism is still ticking away.
Consequences of the widespread adoption of mobile communication should be
expected approximately from 2035. No one can predict the nature and the scale of
these consequences. The worst thing is that this is a global experiment, preformed
to the entire mankind. Since electromagnetic radiation, among other things, leads
to genetic changes, we can assume that the mad experiment is carried out not only
to the present but also to the future generations yet unborn. Are you ready to wait
for 20-30 years to see what the consequences of this experiment will be?
Imagine what will happen in 30 years. What will our planet look like? Who of us
will survive? What awaits us, a fantastic blockbuster with virtually no clean water
and normal food? Will it be an overpopulated world, where there are battles for
food and water, or deserted streets? This is not only a question of our planet
ecology, but of personal ecology as well.
We can not count on somebody to settle the situation down. And we do not
have time to wait. We want to ensure the safety of their personal ecology here and
now, not in the future, when the producers and sellers finally realize what they
produce and sell, and doctors learn to treat the diseases.
I take this opportunity to speak on behalf of the Russian followers of the
biosphere. We proclaim the сLIEBE Convention to bring together everyone who
seeks to preserve the ecology of the planet as well as his/her personal ecology.
сLIEBE was derived from affix c- in “convention”, German root “ Liebe” (love),
and Latin one “liber” (free). Besides, сLIEBE is a Russian abbreviation from
“Convention of Personal Safety and Freedom”. With the technogenic system, it is
high time we spoke about personal ecology, personal safety, and freedom.
In 2009, the UN General Assembly, within the "Concept of Sustainable
Development», adopted a resolution in which participant organizations and
countries parties were offered to consider the problem of promoting a life in
harmony with nature. We support this resolution, but we want to go further to
make the principle of harmonious coexistence with nature not only a matter of
environmental safety at the state level, but also at the level of each person’s
If the person does not take care of his/her personal safety, the help from the
state can hardly be expected. "The Concept of Sustainable Development" has been
existing for years, but nothing has changed, has it? On the contrary, the situation
continues to worsen.
We are not calling for confrontation. To fight a system dominated by the race
for profit is like fighting windmills. You can live in the system, take advantage of its
benefits, and at the same time be independent on it and protect yourself from its
harmful effects. You just need to know the rules of safe existence in the
technogenic environment.
First of all, we must not forget our biosphere origin, not lose the remnants of
Nature in ourselves and our surroundings, not allow to involve us in the process of
total cyborgization, not turn into a cell of the matrix, and do everything to keep our
individuality, freedom, awareness, and health, as well as the biosphere around us.
сLIEBE Convention aims at informing people on the rules of safe existence in
the technogenic environment and unite the supporters of biosphere.
And our common task is to opt for environmentally friendly products. It's very
simple. We can not break the existing system, but we can give preference to
natural goods and services. As you know, what is the demand, so is the supply.
First, not to consume foods containing GMOs, chemicals, synthetics, as well as
additives, imitating the supposedly "natural" ones. Be committed to minimize the
use of chemicals and synthetics. Alternative products will appear instead if there is
a demand for them.
Second, use your mobile phone for its intended purpose, i.e. as a phone (or,
when necessary, turn off radio mode). Take it in your hands only when it is really
necessary, keep it away from your body, especially from your head. The only
effective means of avoiding direct radiation to the brain, is a headset - headset and
a microphone on the wire. It is important to use the wire, not any other connection.
Third, deliberately measure out the incoming information flow, as well as your
direct involvement in the global information web.
A lot of other alternatives can be offered, but even the above basic measures
will be sufficient to significantly change our lives in the direction of biosphere. If we
bring our efforts together, we can create a biospheric oasis in the technogenic
system. Personally, I am convinced that biosphere and technosphere can exist in
equilibrium when the system works for the man and not the other way round. Let's
take care of our fragile small planet, about ourselves, and about our children.
Thank you for your time.
When the civilization settled down to the technogenic course, such laws started
to operate which had never revealed themselves before. Now these laws cause the
technosphere to steadily develop into a matrix. Matrix is a sort of a conglomerate, a
system for which a man is a battery powering this system. Such films as The Matrix
or Surrogates are not science fiction but our nearest future. And this is not the
point of technical appliances people are surrounding themselves with. Once having
got into the global information field created by different mass media, they find
themselves possessed by the system. This is not the man who controls the system
any more, but the system itself fully controls and overmasters him. The new reality
is not the same anymore and the rules of survival in it are different. We woke up in
a different reality.