Carl Jeffersonn B. Esperanzate
Ancient Africa : Somalia
Ancient Somalia or Punt’s location is still the same where Somalia
stands today. Punt or Somalia is north of the equator and is at the east
side of the continent of Africa. Its neighboring countries are Arabia,
Egypt, Persia, and India. Somalia is also on the silk road trade route.
The temperature is hot and it is always very dry and not a lot of trees
grow there. Luckily it’s right beside the Indian Ocean so you can have a
fun time swimming!
Did you know that
Somalia was on the
silk road? It became
a very important
trade city, just like
Somalia is a civilization that uses kinship to bond
together. They were also monotheistic and spoke
Somali language. They had to work together to not
get taken over by other civilizations. They told
stories orally and by singing. They had droughts,
famines, and diseases which made their life very
harsh and difficult.
So, if you want to have a
really good dependable
colony, come to ancient
Somalia! We’ve got games
and fun!
Somalia’s politics are actually run by kings and queens. Then after the
Persian Emperor Cambyses II conquered Ancient Egypt he told his
ambassadors to bring gifts to the Macrobians in Somalia. But, instead
the Macrobian king responded with a challenge to the Persians in the
form of a unstrung bow and that they would have the right to invade
Somalia if they manage to string it. Luckily Cambyses II never
managed to string it leaving the Somali people in peace.
Did you know?
• Since they were by the Nile
River, pirates attacked them
once in a while.
One of the inventions that Somalia had done was a system of writing that has 21
consonants and 5 vowels called Somali. The Macrobians also mastered to live
for a very long time averaging about 120 years. Archeologists described the
Macrobians as the, “Tallest and handsomest of all men”. Talk about a change!
Wouldn’t you want to live that
long? So, start packing your
bags and come to Ancient
Somalia! They probably can tell
you the secret…
Somalia’s culture was based on men doing all of the hard work and women
staying at home taking care of the children. But, sometimes the women
actually becomes the clan leader. The men wore very white clothes or turbans
as well as the women did. Somalis are mostly meat eaters and vegetarians
rarely occur. They ate goat, beef, lamb, and sometimes chicken with curry and
rice. They told poems on a daily basis and most of it was about their jobs as a
mat weaver.
Mmm! That made me hungry!
Come with me and we’ll eat tons
of food and have a good time!
You could maybe buy some of
their cool clothes at their shops.
Somalia’s economy was based on trading things at the market or the trade
routes. They traded based on the barter system. Later on they used coins to
buy the resources that they need. They used the ocean and the roads to trade.
They traded incense, ebony, short-horned cattle, gold, ivory, and animal skins.
Did you know?
• They used the barter method for
many years.
• Punt was a major trade city
because of their resources like
gold, salt, iron, and jewelry.
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