Sales Budget

Planning, deciding what to do in the future. it
involve setting objective and determine ways
to achieve them. poor manager work on
yesterday problem. Good manager work on
today problem. Excellent manager work on
tomorrow problems.
Modern sales management planning has to
be information based. information for better
decision making is supplied to sales manager
by the method of MIS.information can be
handle by many source,
Sales intelligence…sales people are expected
to provide information for sales planning,
And there is a growing need for better sales
intelligence from the field. Sales people need
to provide competitor data.
Which include consist of people equipment
procedure to gather sorting analyzing and
evaluating and distributing the needy and
time information to marketing decision
The first step of the sales management
planning process is to identify specific
goals. This portion of the planning process
(2) Identify Resources
Each goal should have financial and human
resources projections associated with its
completion. For example, a management plan
may identify how many sales people it will
require and how much it will cost to meet the
goal of increasing sales by 25 percent.
(3) Establish Goal-Related Tasks
 Each goal should have tasks or projects
associated with its achievement. For example,
if a goal is to increase profits by 25 percent, a
manager will need to outline the tasks
required to meet that objective. Examples of
tasks might include increasing the sales staff
or developing advanced sales training
(4) Establish Evaluation Methods
 A management planning process should
include a strategy for evaluating the progress
toward goal complete throughout an
established time period. One way to do this is
through requesting a monthly progress
report from department heads.
Where do we stand now?
How much will be the plan cost?
What are the result?
What changes need to be made?
To attract quality people.
Expert people reduces the sales expenses.
Retaining quality
Achievement of objectives.
Better relationship between the manager and
Budget: it’s related to the financial statement
of the organization.
Budgeting: Estimated future levels of revenue,
selling expenses, and profit contributions of
the sales function.
The sales budget will outline the product
and services.
A sales budgeting is a smaller budget that
is part of the master budget of a business.
The sales budget focuses only an to cover
sales activities and how much it is costing
the business to produce the products or
services for sale. The sales budget is
developed to help the sales, the needs of
the production, team, evaluate the sales
and performances.
(1) Sales Budget - The sales budget is an
estimate of future sales, often broken down
into both units and dollars. It is used to
create company sales goals.
(2) Production Budget - Product oriented
companies create a production budget. It is
an estimate of the number of units that must
be manufactured in order to meet the sales
goals. The production budget also estimates
the various costs involved with manufacturing
those units, such as labor, material, and other
Cash Flow Budget - The cash flow budget is a
prediction of future cash receipts and
expenditures for a particular time period. It
usually covers a period in the short term
future. The cash flow budget helps the
business determine when income will be
sufficient to cover expenses and when the
company will need to seek outside financing.
Marketing Budget - The marketing budget is
an estimate of the funds needed for
promotion, advertising, and public relations
in order to market the product or service.