October Announcements

October News
E-16: Mrs. Haley’s Class
My phone # is 362-4511 ext-664. You can call this # to leave a voice mail for me
anytime. (The system turns off the ringer on teacher’s phones during school hours.) If
you ever need to reach me right away you need to call the office at 362-4511 and
explain why you don’t want to leave me a voice mail for later. You may also e-mail me at
school: haleyc@udasd.org .
Day 1-Library
Day 2-Phys. Ed.
Day 3-Art
Day 4-Music
Day 5-Technology
Day 6-Guidance
Lists will usually come home on a Monday. The test will be on Friday. Please keep
each week’s list in your child’s homework folder so we can use it during the day and you
have it to practice at night.
Students usually receive homework. Homework will count as part of your child’s overall math grade.
Students will be filling out their agenda book daily. Homework assignments will be
written in the agenda as well as upcoming events and tests. If we don’t have homework
we will print “No HW” in our agenda books. Please sign your child’s agenda daily—sign
at the bottom in the space marked “Parent Comment.” Please sign the agenda each
night, even if we did not have homework. When I have a question/concern I will write a
note in the agenda book. If you write me a note in the agenda book, please tell your
child to show it to me in homeroom in the morning since I usually wait to check agenda
books in the afternoon when we write in math homework. Thanks!
Sometimes we will complete work together in class, do work with a partner or in
groups or check work together. If a paper comes home and I had your child write “CT”
on it this means I did not correct it. It was completed together or corrected together.
If you find an error on one of these papers feel free to go over it with your child, but
you don’t need to send it back to school for me since I did not take a grade on it.
October Announcements:
1-picture day
4-Baseball Day-wear your favorite team jersey/shirt/colors
7-11-Fire Prevention Week
14-no school-teacher in-service
18-Black out Day-wear black
31-Halloween Parties-more info will come home later