Seamor Marine Ltd.

As well regarded global supplier to the sub-sea industry,
SEAMOR Marine Ltd. is among the top 5 manufacturers of
Observation Class ROV systems. The ROV SEAMOR brand is
well established, having been in existence longer than many of its
competitors, and recognized for its industry influencing
technology developments.
CEO/President: Mr. Robin GANG LI
Number of Employees: 16
Company Profile
SEAMOR Marine Ltd. has been in operation since 2006 following the
acquisition of the original ROV SEAMOR brand and associated
technologies. The Canadian company’s sole focus is on the continuing
development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and servicing of SEAMOR
Observation Class, Remotely Operated Vehicles (OCROV), along with
related technologies, systems, and ancillary devices.
Currently the company employs a staff of 16 and operates from a new
(2012) facility located in Nanaimo, BC.
In addition to accommodating
administrative, marketing/sales, engineering, assembly, testing, and
shipping/receiving functions, the facility also houses an R&D machine shop.
SEAMOR Marine Ltd. distributes SEAMOR ROV’s directly in Canada and
enlists the services of its growing international dealer network to facilitate
the sale of products on a global scale. Custom system sales and customer
service are dealt with directly through the company’s head office. The firm
also offers standard and customizable client training packages for repair and
maintenance of their products.
SEAMOR users count on the reliability and minimal maintenance required to
keep their ROV operational. One of the unique elements of SEAMOR ROV
ownership is a fully transferrable, 2 year warranty.
“We know that our commitment to supporting the products we manufacture,
no matter who owns them, where they are, or what they are doing, is a true
commitment to the end user.”
Technology Profile
SEAMOR ROV systems are designed with the end-user in mind. The
modular, open-frame layout allows for ease of access into the ‘guts’ of the
vehicle and aids in the integration of 3rd party tools and sensors. The result
is the ability to easily assemble a customized underwater system.
In addition to customer specified systems, the company currently offers 7
standard ROV SEAMOR versions; 3 with “twisted pair” tether, 3 with “fiberoptic” tether and 1 with combined “twisted pairs”/“fiber-optic” tether. The
300F-1080p-HD model incorporates a High Definition primary video camera.
All standard systems are depth rated to 1000ft/300m and feature 150w
thrusters (4 or 6 – model dependent),1800 tilting camera and lights, auto
depth, auto heading, and include a 19” monitor, intuitive control system,
tether cable, manual tether winch c/w slip-ring, spares and tool kit.
A recent addition to the company’s portfolio is the SEAMOR 7F-H-ARM, a 7
function, hydraulic, articulated, remotely operated manipulator. This exciting
new system has been specifically designed for Observation Class vehicles
and can be retrofitted to most similar ROV systems.
A wide range of proprietary and 3rd party options including: grippers, lights,
cameras, laser scalers, wireless control pendants, and sonar systems, are
available with SEAMOR systems.
The SEAMOR R&D team continues to focus on the advancement of subssea technologies through the development of new and innovative ROV
related systems and devices.
Testing Capabilities
Preliminary Electronics/Software Systems Testing:
Circuit boards and electrical components are bench tested using a variety of
test fixtures Tether assemblies are tested for continuity System
communications are verified using proprietary packet analysis software
Component Pressure Testing:
Selected components are pressure tested using an in-house 500 PSI
pressure chamber
In-House System Functions Testing:
Assembled systems are bench tested to confirm functionality
Assembled systems are “wet tested” in the 6000 gal., in-housetest tank,
fitted with a large viewing window to allow verification of system functions,
control characteristics and vehicle buoyancy, stability and trim.
In-Shore Sea Trials & Operator Training:
The company has permitted access to dock and power facilities, at a local
marine biology center, for the purpose of SEAMOR system testing, sea-trials
and initial operator training.
Off-Shore Sea Trials & Operator Training:
The company has an 18ft powerboat equipped with appropriate navigation
and safety equipment and is in close proximity to three artificial reefs:
The RivTow Lion – Sunk in 80ft of water in a protected area
The HMCS Saskatchewan – Sunk in 130ft of water in a moderately
protected area.
The HMCS Cape Breton – Sunk in 140ft of water near the HMCS
Deeper, open water to 2000ft depth is also located within 5 miles of the
SEAMOR Marine facilities.
Quality Certificates: Germanischer Lloyd & CSA SPE 1000-9
Flagship Model of ROV Seamor:
ROV 300T
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Depth Rating (m)
Weight in Air (Kg)
Payload Capacity (Kg)
Power (Kw)
0.8 – 1.2
Thrusters Horizontal
2 x 150W
Thrusters Vertical (Vectored)
2 x 150W
Bollard Pull (Nominal)
Forward (Kgf)
Lateral (Kgf)
Vertical (Kgf)
Surface Speed (Nominal)
2.5 Knots
Spare twisted pair for additional equipment
Camera Tilt Unit with Color Zoom Camera
External LED Lighting
Depth Transducer
Recovery Lift Point
Additional Equipment Connector
Altimeter Connector
Second Camera
Acoustic Camera
Sonar (various options)
CP Probe
7 Functions hydraulic manipulator option
Cleaning Brush
Acoustic Transponder
Recovery Beacon and Flasher
Recovery Bullet & Lock Latch
SEAMOR ROV 300T Applications of Note
SEAMOR ROVs were used to recover Canadian
AUV in the Arctic
SEAMOR ROV used to study ice melt in Antarctica
SEAMOR ROV used for Port Security
SEAMOR ROV used as educational tool
SEAMOR ROV used to inspect Dam in China
SEAMOR ROV used to identify debris after Japan Tsunami.