The Rise of Adolph Hitler

The Rise of
Adolph Hitler
How a Monster Won Over a Nation
Hitler and
the Nazis
• Born in Austria in 1889
• Became a homeless drifter
after an unhappy
• Eagerly joined the
German Army at the
outset of World War II
• He was an able and
courageous soldier
• Never rose above the rank
of Corporal
Hitler and
The Nazis
• He was upset when
Germany was defeated and
swore revenge on “socialists
and Jewish traitors who
stabbed Germany in the
• He joined the Nazi Party in
its infancy
• His primary aim was to
restore Germany and defeat
its enemies
• His passionate speeches and
organizational skills soon
made him party leader
The Nazi Party
Gains Popularity
• Hitler made being a Nazi
exciting and organized the
party along military lines
• Had their own salute,
uniform, its own songs, and
its own symbol – the
• They marched through small
• The “brown shirts” storm
troopers broke up
Communist rallies, attacked
homes and businesses of
Jews and struck terror in the
hearts of other traitors
Gains Power
• In 1933, the Nazis were the
largest party in the German
• They did not however hold a
majority of seats
• Hitler is asked to become
Chancellor but will only
accept if he is given
dictatorial powers
• That evening the Nazis held
torchlight parades
• Swept along by the
excitement, the crowds
chant “SIEG HEIL!” (Hail
Why Hitler Was
Popular in Germany
• Even those that didn’t
vote for him were happy
to have a strong leader in
• Germans thought he
would solve all of the
country’s problems
• Seen as an inspiring
leader and brilliant and
hypnotizing speaker
• People who attended these
rallies felt like they were
part of a great movement
Why Hitler Was
Popular in Germany
• Used these rallies to
preach his hatred and
• The Great Depression hit
Germany especially hard
and many people blamed
the new democratic party
for the economic
• Many hoped the Nazis
would help get the
German people back to
Why Hitler Was
Popular in Germany
• They used scare tactics to
oppress their opposition so
some people supported them
out of fear
• They gave the German
people a scapegoat for their
troubles (The Jews and
• They claimed Germans were
the ‘master race’ and
superior to all other peoples
• Blamed Germany’s
problems on the Treaty of
Versailles and tore it up in
front of cheering crowds
Hitler Keeps
His Promised
• Under his rule, the
economy recovered and
many Germans were
back at work
• New roads and bridges
were built all over the
• He defied the Treaty of
Versailles and starts
building tanks, guns,
warships and planes
Hitler Keeps
His PRomises
• He rebuilt the German
• In January 1936, he
took his new tanks and
crossed into the
Rhineland, an area that
was supposed to be
demilitarized forever
• The Allies protested
mildly but did nothing
to stop him
Hitler Takes
Complete Control
• The Nazis destroyed all
traces of democracy in
• Anyone who spoke out
against the Nazis and
their philosophies found
themselves in
concentration camps
• Jews lost their jobs and
were persecuted in
many ways
Hitler Takes
Complete Control
• Newspapers printed Nazi
propaganda and radios
broadcast it as well
• Schools, churches, unions
and the army were all
under Nazi conrol
• The Gestapo, Hitler’s
secret police was
everywhere and enforced
the party line