GLEICHSCHALTUNG past questions

Essay questions
Shorter Questions
Explain why the Nazi rise to power in 1933 caused problems for the German
Churches. (12)
Explain why Hitler eliminated opposition in the Night of the Long Knives. (12)
Explain why Hitler introduced the Enabling Law in March 1933. (12)
Explain why the Reichstag Fire was so significant for the Nazi Rise to power. (12)
Explain why Hitler replaced the trade unions with the German Labour Front. (12)
Longer Questions
How important was the use of legislation in the Nazi consolidation of power by the
end of 1933? (24)
By the end of 1934, Germany had become a totalitarian state’. Explain why you agree
or disagree with this statement. (24)
How far did Nazi control in Germany depend on terror and intimidation by the end of
1934? (24)
‘Hitler established a dictatorship by August 1934 by legal means’. Explain why you
agree or disagree with this view. (24)