Lab Write

Friday, Oct. 4th: “A” Day
Monday, Oct. 7th: “B” Day
Homework Questions/Collect
Quiz review
Section 9.2 Mini-Quiz
Lab write-up: “Stoichiometry and Gravimetric
Concept Review work time
Homework: finish lab write-up
Lab next time…
Wear proper footwear!
Homework Questions
Sec. 9.2 review, pg. 319: #1-10
Determine the limiting reactant and the percentage
yield for the following:
N2 + 3 H2
2 NH3
14.0 g N2 react with 3.15 g H2 to give an actual yield
of 14.5 g NH3.
N2 is the limiting reactant.
Theoretical yield = 17.0 g NH3.
Percentage yield = 85.3%
Sec. 9.2 Mini-Quiz
When you finish the quiz, hand it in, pick up
the lab: “Stoichiometry and Gravimetric
Analysis” and start reading it through…
“Stoichiometry and Gravimetric Analysis”
Be sure to update your table of contents with
this lab….
“Stoichiometry and Gravimetric Analysis”
In this lab, you will be reacting an unknown
amount of sodium carbonate, Na2CO3, with an
excess of strontium chloride, SrCl2, to produce
aqueous sodium chloride, NaCl, and solid
strontium carbonate, SrCO3 .
You will use gravity filtration to separate the
precipitate that forms.
After washing the precipitate, the solid will be
dried overnight in the drying oven.
“Stoichiometry and Gravimetric Analysis”
After the precipitate is dry, you will use
stoichiometry to calculate:
 the moles of product formed
the moles and mass of Na2CO3 that must
have been in the original solution
the amount of Na2CO3 in the 575 L vat on
the factory floor
“Stoichiometry and Gravimetric Analysis”
Your lab partner for this lab will be……
“Stoichiometry and Gravimetric Analysis”
Changes to Materials List and Procedure
I made changes before copying the lab so you
don’t have to change anything…
You’re welcome!
Lab Write-Up:
“Stoichiometry and Gravimetric Analysis”
You have the remaining time to work on the
lab write-up.
1. Title
2. Purpose
3. Hypothesis
4. Materials
5. Procedure
6. Reflection Statement
Concept Review Work Time
If you finish the lab write-up, use the remaining
time to work on the concept review:
Ch. 9 Test/Concept Review due:
Thursday, Oct. 17th:
Friday, Oct. 18th
We’ll be in the lab next time….be sure
to wear proper attire!