PowerPoint made by:
-Shadd McLochlin
-Nick Robertson
-Brock Hadley
Asian Countries
19 Countries- India, China, Mongolia, Japan, Indonesia, Koreas (North and South),
Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand,
Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, and New Guinea.
Total Area- 19,902,107 (Sq. Kilometers)
5 Major Cities- Tokyo, New Delhi, Beijing, Jakarta, and Hanoi.
Tokyo is the largest city and has 32,450,000 people.
54% of Asia is mountains, 27 percent is forests, there are many wetlands all along
the coast and by the Himalayas, there are 7 deserts, there is quite a bit of farm
land, and there is lots of urban areas.
The population of Asia is 4.14 billion.
Climates of Asia
• The climate of Asia is mostly moist across the
southeast section and dry/desert in the
• This picture is of the Gobi Desert which is a
part of the dry interior.
Landforms of Asia
• The largest mountain chain in Asia is the
Himalayas. The largest mountain in the
Himalayas is Mount Everest.
• The Tibet Plateau is the largest in Asia.
• The Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon is the
largest in Asia.
• Tropical Peat Swamps are found in Southern
Landforms of Asia (continued)
• The Chinese Tajjay Rainforest is the largest
• The highest point in Asia is Mount Everest.
• The lowest point in Asia is Kuttanad in India.
Water of Asia
• The Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia.
• The Caspian Sea (which is considered a lake
because it is so small) is the largest lake in
• Asia is bordered by the Pacific Ocean in the
East, the Indian Ocean in the South, and the
Arctic Ocean in the North.
• The Bay of Bengal is the largest bay in Asia.
Agriculture of Asia
• In Brunei and Singapore the main source of
livelihood is agriculture.
• Agricultural employment in Asia has been
• More than two-thirds of Cambodia and Laos
practice agriculture.
• The industry and services market is becoming
more popular than agriculture.
Natural Resources of Asia
• Asia is rich in natural resources.
• Petroleum, forests, fish, water, rice, copper,
and silver are it’s main natural resources.
• Asia is rich in natural resources because it is
one of the largest continent by a considerable
UNESCO Heritage Site (Cultural)
• In Bangladesh there’s a city called Bagerhat
that is probably the most cultural place in
• It contains some of the most significant
buildings of the period of the Muslim
• That includes over 360 buildings that were
made in that period of time.
UNESCO Heritage Site (Natural)
• In Bangladesh there’s a forest called
Sundarbans that is one of the largest forests in
the world.
• The Sundarbans have a complex network of
tidal waterways.
• The area is known for it’s wide range of fauna,
including 260 other bird species.
Did you know?
• Did you know that more people live in Asia
than all the Americas combined?
• Did you know that more Muslims live in South
Asia than in the Middle East?
• Did you know that in the Maldives it is illegal
for tourists to bring more than one bible?
• Did you know that the top 10 tallest
mountains are located in Asia?