7 th Grade Research Paper 2013-2014

7th Grade Research Paper 2013-2014
Guidelines for the paper
In order to complete this paper successfully without major
stress, you need to manage your materials and your time. Each
week, we will have specific tasks for you to work on regarding
this report. Be aware of due dates and check dates.
 Begin to research your topic using the UDlib search (link
found on my website), various websites, and books.
 Writing any paper requires you to formulate a thesis. Before
creating a thesis, you will need a great research question that
you hope to answer. When thinking about your question,
keep in mind your audience (me and your classmates) and
your purpose.
 After clearly stating your question, you will begin to research
your topic always keeping your question in mind. This will
allow you to remain focused. Make sure that there is enough
information and sources to support your question.
 We have discussed objectivity and bias. The purpose of this
paper is to inform. It is not persuasive. You should remain
unbiased and report objectively.
 Take notes via note card or through word processing. All of
your notes should be labeled by topic and source to ensure
that you are organized when you begin to piece together your
 Once you have established a clear research question and
objectivity through research, you can formulate a thesis
statement. The thesis statement will be included in your first
paragraph and should be a clear, short, declarative statement.
It is created from your own critical thinking about what you
have discovered. The thesis statement will be the main idea of
your paper, and you will prove it to be true through the
research you present.
_____Friday, January 10th: Narrow topics to a specific
question that you hope to answer through your research.
Make sure your question is approved. Research Paper Planner
_____ January 13th, 15th, and 16th: Computer time.
Students will come prepared to take notes and research topics.
Students should remember to bring in flash drives if they hope
to save material.
_____Thursday, January 16th: Notes and Sources Check.
Students will bring in clearly labeled notes and complete
source information for at least 2 sources. Dates must be
included on the top of your notes.
_____ Wednesday, January 22nd: General Outline Due and
Computer Time
_____Wednesday, January 29th: Rough Draft due – must be
typed and include work cited page
_____ Wednesday and Thursday, January 29th – 30th: Peer
edit in class
_____ Monday, February 3rd: Final Draft due and
Presentations Begin
We will spend some class time working on these reports,
and at any time, students may submit writing for me to look at
or ask questions about their writing or the process itself. I am
here to support you! We will spend time looking at the works
cited page so that you have the knowledge and resources you