Weekly Assignment Sheet
American History
Week: 8, Nov. 3 - 7
General Topics/Objectives we will be studying this week: Unit 19: The Triumph of
Progressivism, Read The Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine (AV 293).
Immigration, Spanish American War and American Imperialism.
Assignments and Due Dates
- Read the “Excerpts from The Jungle.” This is tough to read, so
don’t do it on a full stomach 
- Pressure Write: Sinclair was a “muckraker.” What was the
purpose of Sinclair’s novel? Do you think his goals have been
achieved in America since the publication of his novel? How or
how not?
Immigration Quotes Activity
If time: Start Classnotes on Spanish American War
1. Use the internet to research the Monroe Doctrine. Write down
a definition of the Monroe Doctrine and explain how it affected
US Foreign Policy. (under 5 sentences is fine)
2. Read the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine (AV pg
293) and explain in 3 sentences or less how it expands or changes
the Monroe Doctrine.
3. Answer the following question in less than 3 sentences: What
change in ideals occurred with the passing of the Roosevelt
Finish Classnotes on Spanish American War
Classnotes: American Imperialism
1. Read Lesson 91 in your textbook and answer the questions for
that lesson.
2. Look at the statistical data regarding population on page 483.
Create three CHARTS that reflect this data. You may chose the
particular data you want for your charts. You may make bar
graphs or pie charts or any other kind of clear way of showing
the data. You may draw it by hand or use the computer. (Excel
has a great, easy chart making tool) Charts are due in class on
1. SKIM lessons 92, 93 and 94. (Remember our skimming skills
lesson! Read only the titles and the first sentence of each
paragraph!) You should be able to answer all of the
questions below by just skimming these lessons! (You will
be amazed at how much information you can get just by
2. Take an “Open book” Quiz on Lessons 91-94 from your
quiz and exam book. This will count as a homework grade
so you don’t need to get it signed.
If you need to read more of the textbook at this point,
that is fine.
Questions from skimming activity of Lessons 92 – 94
Lesson 93
1. How did Teddy Roosevelt become president after McKinley?
2. How did TR’s actions affect Labor Unions?
3. How did TR’s actions affect Business?
4. Was TR popular? How do you know?
5. What international war affected the US at this time?
6. Which Doctrine did the Roosevelt Corollary affect?
7. Did TR want Taft to be president?
8. Did Taft continue Roosevelt’s policy of business regulation?
Lesson 94
1. List three major inventions and three major inventors during the Progressive Era.
Lesson 94
1. Why is the Panama canal important?
2. Which country first started the Panama Canal project?
3. Were the French successful?
4. Why were American’s interested in a Canal in Central America?
5. Why did the American’s choose to put the Canal in Panama?
6. Were the American’s successful in building the canal?