Things to know about Lausanne Getting Around


Things to know about Lausanne

Getting Around

From Geneva Airport to Lausanne-Flon

Public Transportation

Geneva Airport offers connections to the Swiss and European rail network. The CFF airport railway station has direct access to the airport Checkin and Arrival levels. The journey to Lausanne (Main Station) lasts approximately 45 minutes . A 2 nd class one-way ticket costs CHF 25 (25

Swiss Francs). You can find the schedule of the Swiss railway on:

. Once you arrive at Lausanne Main Station, you can take the

Metro M2 (only 1 stop - directions “Croisettes”) until Lausanne-Flon (center of Lausanne). You may walk or take a taxi (found near the train station) from the station to your final destination.



If you are staying at Hotel Starling, please see the getting around information “From Lausanne-Flon to EPFL”. The Hotel Starling is located in front of the EPFL Rolex Learning Center, near the lake.

If you are staying at Hotel Ibis Lausanne Centre, situated “Maupas 20” Street, please take the Metro M2 until Lausanne-Flon and then walk (about 15 minutes) or take a taxi to the hotel. Or you can take a taxi directly from Lausanne Main Station to the hotel.

If you are staying at Hotel Elite, situated “Sainte-Luce 1” Street, you just need to cross the place in front of Lausanne Main Station and walk up the pedestrian street “Petit-Chêne” about 50 meters and then turn right on “Sainte-Luce” Street, or take the stairs in front of the Lausanne Main Station.

The public transportation network of Lausanne is free of charge for hotel guests for the duration of their stay using the Lausanne Transport

Card. This card will be provided at the hotel during the check-in.


If you wish to take a taxi from Geneva to Lausanne the journey will cost about CHF 260. Taxis can be ordered by phone, or directly found on a taxi area in the airport, train station or in the city. You will be charged extra for your baggage. The price of the journey is indicated on the taximeter visible in the car. The tip and TVA are included.

Taxi in Geneva: +41 22 33 141 33

Taxi in Lausanne: +41 0800 801 802, +41 0800 801 234

From Lausanne-Flon to EPFL

Public Transportation

To get to the EPFL campus by public transportation, use the Metro-Ouest Lausannois M1 . This metro runs between the center of Lausanne (Place du Flon) and the train station of Renens, and passes through the UNIL and EPFL campuses in the middle. The journey from the center of

Lausanne to EPFL takes roughly 15 minutes. From Place du Flon (starting point of the M1 metro) to EPFL , you will need a ticket that covers two zones (11 and 12) , which costs CHF 3 (full price) and is valid for one hour.

There are also bus lines that stop at EPFL. Bus no.

33 (Lausanne Public Transport) connects EPFL and Coudraie (outskirts of Lausanne). Bus no.

701 (Morges Public Transport) connects the nearby town of Morges and EPFL.

The public transportation network of Lausanne is free of charge for hotel guests for the duration of their stay using the Lausanne Transport

Card. This card will be provided at the hotel during the check-in.


On the motorway, follow direction "Lausanne-Sud", exit "EPFL".

Car parks: parking places (paying) for visitors are available under l'Esplanade, and along the Avenue Piccard. Car parks indicated by the green

"P" symbol are reserved for holders of a special card.



Traveling in Lausanne

Travel on the regional public transport around Lausanne is based on a timed, zone system rather than a single journey. From the start of your journey to the end of it, you will travel in one or several zones. The number of zones covered by your journey will define the price of your ticket and its validity period.

Lausanne and the surrounding areas are divided into zones. Looking at the “zones map”, you will see that the center of Lausanne is covered by Zone 11, and that the EPFL and UNIL campuses are located in Zone 12. Some sample journeys:

Staying within Zone 11 (from the railway station to the city center, for example) requires a single zone ticket which costs CHF 3 (full price) and is valid for one hour.

To travel from Place du Flon (starting point of the M1 metro) to EPFL, you will need a ticket that covers two zones (11 and 12) which costs CHF 3 (full price) and is valid for one hour.

A journey from Lausanne to the nearby town of Morges - whether you take the train or take a metro and bus connection - will require a ticket for four zones (11, 12, 32 and 30), will cost CHF 6.60 (full-price) and will be valid for two hours.

You can determine the number of zones your ticket needs to cover by looking at the diagram on any ticket machine. Until you become familiar with the zones and the public transport network, carry a small map - available for free at any train station or the TL office.

You can take your bike on public transport - but under certain conditions and upon payment. Your bike will need its own half-price ticket to be carried on a Lausanne bus or on a CFF train. For longer journeys, the CFF has special rates (and some trains that require a reservation to take bikes!). For more information, visit




For tariff zone and network maps, visit

Recommended Restaurants and Bars

**This a small list of a few bars recommended by a few people in Lausanne. You should do your own research about them!**


For those interested, Bar Satellite will be hosting its annual music festival, SatRocks VI , on Friday, September 27 th . Bar Satellite is located on the second floor of the CM Building at EPFL. SatRocks VI will feature artists Giedré, Anakronic Electro Orkestra, Ghostown, Iphaze,

Undergang, Don Malastas, and more. Doors open at 7PM, and the first concert begins at 8PM.

Bar Satellite

CP 102

1015 Lausanne-EPFL

Phone: +41 21 693 32 76



King Size Pub

Located on the ground floor of the 7-screen Europlex cinema in Lausanne’s Le Flon area, King Size Pub is a cleverly zoned super-bar with a surface of 450m sq. Service is British pub-style, along with the beers and the décor. Every night, King Size Pub offers a unique show in

Switzerland’s Dueling Pianos, where two pianists duke it out to play requests on baby grands. Sandwiches, tea and Italian coffee are offered throughout the day.

Rue du Port-Franc 16

1003 Lausanne

Phone: +41 21 340 69 77



Taco’s bar

This saloon-inspired bar at the heart of Le Flon, offers Tex-Mex cuisine, an assortment of specialty beers, and tequila aged in oak barrels. Come to Taco’s bar to play pool and listen to live Rhythm n’ Blues, Rock n' Roll and Rockabilly concerts.

Rue de Genève 17

1003 Lausanne, Switzerland

Phone: +41 21 320 15 25

( )

The Great Escape

Open since 2003, The Great Escape has quickly become one of the most popular bars in Lausanne for both ex-pats and locals. As the only freehouse in Lausanne, you will find a wide selection of tap beers and spirits as well as a fantastic burger menu. When it comes to sport, the Great has it all: live football games from the English Premiership and all the top european leagues plus a wide range of other sports. Above all, at The Great

Escape we try to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere to everyone.

Rue de la Madeleine 18

1003 Lausanne

Pho n e: +41 21 312 31 94



Lausanne Tourism

The Rolex Learning Center, EPFL



Lausanne Tourisme’s three information and reception offices are at your service at the

CFF railway station, at the Cathedral of Lausanne and at the lakeside within the M2 metro station . They offer a host of services for you – transport passes, town maps, recommended routes and excursions starting from Lausanne, various brochures, a list of hotels, emergency and support services, etc. – as well as the latest recreational and cultural events.

This information can also be found online at

Cathédral de Lausanne



Ouchy, a port and popular lakeside resort



Lavaux Vineyards



Olympic Museum